The pros and cons of the content of decorative rats in the house

Rats — rodents from the family of mice.For breeding were selected the most calm individual, which is why aggression and unsociable the pet is excluded. Pets that are acquired in proven locations and are kept in favorable conditions, is not susceptible to dangerous diseases. The neighborhood rodent is absolutely safe for humans.

What are rats?

Males possess a calm nature and tendency to laziness. They are affectionate and love pats. Females are more active and prefer active games.


  • clean;
  • curious;
  • sociable;
  • unpretentious;
  • savvy;
  • pliable learning.

Each of the qualities has its pros and cons that need to be considered when deciding to get a home rat.

In the wild they live in flocks, so the pet needs to communicate. Preferably purchase a pair of pups of the same sex. They can be kept in the same cage without fear of conflict and emergency replenishment of the family. To rat out suspicious creatures, avoiding meetings with people turned into a friendly pet, the owner need to spend a lot of time.

Developed the intelligence of a pet is able to deliver a lot of trouble. Most locks and latches cells pose serious obstacles. There are cases where, despite the low weight, the rat was able to open the fridge.

But a lively mind allows the animals to be a real friend to man. If the owner pays enough attention to education, the pet quickly begins to select it among other people, remembers own name and simple commands, learn fun tricks.

The content of rats is possible only in a cage. The inquisitive animal can hurt yourself and the property owner, walking through the apartment without supervision. Rodents are cleanliness, they love to spend time in the water and give personal care 2-3 hours a day. To prevent diseases and bad smell of the cage should be cleaned regularly and mentee to ensure timely walks and meals.

Why should you get a rat, or to withdraw from the purchase

The rat is a complete companion with whom you can interact: to play, to take care of him, to stroke and even chat. It will fit perfectly in any apartment, even in a small living space will be a place for the cage and the space for walking.


  • friendly nature;
  • easy maintenance and simplicity in the diet;
  • you can accommodate in any apartment;
  • rodents a great imagination and fun to watch them;
  • do not need walking in the street;
  • if you have a kennel, pet you can take with you anywhere;
  • cleanliness and high immunity to minimize the risk of disease;
  • relatively low noise level will not create inconvenience to neighbors;
  • the content does not require serious expenses.

The pros and cons of the acquisition need to be considered given the characteristics of each particular family. It is desirable to consider the opinion of everyone living in the apartment people.

Reasons not to get a rat:

  • frequent business trips — the animal can not be permanently left unattended;
  • lack of time — without regular human contact, the animal will not become tame, and tame already will be bored;
  • the presence of the family of people allergic to wool;
  • living in a house other animals— their relationships are not always successful and can cause the owners a lot of hassle.

A significant disadvantage is the average life expectancy of rats. She is only 2-3 years. Parting with your pet can be frustrating for younger members of the family. Let the friendship with a rat will be short, but it can make the bright colors in everyday life of any person.

The pros and cons of the content of decorative rats in the house
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