Why decorative rat knocks teeth

The owners of rodents sometimes wonder why the rat chattering teeth.It occurs when the owner puts the animal on his shoulder, scratching behind his ear, stroking and interacting with a pet in other ways. In this case, the decorative rat makes sounds, whose meaning corresponds to the cat's purr.

Animal shows owner love and happiness from the fact that taking care of him. Sometimes sound is added to the vibration of the body. It is the highest degree of joy.

The rest

In rodents, the incisors grow continuously, therefore they need them sharpening. Often after eating pet rat rests and spends time. Specific gnashing suggests that pet just sharpens the teeth. This procedure has an urgent need. Too long incisors interfere with eating, can grow into the oral cavity, causing the animal pain and discomfort.

Sometimes at this point, the animal can "bulge over" the eye is normal. After the procedure, the pet will look as usual.

Hard food

While eating too hard food can also be heard as the rat grinds her teeth. She usually spends a bit of time. The main goal is to re-sharpen the cutters for more efficient cracking of the solid pieces.

The thrill and excitement

Rodents not only produce squeak and rattle. If the animal is frightened or extremely interested in something, can be heard as she excitedly snaps his incisors. State curiosity is characterized only by the sound.

Negative emotions are clearly recognized by the additional features:

  • rearing hair;
  • the tension body;
  • unblinking look at one point.

Such behavior – evidence of stress or fear. Manifestation is possible in an unfamiliar environment, in a veterinary clinic, with new Pets.

When you add a hissing and screeching, it means that the creature is preparing to attack. Such a spectacle in a cage with several species – the signal that most aggressively must be immediately isolated. Otherwise, likely bloody fight.

The symptom of the disease

Decorative animals susceptible to disease because of low immunity. The most frequent pathology is:

  • tumors of various etiology;
  • stroke and heart attack;
  • ticks;
  • respiratory illness;
  • elongated teeth.

Almost all these diseases are accompanied by pain syndrome. In order to inform the master about the discomfort, the rats chattering teeth. This symptom says about moderate pain. Not to bring the animal to severe torment, you must take prompt action and visit the vet.

Rat language is very diverse. In addition to tapping they make other sounds. If you learn how to distinguish between them, then the pet can interact and have fun amusing antics and habits.

Why decorative rat knocks teeth
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