The habits and character of domestic rats

Homemade rat – cute rodents, different social behavior.Unlike hamsters, which often are the owners of some lukewarm, pet rat very friendly. Intelligent creatures willingly go on contact and are able to Express their own attachment to the host. Easily trainable.

Each individual has a special character and temperament, which determines the specific behavior for each animal. There are differences by gender. Males are usually:

  • calm;
  • several passive;
  • quite phlegmatic.


In contrast, females are pet tend to:

  • curiosity;
  • fussiness;
  • elevated activity.

Given the fact that in nature the rodents live in large families, at home maintenance is recommended to ensure pet each other on games and mutual grooming.

The habits of rats

Basic habits, which demonstrates a pet rat, this increased curiosity. With free movement around the room the animal will climb and explore every nook and cranny. In this case, you need to attend to the safety of the animal and remove all cables and cords: in addition to the study area rat also aim to try everything on the tooth.

When contact with a pet can creak the teeth or lick your fingers. This behavior indicates the highest degree of love for the owner. A kind of "purr" helps the rodent to demonstrate joy and affection.

Fun features

There are also behaviors that cause bewilderment and even fear in novice owners. However, since rats demonstrate the nuances of mood and claim needs.

Squealing and squeaking

Thus, the animal expresses its protest and displeasure with the actions of the fellow or the owner. Long lasting sound may indicate that the animal is experiencing pain.

Rumble at night

Rats are nocturnal animals, many rodents. Peak of activity occurs at night, when the animal is playing or banging on the feeder.

The hunt for debris

Hoarding of animals knows no bounds. Meeting on the way pieces of plastic, fabric, wood or paper, the rats dragged them to the corner of the cage.


Two males, who stood on his hind legs and fighting front, find out which of them dominates.

Digging into the filler

In the wild, rodents live in burrows, so being in a cage, they seek the familiar and comfortable place to sleep.

Wiggling mustache

For domestic animals it's a kind of Navigator, and with the help of vibrissa animals learn common items.

Bulging eyes

It may seem that the pet is bad, in fact, for animals it is a way of relaxation.

Knowing all the nuances that distinguish the behavior of rats, it is possible to melt their funny antics and even train the animals well learn various tricks.

The habits and character of domestic rats
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