Can I give egg pet rats

Wanting to diversify the diet of the caudate pet owners often indulge in various animal foods, such as dairy products, meat and eggs.Therefore, offering the rats the eggs the first time you must observe if there is the animal has an allergic reaction (itching, redness);

  • adult Pets are fed a boiled egg once a week;
  • little pups this treat can be given every three to four days;
  • rats are more like boiled egg yolk than protein. But yolk animal can choke and before serving, it is desirable to dilute with a small amount of water or milk;
  • to give fried eggs Pets is not recommended, as they are prepared with addition of sunflower or vegetable oil, which is harmful for the liver of rodents;
  • do not forget that these products are very high in calories and excessive consumption can lead to the development of obesity in the animal.
  • Important: rodents do not feed salty, spicy and spiced food, so you should not give eggs to your table, for example, stuffed or drizzled with sauce.

    Whether or not to give Pets raw eggs

    Wild rats often make raids on chicken coops in the hope of profiting not only food for birds, but his favorite treat – chicken eggs. With the same purpose, animals are often stolen and nests of sparrows or pigeons. After all, for tailed animals who are forced to survive in harsh conditions, this product are a valuable source of protein and vitamins.

    But, unlike their wild cousins, decorative rodents in additional protein is not needed, as you receive all the necessary microelements and vitamins with food, which is made to meet the needs of these animals. Therefore, to feed small Pets raw eggs is not desirable, and sometimes even harmful. The fact that they sometimes present the larvae of parasites such as worms and animals after such treats can become infected, which will lead to long-term treatment.

    As an exception, you can treat your pet raw quail egg. Such a treat, you should give the rat no more than once in two weeks. Portion should not exceed half a teaspoon.

    If the pet likes to eat cooked or raw egg should not refuse him this pleasure, because moderate use of this product will become tasty and healthy addition to his diet.

    Can I give egg pet rats
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