Why do rats squeak

And wild and ornamental rats talk to each other not only through movement and touch, but also use a variety of sound signals.And to understand what the little darling is trying to "say" you must know how to decipher the signals emitted by animals:

  • long Creek, or heart-rending shriek talking about the fact that the rat is experiencing excruciating pain. In this case, the owner should conduct the inspection of the pet, the animal may hurt yourself on a sharp object, or got injured due to fight with a rival. If wounds have not been identified, is to consult a veterinarian, because there is a risk of injury to internal organs;
  • a hoarse squeak animal shows anger and aggression, designed to intimidate the enemy. Sometimes the rat squeaks, if you do not want to be disturbed, therefore, at such moments, pet it is advisable not to touch;
  • hostility and aggressive attitude of these rodents have also shown, uttering hissing sounds. Tailed pet hisses at the attack on its territory or to ward off the opponent from the female;

  • chirping animal represents fear and thus he warns compatriots about possible danger;
  • the joy and pleasure small rodent expresses a quiet pohryukivanie;
  • that the pet is happy and experiencing positive emotions, evidenced by the creaking of the teeth;
  • such uncharacteristic for rats sounds like a cough and a sneeze signal that the animal had caught a cold and needs immediate treatment.

Important: the owner should carefully listen to the sounds, which publishes decorative rat, because the only way to notice when a pet wants to communicate, and when he's in pain and needs help.

How to decode a rat's squeak

Despite the diversity of sound signals emitted tailed rodents, most often these animals Express their feelings and mood with a squeak. Guess that means the signal can be Pets, listening to how and with what intonation squeak of a rat:

  • if a rat squeaks to be petted, then she might have on the body there is a wound, touches which give her pain;
  • the quiet beeping of the animal from stroking or licking of the hands can also mean that the pet is experiencing pleasure and joy from communication with the host;

  • occasionally rats, especially young individuals to squeak expressing approval and delight at watching the games and fuss their tailed counterparts;
  • the squeak of the animal and suggests that he's scared. For example, a loud staccato squeak of a rodent notifies the owner that his cell was getting a cat, and he needs to be protected;
  • if the rat squeaks when you pick her up, it is likely that the animal is in this moment not in the mood to play and socialize, and thus pet expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that he was disturbed.

Learn how to understand rat "language" is easy. For this you need only to pay a dear animal enough attention and care, because then the owner can easily understand that he wants to tell him a little pet.

Why do rats squeak
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