How much sleep rats

For the first time, setting the stage for a decorative rat, most people are preparing for the acquaintance and active communication with the pet.Because insufficient experience is difficult to determine if the behavior of the animal, or his lethargy is a symptom of developing the disease.

Biological rhythm small rodents

Decorative rats are nocturnal animals, so their activity begins to increase in the late afternoon and reaches its peak at night. Evening pet usually comes to life, begins to jump on the stairs, all to explore and beg on his hands. But even this recovery could quickly dry up, and you'll soon find that your pet dozed off again. Sometimes there is a feeling that the animal is permanently asleep.

This behavior is absolutely normal pet rat sleeps 13 hours a day, mostly in the daytime.

Most Pets also awake during the day, especially if the owner of the house. Rats are usually active several hours during the day, using this time to eat and walk around the cage. The vigour of young animals may be higher, they sometimes spend the whole day awake, then falling asleep.

Night animals are usually very active, it can confirm everyone who sleeps in the same room where you installed the cage. Animals rustle the filler and feed, play with each other, jump on the shelves and grid walls, equip a house. Their activity is reduced to the dawn, so in the morning, when the owners are going to work, their Pets are usually fast asleep.

IMPORTANT: WITH age daily liveliness rodents have reduced, they can sleep longer. This is also normal behavior.

How to sleep rats

Decorative rodents are known for their ability to fall asleep in the most amazing poses. Rats achieved in this special skill, some animals manage to sleep on the stairs or hanging from the shelf. If the cell contains group of animals, they prefer to sleep a bunch, pressed against each other.

TIP: If you want to provide your pet a quiet, comfortable sleep — put in a cage roomy cabin or hang a special hammock for rodents.

Can long-term sleep to be a symptom

If your pet is still young, but sleeping long hours both in the daytime and in the evening — should carefully monitor its condition. If the pet seems lethargic, ruffled, not eating and his vitality is not high even at night — maybe it's a sign of incipient disease or lack of vitamins. Try to give with food granular vitamin complex — if the status does not change or add any new symptoms, it is better to consult the vet.

How much sleep rats
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