Rat husky

The choice of the pet rats home due to several factors: no need for walks, ease of care, the opportunity for a child to get the first experience of care and responsibility for another creature.This name appeared due to the similarity with a gray-white coloration known breeds of dogs.

The coat of a rat husky peresvety as they grow older

The main feature of the animal change color throughout life. The main color of newborn rats:

  • silver;
Rat Husky color silver
  • red;
Rat Husky color red
  • blue;
Rat Husky color blue
  • black.
Rat Husky color black

On the body are spots in the form of a cloak or hood. Each rat is a lottery for the owner to predict how it will precitanie skins, impossible. Each time the owners get a nice surprise.

Over the years, "children's" coat changes to the adult coat, which appear white hairs. Peresvet lasts for life. According to the standards, perfect color husky "salt and pepper", that is equal to the number of hairs contrasting colors.

However, often there is an almost complete fading of the animal: the skin becomes a practical white with little patches of black.

Rat husky there are 2 types of ears: standard, and Dumbo

Another feature of the breed – the possibility of giving birth to a rat with standard ears and large round "Dumbo". Eye color varies from deep ruby to purple. The tail, contrary to General opinion, not bald, and covered with small scales and hairs. That is why the care in this part of the body must be cleaned carefully.

The behavior and habits of rats Husky

Husky rodent active and requires constant entertainment. If the owner can not spend with the pet all the time, it is necessary that the cage was equipped with:

  • wheel;
  • hanging toys;
  • multilevel climbing frame;
  • hammocks.

Rats breed Husky quickly get used to the name and arms of a beloved master. Animals well trained. You can train it so that on command the pet will easily climb on your shoulder and hide in his pocket.

Rat husky loves to chat with man

Animal easily accustomed to the toilet, so it is permissible to release it on walking around the apartment. Basic safety rules when samovygulu:

  • to completely eliminate cables and wires – from the perspective of a rodent, this is a great items for sharpening the cutters;
  • to hide the documents and the necessary papers – the perfect building material for mink husky nil;
  • to prevent access to places where the fabric folded and linen – they are also suitable for the construction of dwellings, and in the process use teeth;
  • to control contact with other Pets.

Experts recommend to raise a husky surrounded by the master's love, and not with other core. In the latter case, the animal can shape aggressive behavior.

Unlike other ornamental species

According to the opinion of an experienced crisologo, unlike Husky other Pets rats is solely in the peculiarities of color change during life. To speak of the characteristic features is inappropriate, because within the species each individual has its own preferences, temperament and degree of activity.

Content features of the breed

Maintenance and care rodent unpretentious. Once purchased and equipped with the necessary devices cell requires only regular scrapers and proper selection of sawdust. In addition to toys in the home should be the rest house, feeders and waterers. If the cell were purchased large enough to be put in her small bath: some individuals are happy to give it time.

In the diet of rats husky needs to be a healthy treat

The basis of the diet Huskies are manufactured foodsoffered by pet stores. It is also important to purchase a stone for sharpening teeth and healthy treats. Feeding natural foods is also allowed, but menu planning requires consideration of many different factors.

In compliance with measures and active employment with the pet, adorable huskies will delight the owner for 3.5 years, which is pretty long life for a rat.

Video: rat Husky

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Rat husky
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