How to choose food for rats: a review and a rating of popular brands

For the content tailed pet is not comfortable enough cell, and a cozy cabin.The basis of such power serve herbal sticks and grain (rice, barley, oats), in its composition has almost no minerals and vitamins needed by the rat, so experts do not recommend it as a daily food for rodents.

Among the forage economy class are:

  • manufacturer Biosphere: Baka Baka Baka Luxury and High Quality;
  • manufacturer zooworld: Krisna, a Festive dinner and the Animals;
  • manufacturer of Bins: Feed mixture for rats;
  • manufacturer of biotech: Pet;
  • manufacturer Vitapol: Karma.


Ready meals are premium choose the majority of owners of rats, as this food is pretty high quality and relatively inexpensive. The main constituent component of the premium feed are grains (wheat, millet, oats, rye), and as additional ingredients added pieces of vegetables and fruits. This food contains no animal protein needed by the body tailed rodents, so it is advisable to Supplement the diet of animals dairy products, pieces of boiled meat and eggs.

Feed premium include:

  • Emotion Beauty, Menu Vital from the manufacturer Vitakraft;
  • JR Farm Rat Classik, JR Farm Ratten-Schmaus JR Wellness Food manufactured by JR Farm;
  • Nature Rat, Rat Komplete from the manufacturer Versele-Laga;
  • Funny Premium made by the Corporation Benelux;
  • Little One from Mealberry.

Super premium class

A complete food for fancy rats, which is composed of whole grain wheat, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, pieces of meat and dried vegetables. This food also contains vitamins, minerals and supplements such as extracts of Echinacea, aloe Vera and dried alfalfa. Of feed super premium can note Care+ Rat Food and Xstra Vital, which makes the company Beaphar.

Grain and kibble: which is better?

Finished feed for domestic rodents is of two types – grain and granular. How do they differ and which one is best suited as a power-tailed Pets?

Grain food contains whole grains and dried slices of vegetables and fruits. Food in granules is made from the same grain mixture and vegetables, which after grinding is pressed in crispy flavored granules. Therefore, the composition of both feed types are virtually identical and between them there are no significant differences, except for the form of release.

Grain feed

Many owners prefer a granular feed for the simple reason that some rats choose only your favorite grains and seeds and flatly refuse from the vegetable pieces. The granules cunning animals eat without the rest, thus getting from food all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Important: to decide which type of food is better for your small pet, you should offer a small pet treat in the form of grains, and after some time to pour into his bowl of kibble. Let the rodent will choose what he likes, delicious juicy beans or fragrant granules.

Description and review of rat feed

Before you buy pack food for your little pet, you should carefully study the composition of food and the presence of additional elements necessary for the health of the rodent.

  • Хstra Vital (vital Extra), manufactured by the Dutch company Beaphar is one of the best feeds for tailed rodents. In its composition of selected whole grains of wheat, Turkey meat, soybean oil and Echinacea extract. This food is also added vitamins and minerals (calcium, copper, phosphorus, vitamin A). Aloe and ehinaceia a beneficial effect on the immune system of animals, and an additional component of dental strengthens teeth animals;
  • another feed from the brand Beaphar Care+ Rat Food (Kare plus) received recognition from experienced owners of rats with a complete and balanced composition and high content of vitamins. It is made from wheat grains, maize, vegetable and meat pieces, and is supplemented by extracts of vegetable proteins, mineral substances, yeasts and algae;
  • popular among fans of rats are inexpensive and fairly high-quality feed Little One (little van) produced by the German company Mealberry, contains wheat, buckwheat, corn, oats and barley. As additional components can be mentioned, molasses, carob, dried banana slices, fiber and mineral supplements;
  • in a stern Emotion Beauty (emoushen beauty), manufactured by German trademark Vitakraft contains high quality grains, plant fats and oils, dried slices of fruits and vegetables, herbal granules and mineral supplements. Thanks to a concentrate of Aloe Vera and a special omega-6 such feeding has a positive effect on the condition of the teeth, hair and skin of rodents;
  • In finished feed for rats Premium Fanny (Fanny premium) from the Belgian manufacturer Benelux are cereals, grains, alfalfa pellets, cumin seeds, dried vegetables and fruits and nuts. All components of this food is natural and nutritious, it is free of dyes and fragrances;
  • krisna and feed the Animals from the Ukrainian brand of the world is made mainly of inferior grasses, meadow grass seed and grass pellets. In the composition of the diet no fat and can be used only as a Supplement to a more fatty food.

Important: many owners think that all feed for domestic rodents are the same, but it's not. Experts recommend feeding tailed pet food, intended for rabbits, hamsters or chinchillas, because the food these animals add quite other vitamins and minerals that are not useful for rats.

Top 8 most popular rat feed

In veterinary pharmacies and pet stores package food for rodents presented in a wide range and sometimes owners can be difficult to navigate and choose the right food for your pet. To make the right choice, you can consult a vet or just study the list of the most popular feeds that recommend hosts tailed Pets.

Rating of best food for rats, according to owner reviews

Food Pros Cons Orientirovana cost RUB.
Xstra Vital Full, natural composition The high cost 990
JR Farm Rat Classik A variety of ingredients, the quality of the squad The presence of dye 400
Funny Premium Nutrient granules, readily eat rats Need to Supplement with vitamins 300
Emotion Beauty The natural composition, content of vitamins and minerals A lot of herbal granules that do not like rats 350
Little One Low cost, quality ingredients The lack of animal protein 150
Care+ Rat Food Balanced composition, the presence of vitamins High price, need to order on special websites 700
Rat Complite Consists of granules that are easy to digest, no leftovers Only sold in specialized points 400
Krisana You can buy at any pet store, low cost Low quality of grain, poor composition 90

Each animal has their own preferences and there is no certainty that the rat will enjoy food that is eaten most of her people. So the owner should take into account the taste preferences of your little pet and give him food that will not only be useful to him, but will have to finicky and capricious animal.

How to choose food for rats: a review and a rating of popular brands
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