Difference rat mouse

Some people don't know the difference between a mouse a rat.But it's not.

What is common between rats and mice

These mammals are rodents of the mouse family. There are other common features. Because these two species are often confused.

Mice and rats: General features of life

And those and others are cosmopolitan species. That is, these rodents inhabit all corners of the Earth except Antarctica and the Extreme North, there are none in the mountains.

These rodents are considered to be commensal, that is associated with the person. Wild subspecies live in the homes of the people, or outbuildings used for keeping animals. Although in a warmer climate they can live away from human habitation.

Rodents – animals with nocturnal and crepuscular lifestyle. They are most active at sunset. However, when the content in captivity, the animals adapt to the rhythm of life master, used to stay awake with the light on and reduce activity during the rest of the person.

These types of rodents are very mobile. They are great to climb, run, jump and swim. Having a high plasticity of the body, animals can "seep" into very small cracks.

Mouse in nature prefer to dwell in colonies, which support the hierarchy. Adult males can have a fight with each other. In families with aggression sometimes spreads to the grown offspring, which the parents are expelled from their territory.

Rodents – creatures cleanly. In their homes they maintain cleanliness and order. Droppings and urine stapled piles of dust that they leave while moving is a special label to identify route.

Both species of rodents not only live in nature and survive in captivity, are easily tamed. To date, breeders bred their domesticated subspecies of various colors, which many fans are happy contain in the role of companion animals.

The similarity in appearance

The mouse really looks like a miniature rat:

  1. House mouse and rat have long tails, covered with Horny scales and with sparse short hairs. Distinguishes only the black rat. Her tail covered with dense hair.
  2. Both species have a sharp muzzle, small rounded ears, round black eyes (albino they have red or dark ruby).
  3. The main features of these two types of rodents — long, sharp incisors that grow all his life, the lack of fangs. Teeth, the animals can gnaw through very hard materials, even concrete.

Important! Mindful of the peculiarities of the teeth of these rodents, it is necessary for the maintenance of the animals to give them the opportunity to grind cutters. To do this, put Pets in cages twigs with a diameter of 2-4 cm pieces of charcoal.

What distinguishes the rat from the mouse

Despite the similarities between these rodents, they differ greatly:

  1. The main differences due to the different number of chromosomes. In rats, there are 22 and 20 mice. So to cross these mammals in order to obtain offspring impossible.
  2. Decorative rats reach 30 inches in length excluding tail. Mice do not grow more than 9 inches. Weight large rodents reach 650 grams. The mouse is not heavier than 30 grams.
  3. Despite the fact that the number of newborn rats and mice, one female is from 5 to 12, the number of teats varies in rodents. Rat has 12 pieces, while the mouse nipple is smaller – only 10.
  4. Due to the fast metabolic activity of mice differs from rat privatnosti. The animal sleeps during the day, 15-20 times. Each phase of activity lasts from 25 minutes to a half hour. The rat lives more "slowly": sleeping times a day, if not alarming.
  5. There is a difference between them in power. Although both of these species are omnivorous, can attack and eat other living beings, but in rats the instinct of the predator developed more. Mice are seed. Predatory instincts manifest themselves only when absolutely necessary, so they are even considered vegetarian.

Important! Domesticated species of rodents, it is recommended to feed grain, fruit, protein given to them in the form of boiled chicken, cottage cheese, boiled egg whites. To feed animals raw meat, cheese, smoked products, fat is impossible.


The rat differs from mouse more aggressive. At the approach of danger, they are brave enough, you can even attack humans in self-defense. In nature, rats often hunt in packs. To attack a group of animals can even for mammals that exceed their size.

Mice prefer to hunt alone. Therefore, the victims are only insects, smaller animals. These animals are timid, extremely cautious.

Because of such characteristics of these animals are natural enemies. Large rodents attack small, kill, even eat. Therefore, the survival instinct dictates the mice to be wary of their larger cousins. Having sensed the smell of rats, small rodents leave their habitat.

Important! Where there developed a population of mice, it is possible to have a pet rat, which allow to run through the house leaving their scent. Small uninvited residents-rodents very soon leave home.

For the same reason, cannot be together, individuals of these two species. It is not recommended to put the cages with them in the same room.

A comparison of the intelligence of rodents

Rats are intelligent, smarter than their small cousins. A wild one appears to be troublesome. They are cautious, careful, cunning. If the loser suddenly gets trapped, it lets you know about the danger to the other members of the colony. Anymore never has one animal do not appear here.

There are many stories about how these clever thieves opened bottles of wine that are closed with plastic plugs, one of them was lowered into the neck of the tail, pulled out, and the other was licking his treat.

Or as rodents, moving through a wide cleft, locked into the track, biting teeth tail in front of the animal. On this living bridge, the entire colony is easily moved through the obstacle.

Rats companions, living together with humans, have shown their remarkable abilities. They are easily trained, respond to name, even coming up with their own games, inviting the owner to join.

Mice of similar stories there. However, these charming little creatures can give their owners a lot of pleasant moments of communication. They, too attached to the man, touches watching their life, their habits.

Who grows faster: mouse or rat

Metabolism mice above the rat, so their lifespan is shorter. The average life of small rodents at home maintenance 1.5-2 years, whereas their large relatives live to be 2-3 years.

Grow rats and mice alike. At the age of 1-1,5 months young rodents are able to reproduce their own offspring.

External differences of a mouse from a rat

Left rats right mouse

To distinguish a mouse from a rat, you need to carefully consider the animal:

  • rat tails are longer than those of mice. They are equal to 70-110 % of the body. The rat tails are shorter. They can achieve no more than 60% of the body;
  • tails large mouse rodents fatter, more powerful (with the exception of tailless rats);
  • faces of rats is more acute and oblong. Mouse heads are rounder and less sharp;
  • the body of small rodents more round. Animals rarely stretch themselves, preferring to sit, huddled lump. Species and their relatives can relax, lying on his tummy, stretching his hind legs like cats;
  • rat fur is soft, silky, whereas rat hair resembles coarse pile;
  • otherwise arranged the hearing of rodents. Mouse ears are more delicate, rounded. They resemble rolled cone petals. Rat ears thicker, witty, not wrapped.

Table main differences between domesticated rats from the mice

The difference Rat Mouse
Chromosome 20 22
Body size 30 cm 9.5 cm
Maximum weight 650 g 30 g
Life 1.5-2 years 2-3 years
Circadian sleep phase 1-3 15-20
The tail compared to body length 70-110% 30-60%
Muzzle More elongated, pointed Rounded
Body Elongated Rounded
The number of nipples 12 10
Wool Rough, similar to the pile Soft, gentle
Ears More pointed, smooth Rounded, thin, rolled bag
Difference rat mouse
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Very educational, now with the difference of chromosomes I know what I have at home runs on the floor,a mouse or rat.