Can the rats cheese and dairy products

Rats are one of the most unpretentious and undemanding Pets and eat almost all their treats owner.Before you offer this drink to the rodent, it pre-boil and ostuzhayut to room temperature, because hot or cold milk can cause digestive system of your pet irreparable harm.

Give the rat the only cow's milk is desirable, as compared to goat or sheep, it is less caloric and has less fat content.

Also, it should be remembered that some types of milk are harmful to the health of animals and it is strictly forbidden to include in the menu favorites.

Rodents contraindicated:

  • made from legumes soy milk is not suitable as food for rodents because the animals provokes bloating;
  • such exotic product as coconut milk is also not recommended to enter into the diet of the animal, because it can cause allergies;
  • the composition of condensed milk is too much sugar, so it is impossible to offer tailed Pets as a treat;
  • in the list of prohibited products is a beverage made from powdered milk.

Important: sometimes rats can suffer individual intolerance of lactose that is present in the composition of milk. So for the first time to give the drink a little pet with caution and in small doses, watching, not whether there was in the animal, allergic.

Sour cream in the diet of rodents

The cream is not too suitable product for feeding to rodents, because it contains no vitamins and minerals, healthy animal. Therefore, to include it in the menu tailed Pets is undesirable, especially for homemade sour cream and heavy cream, which are extremely harmful to the liver of animals.

Can rats cheese

Question, do rats cheese makes many people doubt, because there is the stereotype that this product is a favorite delicacy for rodents. In fact, the animals really love cheese and never refuse a piece of this delicacy. But often give rats cheese is not recommended, as due to its excessive use in animals developing obesity.

In the solid cheese is a lot of salt and fats, so indulge your small pet these treats should be no more than once a week.

Besides, not all cheeses are suitable for feeding rodents and some of them may trigger as an allergic reaction and cause food poisoning.

Prohibited varieties of cheese:

  • Suluguni;
  • cheese or feta;
  • smoked cheeses;
  • processed cheese;
  • products with high fat content;
  • cheeses.

Important: give decorative rats cheese not in those cases, if the animal suffers from indigestion or problems with the liver and kidneys.

Cheese – a delicacy for rats

To diversify the diet of a pet can be, and fresh cheese. Give the animal the cheese every two weeks, not adding salt or sugar.

Cheese is especially useful for pregnant females and nursing mothers as it promotes milk production and improves its quality.

Should we give dogs yogurt

Kefir improves digestion and easily digested rodents, so is a useful product for tailed Pets. But it must be remembered that the animal feed should only skim and not sour yogurt. Also categorically it is impossible to give animals a stale or expired dairy products.

Useful for rodents yogurt

Sometimes the yogurt can be replaced with yogurt. Yogurt should be natural and contain no flavors, sugar and preservatives.

Sweet yogurt with fruit pieces or berries are not suitable as treats for rats, as they have a lot of harmful additives and dyes.

Don't forget that home decorative rat in contrast to their wild relatives with improper feeding can become sick and even die. Therefore, the daily diet pet should be balanced and consist of mineral grains and vegetables. Often indulge rodent dairy products and other treats, as they Supplement their diet, not their main food.

Can the rats cheese and dairy products
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