The sexing pet rats

Buying decorative rat, most owners do not attach importance to the gender of the rodent.In the females these organs are located nearby and the distance between them does not exceed two to three millimeters. In males, the distance between the urogenital and anal openings is approximately five to six millimeters.

Important: when determining the sex of a rat to raise the animal's tail is not recommended. Because this gives your pet the discomfort and is his stress. To examine the sex organs of an animal is easy, if you put it on the palm of his abdomen up and hold the second hand behind your head so that the rodent did not.

How to determine the sex of the pups

In contrast to adults, to distinguish the sex of newborn rats is not easy and it can be done, when the kids will be at least four to five days.
So as the little rodents are deprived of the coat, to determine the sex of the rat can be nipples on the tummy, which resemble tiny pimples. The presence of mammary glands indicates that it's a girl, because boys as in young and in adulthood the nipples there.

Also the kids have a male you can see small dark spots located between the genitals and the anus, where as they get older the animal will form testicles.

The differences between female and male rats on the appearance and character

Experienced owners, containing three or more rats claim that the girl from boy is distinguished not only physiological characteristics but also behavior. Yes, and in appearance tailed Pets you can also notice distinctive features, allowing to determine where the female, where the male:

  • males slightly larger than females and have a more powerful and robust physique;
  • girls graceful elongated body, the boys body is pear-shaped;
    If we compare the structure of fur, the females hair is smooth, silky and soft, whereas in males wool is more rigid and dense;
  • females are curious and restless and actively explore the surrounding objects, trying all things "to the tooth". Boys behave calmer, can sit in his house and spend all their free time in a dream;
  • females compared to males are more aggressive and often bite their owners, especially if the animal is afraid or protect their offspring;
  • to tell a boy rat from a girl, you can smell feces. The adult male urine has a sharper and more unpleasant smell than that of female animals.

Important: if the owner plans to keep one cage of two rats, but do not want them to breed, it is better to buy for this purpose females. Girls live well and get along well among themselves, while two boys can start a fight for territory and food.

To control the tailed breeding Pets, it is advisable to determine the sex of rodents no later than they reach months of age, and to seat males and females in separate cells.

Before buying a rodent, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of rats, if it fits you and whether you care for it. Also, an important question to learn how to determine the age of the rat, in order not to get in a trouble and do not purchase older animal.

The sexing pet rats
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