Red eyed rats are albinos

Most often, the rats have dark fur color, ranging from silvery to brown or black, but there is a farmed line albino rat.It is derived by the laboratory at the beginning of last century, with the purpose of carrying out various scientific experiments. It is from these albino rat and were removed known today decorative rats. Got them by crossing albinos with grey relatives. The first line of white rodents have also enabled the development of new laboratory lines of rats with black, silver, cream, brown, blue and other colors of wool.

Lab rats are white in color have different behavioral characteristics, and types of wool covers:

  • Capuchins (pileated);
  • long-haired;
  • with curly hair.

Many people don't understand why rats have red eyes, and dislike those animals. Indeed, animals sometimes look a little scary. The albinos eyes can be usual for pasyukov grey color and red. This coloration is due to the lack of pigment eyes. In fact, it is transparent, and a red tint give translucent to the eye through blood vessels. The proverbial white coat color in these rodents also occurs due to lack of melanin in the blood.

The look of the albino rats can sometimes frighten

Today, breeding white rats in laboratory applications continues. Since they are similar to the human genotype and the same set of chromosomes, rodents used for scientific experiments in the field:

  • Virology;
  • genetics;
  • radiobiology;
  • Microbiology;
  • toxicology.

In a conventional progeny, the appearance of albino – a rare case. These genes are recessive in nature and are suppressed by dominant black or gray genes.

Important! Because of the uniqueness and spontaneity of formation of a set of chromosomes that are responsible for white color fur, it is extremely difficult to deduce the rat-albino at home.

Rats albino is widely used in laboratories

Characteristics of albino rats

Albino rats have a number of features that distinguish them from the usual gray rodents. These rats live no more than 1.5 years. Because of health problems due to unfavorable environmental conditions they have a weak immune system. This distinguishes them from dark wool relatives. For comparison, representatives of their kind with dark hair live up to 3 years.

They are hardly able to adapt and survive in the wild, so releasing them into the wild is not necessary – it will lead to the inevitable death of the animals.

Sometimes, you meet a rat-pralines, with dark eyes and white with a grayish tint color of the coat. These animals have a stronger immune system than their white counterparts. Pralines rarer, and much better adapt to the environment. By crossing them with albino or grey Pasyuk, almost 100% of cases, the offspring appears with dark hair.

Rat albino in the photo too noticeable on the grass: the lack of masking does not give a rats chances of survival in nature

Albinos are quite prolific, well tolerated contents in captivity, have low weight. And these are the main qualities that make them so appreciated in laboratories. As a result of research, scientists have identified a fairly high level of intelligence of albino rats. In addition, rodents have the ability to empathize and sympathize with other canines. Known cases where albinos showed altruism.

The relationship to the person

White rodents are well trainable, they are quite cunning and clever, although they do not compare with wild relatives struggling to survive. Albinos easily remember his nickname, and nicknames of other Pets living with them in the same area.

Is how to lock the door of the cage, as these animals are able to learn how to open simple latches.

A simple latch on the door is not an obstacle for rats albino

They are good-natured and gentle disposition toward man, in contrast to their wild ancestor. These rats are very sociable and love to be around people, begging for affection and treats. They are easily given in your hands and allow you to Pat yourself on the back.

Important! Regular communication with your pet You will quickly be able to tame him. But we must remember that these rodents possess excellent memory and have a good memory of those who caused them pain.

Care for rodents

The main rule of care albino – regularity of cleaning the cage of the rodent. This provides clean fur of your pet and the absence of an unpleasant peculiar smell in the room. For the convenience of cleaning buy a cage with sliding tray. Then your task will be timely replacement of the old litter pan fresh.

Due to the fact that this kind of rodents animal collective and communicative, they need daily attention. Or, to avoid boredom, from loneliness one pet, you can have multiple same-sex domestic albino rat.

Albino rats should be kept in same-sex groups


White fur needs regular combing also pet need the wet procedure. For brushing use a toothbrush with soft bristles. When disturbed the animal because of the brush, you can cut off the long handle to the base of the head. When combing your pet will have to hold the brush forefinger and thumb.

If the coat appeared uncharacteristic of her earlier wetness is a cause for concern. It is likely that the rat is not in well condition to care for themselves because of illness. For cleaning wool is not worth the risk to mental health of the pet, making him a real bath treatments in the basin. Use a damp cotton pad to wipe the fur. Don't forget to dry the wool after cleaning!

Place the cage with the animal away from direct sunlight, as white rats are scared of bright sunlight.

Peculiarities of vision

The sight of these representatives of rodents is weak, the world they see is heavily blurred. For comparison, the sharpness of human vision is about 30 times more than conventional rats. But white rats with red eyes have vision twice as less acute than their grey relatives. The owner of the animal is to make as safe a space cage for a pet. The same applies to facilities where the rodent will walk. While walking move the animal, because his vision does not always allow to avoid the danger of falling from height, sharp object nearby or lurking cats.

Albinos have poor eyesight due to the peculiarities of the eyes

Diet albinos

Daily feed amount is about 40 grams. Despite the well-known omnivorous rats, please note on the list of banned feeding animal products: sweets, condiments and spices, salted and pickled vegetables carbonated beverages. Do not give your pet raw meat and greasy food. Permitted periodically to allow the albino to sharpen the teeth on chicken bones. Do not forget about vitamin supplements in the autumn and winter!

Care claws

Sometimes we need to help the rat to whittle away the claws, if it is after the surgery , ill, or too old. The animal will not be able to do it yourself. Nails should not be long, otherwise they tend to bend and damage the pads on the paws. To trim the claws better kogterezki for rodents or cats. In a pinch you can use nail clippers.

For claws of albino rats sometimes need care

The cost of white rats is not very different from prices on the rodent with dark fur.

Important! Many breeders refuse from these fancy rats because of their short life span. They have a weak immune system, so they often get sick.

White rat — a docile and peaceful animals. They are able to become family Pets due to their sociability and light training. Animals can remember the names of all the Pets in the family, including their own. But you need to be careful when caring for a albino with red eyes. They have poor eyesight, fear of direct sunlight and exposure to different diseases.

Video: white rats are albinos

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Red eyed rats are albinos
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