Bald rats "Sphinx" — an amazing variety of fancy rats

Decorative rats have become popular Pets in many families, the owners appreciate furry animals for their rare intellect, touching the affection and exceptional devotion.Hairless breed was developed in 1932 by American scientists mutations, rodents intended for scientific research, but human curiosity and a love of all things unusual output hairless variety of fancy rats outside laboratories. True rat the Sphinx is quite rare, this breed variety has a completely hairless body with bright pink translucent skin and whiskers the standard length.


Baslerstrasse recessive gene, its inheritance is not found in all individuals of the breed, usually you can find rats with partial hair covering. Depending on the areas of baldness, shape and length of a vibrissa within the breed are distinguished subspecies:

  • hairless — (hairless);
  • naked — (naked);
  • fuzzy (fluffy);
  • nude — (Nude);
  • shorn — (cropped);
  • bald — (bald).

The offspring of these subspecies in the first weeks of life there is overgrowth of the skin coat, which then falls or remains a small rare hairs on the body, to determine which subspecies is the animal only up to the 6th week of life the baby rats.


The body size of this breed close to the standard values, the adults are large enough increase to 15-25 cm, body mass can vary from 350 to 700 g. Due to the absence of fur the animal's body takes on a graceful form.


Ideal is a bright pink, totally naked, almost translucent skin without scars and blemishes, soft and velvety to the touch, there may be little folding of the skin. The skin of males is thicker than females. Can meet the small guard hairs over the eyes, on the limbs and cheeks, in the groin area. The color of the skin of the Sphynx is a true bright pink, but by crossing were obtained bald rat with black, blue, chocolate, gray, cream-colored skin.

The color of the skin of the Sphynx can be from pale pink to black


Vibrissae (whiskers) on cheeks and above the eyes is slightly curled down, forward or backward, have a length less than the standard rats. Sometimes there is a complete absence of mustaches that is considered to be a discharge from the standards of the breed.

Rodent breed standard for the Sphynx differs from the usual home rats bigger wrinkled low-set ears. Bright eyes located on both sides of the skull, the color can be anything: black, red, ruby, husky, rose, there are individuals with different eye color.

Species rat breed Sphinx

Rat breed Sphinx is divided into three rock types.

The Sphinx on the standard

Rodents are derived by mutation and crossover from a regular fancy rats breed standard, animal characteristic long mustache and sparse hair on the head, legs and flanks. Kresowaty call those rats "porcupines" or "spectacled" because of the contrast of hard at times dark hair with delicate pink skin of the animal.

The distinguishing feature of the Sphinx on the standard are the circles around the eyes

The Sphinx on the Rex

Rats breed this species obtained from rodents with curly fur, animals have twirled a mustache and rare wavy the hairs on the head, limbs and groin, which might not be available during the moulting period.

A distinctive feature of the Sphynx on the Rex is a curly mustache

Sphinx double Rex

For rats breed double Rex characteristic thin coat. Rodents derived from this species are distinguished pedigree is typical hairless pink skin wrinkled.

Sphinx double Rex is characterized by a complete absence of hair on the body

Gene baslerstrasse recessive, the bald rat in the offspring can be bald, partially hairless or normal rats, covered with a standard velvet coat. All cubs are representatives of the breed bald rat Sphinx, they are carriers of the gene and can further bring completely naked pups. More viable and healthy work pet rat breed Sphinx mating bald males and females, covered with hair and having the gene asserttest.


Bald rat is a very active, curious and loving creatures, quickly tamed and become attached to his beloved master. The absence of hair requires the owner of the bald-headed pet as often as possible to keep their little friend in his arms, to stroke, to kiss the furry rodent wearing in his bosom and on the shoulder. Body heat warms and soothes naked animals, in response to an animal does not skimp on the manifestation of tender affection and sincere feelings.

Sphinxes are very sensitive to the negative tone in the voice of the master, startled by the sudden shouting can cause a stroke these gentle animals. People have to deal with kids gentle and friendly voice, rat instantly respond to the name and greeting of the owner, enjoy intimate fellowship and fun mobile games.

Sphinxes differ special cleanliness, during walking of the adults do not stain the area, and try to do all your toilet business in his cage.

Life expectancy

Bald rat is approximately 1.5-2 years, however, the creation of comfortable conditions of detention and the maintenance diet of full feeding can prolong life bald pet up to 2-3 years.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The absence of hair is undeniable advantages for people who are prone to allergies to pet dander. Graceful slim body in conjunction with pink transparent skin, shiny eyes and large ears give the rodent unusual extravagant look which attracts fans of exotic.

The lack of coat associated with various disorders in the body, which was fixed by scientists at the gene level, so bald rat more susceptible to allergies and diseases of the skin, eyes, heart and kidneys, cancer and diabetes than their furry counterparts.

Care and maintenance of the hairless rats

Warm naked rat because of the lack of a warming protective coat sensitive to temperature and moisture environment, therefore the care, maintenance and feeding of these graceful creatures has some special features.


The cage for the Sphinx is necessary to equip a hammock or house

Wire cage for the Sphynx has to be cozy and spacious with a size of not less 60х40х60 cm high in a plastic tray, solid bottom and wide doors. The alternative is the content of defenseless animals in the aquarium which creates a comfortable and more secure environment than a conventional cage. Dwelling bald pet you need to equip a cozy soft hammock and a house, which should be laid slices of warm fabrics. For floor insulation and absorption physiological odors floor of the cage or aquarium to sleep with wood filler.

Group housing

Fans of the sphinxes at the same time suggest to have a same-sex couple hairless rats, animals are heated together. Contain hairless pet or to leave a defenseless rodent in the company of pet rats it is not recommended for ordinary decorative rats are very aggressive to their hairless relatives.

The conditions of detention

Housing with a bald touching the pet should be placed away from bright light, noise, air conditioners and drafts. Dry air and high temperature are harmful to the defenseless skin of the rodent is optimal for the Sphinx is considered to be the temperature is 25-28 degrees, the air must daily moisturize with atomizers or humidifiers.


The sphinxes are very clean rodents, change of filler is recommended not more than 1 times a week, disinfection is carried out once a month. Every day you need to pour clean water to the waterers and to remove from the cage uneaten food.


Gentle defenseless skin of hairless rats exposed to frequent contamination, to prevent the development of skin diseases, wipe the skin with wet swab, regular bathing of the Sphinx in warm water (38C) using the shampoos for puppies or kittens, lubricate the body of the rodent baby cream. It is advisable to accustom the rats to water procedures from a very early age to gentle pet accustomed to and enjoyed swimming. Necessary hygienic measure for the Sphynx is a regular haircut an acute threat for thin skin claws.

To accustom the rat to bathing is since childhood


Defenseless skin of the Sphynx is often injured, the slightest scratches and cracks should be smoothed with anti-inflammatory ointment levomekol. Useful preventative measure is to periodically add to pet food the berries of bilberry to support the work of the kidneys, and veterinary drug Board, which is aimed at increasing immunity and the normalization of the intestinal microflora of a rodent.


All rats physically need daily long paddock and dealing with a person, a bald pet, caress, the warmth of the hands of the owner and active games is doubly necessary because of their complete helplessness to the environmental conditions and innate credulity to person.


Sphynx diet should be balanced and highly nutritious, to generate the necessary amount of energy, warming the bare pet. Hairless rats eat more often than their furry relatives. Feed naked rodents need cereals, vegetables, fruits, cooked meat, herbs. Not allowed the introduction in the diet of sweets, smoked, spicy and fried foods, raw cabbage, potatoes, green bananas, beans, beans.

Sphynx is a very allergic person, so sunflower seeds and pumpkin, carrots, chicken bones naked animals should be given in limited amounts of fatty food, it is recommended to completely eliminate from the diet. Through unprotected wool skin naked pet loses a huge amount of moisture, so the sphinxes drink more and more common household rats, it is necessary to carefully monitor the filling of the troughs with clean drinking water.

Bald rat Sphinx takes up minimal space in the apartment, do not require specific conditions of detention or rare food unlike other exotic animals, and the level of intelligence and gullibility of people standing on the same stage with the oldest friends of mankind – the faithful dogs. It is human nature to care about our smaller brethren, and the appearance of pink naked rat many is the desire to hug and warm a little gentle pet. Affectionate animal will reciprocate his beloved master and become a loyal friend for the duration of his life.

Video: the bald rat Sphinx

Bald rats "Sphinx" — an amazing variety of fancy rats
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