The strange sounds of the common house rats

Rat sometimes makes weird noises

Small rodents are calm, but sometimes pet rat making strange noises, causing a genuine interest.A frightened animal will become clogged and wild.

Try reversing the offending rodent on the back. In terms of the nature of the punishment is the leader of the pack, so the rat is aware of the guilt, and be filled with respect.

The only punishment for the rodent to turn it into a subordinate position

With a good attitude pet imbued with love and begins to show talkativeness (Coos, chirps, grunts). But even in this case, all the sounds have their own interpretation and contain required implication.

The value of sounds

Familiarity with rat signals will help you to better understand rodent and, if necessary, in a timely manner to assist him at home.

Hoarse screaming

Expresses aggression and is used when establishing relationships with partners around the cage.

IMPORTANT! If the pet lives alone, the squealing indicates bad mood. Touch an animal in this moment dangerous.


The strange noises of the rat conveys a lot of information

Means pleasure, but also points to a number of diseases (rhinitis, pneumonia, curvature of the nasal septum). Consult your doctor to exclude pathology.


The appearance of cough in rodents does not always indicates disease. This sound is accompanied by anger and demonstration of leadership.


Chirping rat reports about the presence of danger. This signal cannot be ignored, because sometimes the threat hanging over a man (earthquakes, floods, fire and other natural disasters).

A high-pitched squeak

Animal is experiencing severe fright or pain.

IMPORTANT! In the absence of obvious injuries immediately contact the veterinary clinic. Internal injuries are not always amenable to self-diagnosis.

Whistling in the ultrasonic range

With wheezing guttural sound pet demonstrates a desire to sit in the hands of the master. While increasing the volume of the animal is not to caress. Also, this frequency helps to establish contact with females.


1 more way of expressing aggression. From hissing rodent should stay away. For the safety of other small tenants put the bully in another cell, providing an opportunity to cool down.

A threatening hiss warns of a bad mood pet


If the eyes and nose pet stands porphyrin (highlight shade of red that is not blood), there is a high probability of a cold.

IMPORTANT! If the rat makes sounds like cooing dove, then be sure to take her to x-ray. The emergence of such tone signals problems with breathing.

Tooth creaking

The animal trembling under the influence of light vibrations and the creaking of the teeth resembles a cat purring. This behavior indicates the highest degree of happiness the little rodent.

Because of the high risk of the disease respiratory infections rodents required prevention. Rodentologist (veterinarians that specialize in rodents) is small, so before buying a small pet, it is important to find such a person and maintain constant contact.

Video: rat speaks and sighs


If decorative rat making strange noises – use of the proposed manual based on the status of the pet. In most cases, an unusual sound – a simple method of communication used small animal. Learn to understand the changes in his behavior, not bothered by excessive caresses, and be sure to consult with your veterinarian for any questions.

The strange sounds of the common house rats
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