Eating rats: diet rodent

Before you feed a rat a home, you should examine the needs of the animal.In their habits they are like the people. Animal gladly will "devour" everything, but first choose the delicious.

By nature animals are omnivores, they need both plant and animal food.

This is useful on the one hand, and dangerous on the other. Good thing the pet eats, but it causes the host to pay attention to diet. Food fancy rats should be complete, but no frills, as small animals can easily gain weight. Fat rats get sick more often and live less.

What to feed a rat a home

The basis of the power of the animal – grain. This food should always be present in a bowl. Grain mixes you can buy in the store or build it yourself. That eat rats, you can select the mixture of three categories. They differ in quality and price:

  • mixture of the super class;
  • mixture of luxury apartments;
  • mixture economy class.

Without fear you can eat feed of super premium class, which are the components of balance, low fat content to 10% and the presence of animal protein.

Feed-in premium instead of expensive wheat, oats and rye. The mixture is typically quite fatty. Feeding rats a meal requires revision of its composition. Components you need to complement the purchase of grain, which lowers the fat content of the feed. And the introduction in the diet of proteins, will allow the animal to all necessary elements.

Food economy class – too poor, it contains herbal granules, which have no value for rats. If rats eat the food, then you will need to add grain, seeds or nuts. Additionally it is necessary to give protein foods.

Grain purchased on the market, can be treated with chemicals, so you should carefully consider the source of the product.

They eat rats in addition to grain

Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as greens need to be constantly in the diet animals. This food should be 10% of the diet of rats up to 10-12 g per 1 individual. When composing the menu should be seasonal:

  • spring animal, with pleasure, to eat dandelions and fresh herbs;
  • summer pet will enjoy the first early berries and carrots;
  • in the autumn of the rat should be fed with the fruit of fruit trees;
  • in the winter most of the vitamins remain in the roots.

The choice of food plant is not limited by time of year. Apples and carrots can be given at any time of the year.

You should avoid products that cause fermentation. From plant foods is:

  • potatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • legumes.

Excess fruits and vegetables can cause diarrhea in the animal.

Balanced food for rats should include proteins. Animal food is supposed to give 2-3 times a week. Rats can be offered low-fat boiled meat, seafood, boiled fish, eggs, chickens and quails. Young people under the age of six months should get more protein. In 1.5 times it is necessary to increase the ration for pregnant and lactating rats.

As a Supplement to the diet of rats can include dairy products. You should prefer natural products with a short shelf life low fat.

Animals not suitable for products with 0% fat, and the percentage above the average.

Porridge can be given occasionally. This product is not suitable for Pets who are overweight. Best steamed groats with boiling water and let stand. This method allows you to preserve more nutrients. The more intensely colored grains, the more micronutrients.

In the cage is necessary to keep a water bowl with fresh water. Need to change the water daily. Rodents need twigs or mineral stones for grinding teeth. To summarize the diet of a pet rat in a table.

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How many times a day to feed the rats

Animals can't live without food, so the grain is better to keep the trough constantly. Proper diet rodent – 2 times a day. The peak activity of the animals – the night, so the daily rate should be allocated so that in the evening rats were given more food.

There are occasions when the animal must be fed more often. Fractional feeding is necessary:

  • the rat pups up to 6 months;
  • emaciated animals;
  • animals suffering from diabetes.

Overtime, you can feed the rat of advanced age, if she isn't prone to obesity.

So, food for rats have to pour twice. Grain mix is at the rate of 30-40 g per animal, which is about 1 tablespoon. Raw vegetables and fruits should be given no more than 10-12 grams, but if animals are loose stools, this number should be reduced. Protein and dairy food give as complementary food 2-3 times a week, without interfering between themselves. One day meat, another yogurt. A new product is necessary to enter in small portions, to determine whether it will fit the rodent. Not all of what is the rat going in her favor. Some animals are lactose intolerant.

The rats love the most

According to their food preferences animals resemble people, so most rats love all sorts of Goodies. No self-respecting rat will not touch the main feed, if there are treats. Moreover, in the course are manipulation. Animal is to sit in front of a full bowl with suffering in his eyes: "God knows I'm starving in the hands of a cruel master, refusing sweets and treats".

Animals love tidbits, but here everyone has their own preferences. Some of them insects such as mealworms, others can not imagine life without sweets. Typically, the list includes high-calorie food, so give them to a limited number. On the other hand, the tidbits it is convenient to use as a reward when training. The Goodies will set up the animal in a positive way during the illness or after the medical procedures. The main objective of delicious food – not to harm the animal.

How to feed homemade rat treats

If you want to properly feed the pet snacks, choose foods with no salt, sugar, flavorings and colorings. To treats from pet stores should be treated with caution. In a lot of unnecessary drops, they are like candy: sweet and useless. Manufacturers do not always report the true composition of the Goodies, so to abuse the drops are not worth it. As treats you can give fruits, nuts or seeds. Some rats love corn flakes, it is important that they are not sweet or salty.

Food for diabetics, you can give savory biscuits. Willingly eats rat baby food pureed. Than it is more natural, the better. Avoid sauces and meatballs, in which the manufacturer can add other unwholesome components. Rats readily eat dried bread, especially if it has seeds or nuts. Sweet tooth can occasionally give a small piece of dark chocolate or add on biscuit 1 drop of honey. Some animals will be happy boiled spaghetti, shrimp or other piece of egg. Fried, salted, smoked and alcohol will cause the animal harm.

Treat for rats with his hands

Rats, like dogs and cats become family members. Sometimes you want to pamper them with food homemade. Here you can show imagination. Rats eat cereals, including cereals and vegetables. In the summer you can cook the zucchini and squash, in the fall to go pumpkin, winter and spring will help out packets of frozen mixtures. Vegetables can be boiled steamed or baked in the oven and mash. Grits need to be steamed or slightly boiled. In cereal mixture with vegetables, you can add a drop of vegetable oil and a quail egg. Animals like steam omelets with added water instead of milk and a drop of oil. If you do not mind the time, you can steam cook the meatballs breast or beef with vegetables. An exotic dish – steamed buckwheat with meat. This shellfish can not cook, add in the ready-made porridge.

Rat young do not always love raw vegetables, but if you bake the pumpkin or carrots in the oven, then this dish won't say no

The danger of treats that they can easily feed the Pets. The animal to gain weight, enough to get a delicious porridge.

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In order to figure out what to feed a decorative rat at home, we must start from the nature of the animal. Rodents need natural cereals, a small amount of fresh vegetables and animal protein. Mainly food from the table harmful to the health of Pets.

Eating rats: diet rodent
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