Can rats laugh

Rats differ from other rodents are not only cunning, wit and a lively mind.If the rodent to tickle the back of the legs, the area behind the ears or the stomach, this process gives the pet a pleasure and a pleasant feeling. In this cute animal fun squeaked like a giggle of pleasure. Many owners even claim that when they tickled the tummy of the animal, muzzle your beloved pet appears happy expression, resembling a smile.

But not only tickle certain areas of the body causing little creatures joyful laughter. Studying the behavior of tailed animals in different situations, scientists have managed to make a startling discovery: some rats can laugh when they play with each other or watching the funny antics of their compatriots. And, according to the researchers, decorative rodents are often chosen as marriage partners is "laughing" relatives.

Laughing rats

These rodents use to Express their feelings and emotions to a variety of sounds. For example, if the animal makes a chirping and squealing that means he's scared or in pain. The hiss of pet indicates that pet is hostile and aggressive, and at such moments it is better not to bother.

And the delight, the joy of communicating with the owner, or the pleasure of his touches tailed pet expresses laughter. To understand that the rat laughs can be distinctive sounds such as pohryukivanie and beeping.

But rodents are able to laugh not only through sounds. According to some studies, to determine that rats can smile, looking at their ears. When the animals tickled the belly or paws ears animal hangs and blushed. Scientists explain this by the fact that when a rodent is experiencing positive emotions and joy, he relaxes, and goes to his lugs for enhanced blood flow, causing them to blush.

Home decorative rat will quickly get used to the owner and will be affectionate and gentle pet, if you pamper her with attention and care. After all, if a cute animal is often to please the owner happy laughter and happy smile.

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Can rats laugh
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