All about decorative rat Dumbo

People who have never had a decorative rat, no idea how it is affectionate, intelligent and responsive creatures.Before purchasing pups of this breed, it is advisable to learn all about Dumbo rats, to understand the intricacies of the care and maintenance of these wonderful animals.

Description of the breed

Rat Dumbo different from the usual decorative rats breed standard low set rounded ears, larger ears – the more valuable this pedigree copy. The name of the breed was given the same name beloved by children around the world cute Dumbo elephant – character cartoon Studio Disney, known for its large, round ears. One of the smartest and cute cartoon hero of the film Studio Ratatouille Ratatouille is a representative of decorative rats Dumbo.

The history of breeding and appearance

Rat Dumbo look very funny and touching thanks to its large and disproportionately small head ears, causing tenderness in most people. Especially attractive love this breed with small children.

Dumbo with the pointy ears

Rat Dumbo can meet two kinds of cute ears: rounded flat ears, resembling a saucer, or slightly rolled and pointed, like a half-opened Bud of a Tulip with a curved petal, sharpness is slightly expressed. Clicking back on the last version of the ear Pinna revealed and you can see right round the outline of the ear, Dumbo rat with this type of ears are common in European countries.

Dumbo with round ears

Decorative breed rats Dumbo was bred in a laboratory by American scientists in 1991 in California, and in Russia cute rodents were only 10 years later.

Despite the popularity of long-eared Pets, find pet rats with pronounced breed characteristics is quite difficult. Gene "big ears" is recessive, so does not reveal itself in each specimen of rat droppings, even with particularly large, rounded ears of the parents. Animals eared breed without distinguishing the species is still considered decorative rats breed Dumbo and can bring adorable kids with luxury round ears.

The body length of animals of this breed varieties do not differ from standard parameters: males grow to a size of 18-20 cm and weigh 250-500 g, females reach 15-18 cm and a weight of 250-400 g. Rodents have a more pear-shaped short body compared to conventional decorative rats, the lower part extended stronger than the breed standard. Animals breed Dumbo is allowed a standard figure, like common household rodents.

Skull rocks variety Dumbo more flat and wide than the other types of fancy rats with a relatively pointed muzzle. The back protrudes slightly, but does not create the impression of roll, eyes large and round, located on both sides of the head. For rodents breed Dumbo characterized by the presence of a longer tail than the normal standard rats.

The nature and lifespan

The character of Dumbo rats very friendly, affectionate and trusting animals quickly become accustomed to the owners, remember the nickname and easily trainable.

Dumbo rats are very attached to the owners

Young rats of this breed are more active than their relatives, I love fun outdoor games with humans and other rodents, more adults love to lie on knees or sit on the shoulder of the beloved master. This breed is characterized by meticulous cleanliness, the animals watch her clean and well accustomed to the tray.

Life span in rodents, this breed is an average of 2-3 years.

Duration how many live rats are Dumbo in the home, directly depends on the quality of the conditions of keeping and feeding. With proper care, timely treatment of rat diseases, as well as feeding balanced amounts of protein and fat diet with green fodder, vegetables, fruits and vitamins the lifespan of Pets is extended to 4-5 years.


Rat breed Dumbo color amber

The color of animals of this breed varieties, as well as the length and quality of coat within a species can be very different. Often there are individuals with short straight hair, velvety grey, white, black and chocolate brown. Rare colors of rats are considered to be Siamese Dumbo, amber, Topaz, mosaic (tri-color).

Rat breed Dumbo color three-color

Amazingly beautiful rat Dumbo color blue mink. You can only find it in large breeders high enough for fancy rats cost.

Rat breed Dumbo color blue mink

Scientists by crossing the rodents breed varieties with decorative Dumbo rats other breeds managed to get a new subspecies that deserves the attention of crisologo lovers.

Rat breed Dumbo color Topaz

Rat Dumbo Rex

The fur of this breed is thick, long and wavy than the normal rats Dumbo, the moustache is also a bit twisted. The combination of hard curly fur from Rex and rounded big ears of Dumbo, give this rat a fun and funny look, fluffy kids called the "curly eared".

Rat breed Dumbo Rex

Rat Dumbo Sphynx

Rat this subspecies completely devoid of hair. Like sphinxes allowed sparse vegetation on the back, head and legs. No whiskers or small length slightly curled up. Touching huge lugs and bare wrinkled skin and cause tenderness and awe towards these rodents. The lack of coat, this breed is an advantage for people who are allergic to pet dander. Color hairless skin can be pink, blue, white, black.

Rat breed Dumbo Sphinx

Rat Dumbo Siamese

Hallmark animal of this breed is a specific colour of hair, resembling the color of the famous Siamese cats: the dark muzzle and legs contrast with the bright body of the rodent. Siamese Dumbo rats differ willful, and often aggressive character, this feature must be considered for parents of young children. The gene of Siamese color is recessive, so the offspring may not have the characteristic colors of wool and only be a carrier of the gene.

Rat breed Dumbo, Siamese color

Rat Dumbo husky

A rare and beautiful breed the variety of rodents called rats chameleon. Little rat Dumbo husky born normal standard color: gray, black, brown, but with age, the primary color is diluted by white hairs, turning.

Rat breed Dumbo color husky

All breed varieties of Dumbo rats have large ears characteristic, the choice of breed depends on the tastes and preferences of the future owner of a pet.

The features of the care and maintenance of rats Dumbo

Dembicki – unpretentious, cheerful Pets, for content which requires minimum space and cost, and commitment of the owner more than compensated by the unlimited confidence and a delicate hand caress the animal. There are several features of the maintenance and care of cute baby kids.


Small pet must be purchased at a pet store a wire cage the size of 60х40х60 cm with a maximum distance between the bars of 1-1,2 cm Cage for rats Dumbo needs to have a solid bottom, plastic pan high, wide doors and shelves.

To absorb specific rat odor simultaneously with the housing for a rodent is bought corn or wood filler. Some owners for this purpose, use wipes toilet paper and sawdust. The furry rodent cage should be equipped with hanging metal bowls for dry food and a convenient nipple drinker. Treats and liquid food rat eat from small ceramic bowls.

Young pet for comfort, it is advisable to put the house inside the cage, rats love to hide and sleep. A favorite accessory for fancy rats is a cozy warm hammock in which adults are happy to spend most of the time. Stairs, tunnels and ropes can be purchased and installed in the cage for fun and the required load of the pet. Rat Dumbo choose one corner of their homes for bathroom breaks, this is a place to put the litter. Smart pet quickly realized what he meant.

The cage should be spacious and equipped with additional accessories


Cage with a small animal must be installed in a dry warm room at a height of 1-1,5 from the floor, away from bright light sources and electromagnetic radiation. Furry friend must be protected from drafts, overheating and cooling, sharp sounds, obsessive attention to other Pets and household. Out of the cage every day to remove food residue, waste litter, change the water. Twice a week disinfection dwelling rodent special disinfectant.


Rat Dumbo daily wash and purify themselves, but if necessary the owner should bathe funny animal in warm water with the use of special shampoos. A regular procedure is also grooming little claws.


For breeding rodents breed Dumbo is necessary to select healthy couple with pronounced specific characteristics: pear-shaped short body with a long tail, broad flat head with large round ears. Knit a female the first time preferably in the age of 5-7 months. The Dumbo rat is pregnant with 21-23 days and brings in an average of 9-12 adorable kids. Dumbo rats are born blind and deaf with a naked body, large rounded ears may not be present in all newborns from the litter.

Kids develop very quickly, in 4 days you start to hear in 12 days open little eyes. At the age of two weeks rat children actively begin to communicate with someone and learn about the world.

Rounded ears are not always inherited

Games and training

The owner of Dumbo rat needs to know that the cute rodent is a social animal, pet mentally need to communicate with other dogs and humans. Common outdoor games with sociable animal, gentle stroking and kissing contribute to the rapid emergence of precious confidence and reverent love between the decorative rat and man. Smart rodents can easily learn simple tricks to bring small objects, find the Goodies, jump over the barriers training the animal gives pleasure and pleasant emotions of the pet and the owner at the same time.

What to feed a Dumbo rat

Rat breed Dumbo with different-colored eyes

Dumbo rats eat almost any food, but, unlike wild relatives, pet rodents prone to allergies and disorders of the digestive system, so it is advisable to stick to feeding pet's accepted norms of feeding of fancy rats. Diet Dubikov includes:

  • dry grain feed with added seeds, sunflower, pumpkin and flax;
  • proteins and sources of calcium – boiled and raw meat, chicken and fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir;
  • green sprouts of wheat, oats, parsley, dandelion greens, dill;
  • vegetables, fruits, berries, dried fruits.

Not allowed to eat: sweets, alcohol, cheese, sausage, spinach, cabbage, green bananas, sprouted potatoes, spicy fried meat.

Choosing a name for a Dumbo rat

Owners are trying to give young clever baby Dumbo deep and meaningful nickname in the hope that the name of the animal can affect the nature and intelligence are a funny animal. Sometimes it is difficult to name your pet a namethat underlines the personality and expresses the love of the master.

Preferably a few days to look at the habits and traits of a new family member, most likely he will tell the owner what to call it. Nickname furry baby can be tied to the color of the color of the rodent and funny lugs, associations of the person from its appearance and funny faces pet, favourite characters from books and cartoons or pop stars. Nickname rodent should be simple and easy to pronounce in the diminutive form. It is believed that females respond better to names that begin with the letters K, M and D. Males more love names with the letters C, K, M and D, long-eared Pets rather used to the nicknames with letters T, N, L, M, K, s,W and R.

Name for a Dumbo rat girls can be: knop, Scully, Maysa, Dana, Molly, Xenia, Martha, Alice, Dasha, Claudia, Matilda, Gina, Darcy, alpha, Kayla, Linda.

Name for rat Dumbo boy can be: Kuzma, Tyson, Tim, rocky, Simson, Gary, Steve and Benjamin, Bucks, rocky, dick.

No matter how the host will call big-eared bright boy. Rat Dumbo in any case will truly adore and faithfully wait for the beloved master, giving him his incredible tenderness and selfless love.

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All about decorative rat Dumbo
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