Determining the age of a household rat

Those who keeps rats, it is important to know about them all.

How many years of living rats

The life expectancy of decorative rats are small – an average of 21.6 months.Believe it or not, nobody can answer precisely, because such data was the life expectancy of these rodents to date is not available.

Rat age in human terms

Today accepted the "project" the age of the animals on the human, comparing them. This scheme is very approximate, but for pet owners it can be useful.

Childhood animals grow very quickly. At the age of 6 weeks (one and a half months), the animals become sexually Mature. In humans, this occurs to 12.5 years. In fact, and in another case, fertilization of immature teenagers finally not very desirable.

It is very harmful not ready to bear children of their parents. The offspring will have full health.

In 5-6 months the animal Matures. It is ready to reproduce itself without damage to health, in human terms this is the age of 18.

From this point on you can calculate the age of the rats, equating it to the human. To do this, use the formula: simply multiply the life of the rat for 2.5 months. The result is a figure showing the estimated corresponding human age.

Year-old animal "human" will be 30 years (12*2,5=30). The formula is calculated that the age of eighteen months corresponds to 45 years, two years – 60 three – year 90, and four-year – 120.

Important! Menopause in rats occurs at 15-18 months, which corresponds to the human 48-55 years. Before this period, the female is rarely able to breed.

As a fast growing pups

The most active period of growth of animals from birth to six months. Then the process becomes less noticeable, however, is not to say that he stops altogether. The animal becomes fully formed in 11-12 months.

The development and growth of rat pups occurs rapidly. Here a matter of days.

Age in days The process of growing up
3-4 Open ears
8-10 Begin to erupt teeth
14 Females have visible nipples
14-17 Open your eyes
16 Fully covered with fur
19-40 Erupt molars
21 Leave the nest and eat from the trough
25-28 The separation of the young from the mother

How to determine the age of young rats

If you do not know what the age of the pet, you can find it by weight. Although there may be inaccuracies, since the role played by the heredity of the animal, the conditions of his detention and the level of health and sexual identity. To determine how many years the rat on will help the weight table by age.

Age in months The female's weight in grams The males can weigh in grams
2 150-200 160-220
3 210-250 250-310
4 250-290 350-410
5 290-340 450-490

In the period from six months to a year compared with other parameters has been particularly active growing a tail of a rodent. Determining its age in the period from 6 to 12 months, you can take it on Board.

Most of the fancy rats in adulthood, the tail is equal to or slightly longer than the body. The ratio depends on the animal species. Therefore, if the tail of the animal the body is shorter, so he is informed.

How to distinguish old individual

After six months the weight of the rodent does not change. And when buying a pet it is important to be sure that the seller has not slipped the old animal.

For this you need to pay attention to the condition:

Signs The young individuals In elderly individuals
Wool Shiny, smooth and smooth Rare, dull, sticking in some places
A layer of fat Distributed evenly through the body Is missing on the back, spine visibly
The skin on the tail With uniform coating Rough, rough, with lots of peeling dead skin particles
Teeth Normal Incisors are significantly longer than the young; their back ground off — they take the form of a bit

The behavior of old animals is also different: they sleep more, move less, huddle for warmth.

Determining the age of a household rat
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