The cost of domestic rats in pet stores and markets

Beginner krysova understands that in addition to love to the pet, time and effort, it will require a financial investment in this case.It will be cheap though for the quality guarantee, no one can.

There have been cases of sales of ordinary pasyukov (wild gray rats) or crossbreed them with domestic rats. About vaccines and diseases at a private trader it is better not to ask – can hardly hear the truth. And the contents before the sale often leaves much to be desired. Cases where boys sell instead of girls or Vice versa, are also not uncommon.

In pet stores sell animals checked by veterinarians, often already vaccinated.

Suppliers but there there may be those individuals who will never meet. Before you purchase most often females and males are housed together because of this track, the pairing process is impossible. Therefore, the value of the home decorative rat at the pet store, is affected by its purchase price, not the quality and purebred.

Important! Guarantee breeding pet can give only a specialized nursery.

Animal from there will cost more. But nurseries offer customers a quality product, with documented data on ancestors (parents, grandparents) sold individuals. Especially expensive are sold there animals of rare breeds and colors.

White rat

In fact, such a breed does not exist. It's albinos who have a genetic glitch. They may appear in any breed. Albinos do not occur in nature, as are killed in their pack other dogs or driven, and to survive alone rats impossible. But as a pet rat albino is in demandbecause is very beautiful and amazing with her white skin and red as a ruby eyes.

Important! In the world there is pink, bright blue, green rat with red eyes. Prodacy these "rare" breeds fraud. While they add to animal feed dye that changes the color of the coat. Subsequently, the pet will become white again. But the damage to the body already done.


It is very beautiful and cute pet rats. Dumbo have large round ears, making them look like a little cartoon character of Dumbo the elephant. Lively and agile animal like most of chrysopogon his sweet temper and devotion to master.

Color in these animals is:

  • grey;
  • black;
  • white;
  • spotted.


These animals are actually light grey. Bluish podpushek gives them a unique color. A true blue rat called "aristocrat" and highly appreciated by connoisseurs.


These animals are distinguished by ruffled fur that sticks out in all directions, giving the appearance of fluffiness. On the back of adult individuals slight curls of wool.

Rat Rex does is "kinky". A small rodent is changing color every week.


Naked animalsthat do not have hair, are considered rare and are more expensive than representatives of other breeds.

Have purebred rare marked down to the ankles, groin and under the eyes. Color skins can be different, even spotted.


This is an extremely rare breed. The body shape of the animal resembles a pear. In place of the tail of this animal there is a small tubercle.

Scammers often try to sell as a tailless rodent with a docked tail. Why buy a purebred animal can only be proven in nurseries.

The color of the rodent can be any. Wool is curly, short, long or animal can be bald.

To buy such a miracle is itself a miracle. It takes time to keep a track on sale ads.


This is the most expensive rodents. For rats is characterized by three eye colors:

  • black;
  • dark ruby;
  • red.

Price individual, the higher the greater the difference between the eyes. This feature can occur in any breed, as is genetic mutation (deviation).

A summary table of prices on breeds of rats and the place of purchase

Here are price data for the Republic and separately in Moscow, as in other cities of Russia the price for a rat is much lower.

Place of purchase Price in Russia, RUB. The price in Moscow RUB. Price in Belarus, the Bel. RUB The price in Ukraine is UAH. Price in Kazakhstan tenge.
The Breed Standard
A private person 100 300 5 10 400
Pet shop 200 500 7 25 700
Nursery 300 700 10 60 100
Albino (white)
A private person 150 350 5 25
Pet shop 250 600 7 70
Nursery 500 1000 10 150
Breed standard (blue)
A private person 250 350 7 25
Pet shop 500 700 10 50
Nursery 1000 1200 15 100
Breed Dumbo
A private person 250 500 7 30
Pet shop 500 700 10 50
Nursery 1000 1000 15 150
Breed Rex
A private person 200 500 12 20
Pet shop 250 700 15 25
Nursery 1100 1600 17 150
Breed Spink
A private person 200 300 12 20
Pet shop 300 1000 15 30
Nursery 1500 2000 20 150
The Breed Is Tailless
A private person 500 1000 10 25
Pet shop 700 1500 15 40
Nursery 2000 3000 30 200

Items needed for the maintenance of rats

The owner of decorative rats need to ensure that the animal was comfortable and safe to live in captivity. For this you need to buy:

  • cell;
  • trainer;
  • shelter the type of house;
  • a drinking bowl;
  • feeder.

These items are purchased once and change as failure. The prices of these goods vary widely: cells are sold from 500 to 13,000 rubles depending on size, materials, height. Automatic waterers are from 130 to 500 rubles.

As Cup feeders are easy to pick up house pot, convenient for the animal. Cover and simulators can be built with your own hands. In stores they sell for 120 to 240 rubles.

To maintain the cleanliness of the cage regularly need to purchase a filler for the toilet. Depending on the quality of the product can be purchased at a price of 2 to 50 rubles per liter.


To good pet grow and develop correctly, it needs a balanced diet. Some become ready fodder mixture in pet stores. The price depends on the brand and grade of feed from 100 to 1000 rubles per kilogram.

Others prepare food for the rodents out of grains, vegetables, protein foods, vitamins.Vaccination will be worth it, depending on the type of vaccine from 1000 to 1300 rubles.


Accessory Price (RUB.)
Cell 1100-13000
Drinker 130-500
Feeder 40-500
House and wheel 1000-2000
Filler sawdust for 9 litres 130-180
Feed per kg 100-1000
Vaccination 0-1100
Total 2400-18280 RUB.
The cost of domestic rats in pet stores and markets
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