The size and weight of wild and domestic rats

Wanting to understand, whether correctly develops pet krysova refers to the standard data by comparing them with the parameters of your pet.

Size depends on what rats and weight

The fact is, large or small will be the animal when grown, depends on many reasons:

  • kind;
  • genetics;
  • health;
  • content.

Therefore, acquiring a pet, it is necessary to see his parents.Kids need 25-28 days to be with mother. Early separation from her affects the health of individuals.

Measure the length of pet is difficult, as the animal is extremely plastic.

The animal organism is so constructed that it can stretch to 40 cm, flattened, or compressed into a ball with a length of 10 cm

Although some experienced breeders and zoologists still manage to make the measurements of the animals in the normal relaxed condition.

The largest and the smallest species of rats on the planet

In the world there are the real giants among these rodents. In China live bamboo rats, which reach 4 kg and grow to half a meter.

And in Africa you can meet cane rat, the size of the adult which equals 61 see such a miracle Weighs almost 9 lbs. In captivity, it can be contained only in artificially created conditions.

The smallest species live in New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and Central Asia. They are called the Pacific. The torso of the animal is from 11 to 15 cm, and weight of adult rats — no more than 80g.

Wild rats in Russia

These are animals that we found everywhere: in nature and in close proximity to human dwellings.
Among the wild species remains indomitable we live:

  • Turkestan (red);
  • black;
  • the Norway rat (grey).

In their natural habitat Pasyuk grow to 25 cm excluding the tail and can weigh 400 g. Occasionally there are representatives of a pound weight.

Black variety is slightly inferior to pasyukov. They meet from 18 to 22 cm with a weight of up to 300 g.

Turkestan red rat – the smallest among this group: from 17 to 21 cm in length with a mass of 280 g.

There is a myth that among the wild inhabitants of the sewers and in chemical plants from time to time there are giant mutants to kilogram weight and height of a large cat. However, these facts have been documented was not.

Home decorative rats

The Russians are happy to keep in their homes and throw these rodents. These cleverest creation today is listed as the animal companions of man.

Recently, the breeding of rats has reached a new level: displayed lots of different varieties. Chrysologue developed standards for animals, based on which exhibitions and selected the best representatives.

The goal of breeders is to improve the exterior of animals, the immune system, increase life expectancy. Nobody deals with the removal of particularly large species of rodents.

However, adult rats still larger wild relatives: some males reach 650 g. they are Superior to their size, reaching 30 cm.

Rodents kept in captivity and with free access to food often suffer from obesity.

The representatives of the different varieties and types differ only in the exterior. The size of the animals doesn't depend on species.

The most popular varieties of fancy rats in Russian:

Standard size rat (weight) by months

Age in months The weight of male above average ( g) The female's weight is above average (g) The average weight of male (g) The average weight of females
The weight of the male is below average (G.) The female's weight is below average (G.)
Newborns 6,5-7 5-6 4-5 3-4 3-3,5 2,8-3
2 230-260 220-250 160-220 160-210 120-150 120-150
3 320-360 260-290 250-310 210-250 210-240 170-210
4 450-500 280-340 340-430 250-290 300-320 210-240
5 550-650 350-450 440-540 300-340 330-430 250-290
The size and weight of wild and domestic rats
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