Crispy rats "Rex"

The mind, contact and sociality of rats made them one of the most popular types for home detention.The structure of wool is distinguished from the standard rex rodent counterparts. The structure of the body and behaviors is quite similar to other varieties.

Description of the external characteristics of the breed:

  • the hairs that curls like a sheep;
  • the increased rigidity of the hair;
  • individual hairs can puff up;
  • young individuals look tousled – curls the final has not yet formed;
  • main locations frizzy hair – the back and sides;
  • compared to the standard breed's skin seems more dull;
  • adults get the undercoat that adds guard hair stiffness;
  • whiskers are also curled and shorter compared to other mustache types;
  • allow various options of colors, but because of the structure of wool spots can merge;
  • a healthy pet is no cover bald patches with elastic to the touch curls;
  • the availability of sockets is not allowed by the standards;
  • the ears are wide;
  • the tail is bushy.
Kids curly Rex rats look shredded

Separately stands out the following species: rat, Double Rex. According to some sources, it is still not included in the standards.

The pups are born, provided that both parents have the corresponding gene "curl". The undercoat of the kids starts to fall out in early childhood, that provokes the appearance of bald spots and makes the breed less popular, although when you touch the coat seems to be plush and soft.

Rat, Double Rex

Kind DumboRex is a curly rat with big round ears.

Rat Dumbo Rex

Other features of rodents

Rexes are characterized by high fertility: litter can be up to 20 kids. The pregnancy does not exceed one month.

The size of an average rodent varies from 8 to 20 cm, the Females rarely weigh more than 350 g, males are more powerful – their weight can reach 600g. Size rodent 17-25 cm, length host up to 12 cm Form of the muzzle differs from the standard rats: it is wide and blunt.

The behavior and habits of the rat Rex

Curly rat are ideal as a pet. She's playful and funny, and at the same time easily shows affection and loves playing with the masters. The main advantages of Rex:

The advantages of view — undemanding in content, rats are easily adapted to the daily routine of the owner.

Rex rats feature vibrant and sociable character

Curly Pasyuk curious. Releasing them for a run around the apartment, should be especially careful not to pin down their door or stepping on animals.

Features home detention

For rats important mobility, so it needs a spacious homewhere she can comfortably run, not limiting themselves to mobile games. Given the high sociality of the species, it is recommended to get several individuals.

If it is possible to contain only one curly rat in her cage needs to be:

  • swing;
  • home;
  • lazy;
  • various items for entertainment.

The animals are omnivorous, however, for good health in the diet you want to add: ready industrial feed, vitamins and cereals.

Cage for rats Rex must be equipped with devices for entertainment

To care for the animals is simple: it is enough to regularly change the food daily and clean the cage. Twice a month "apartment" to shoot disinfection. Experts recommend to give food unequal portions: the greater part leave for the evening.

Clean water should be continuously, and then Jolly pet will become a daily basis to entertain the host of fun games.

Video: rat breed double Rex

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Crispy rats "Rex"
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