Frequently asked questions about the care and maintenance of decorative rats

Some interesting facts fails to cover the thematic text, so this article focuses on the issues that the owners of the rats asked the most.

Looks like a pet rat

Appearance home rats did not undergo any great changes compared to its wild relatives.Elongated round head crowned with ears, eyes small and convex. The jawbone of a rat consists of 4 front incisors and molars. Different breeds of fancy rats differ in the structure of wool:

  • smooth;
  • thin and shiny;
  •  curly;
  • down.

There are animals without fur, for example, sphinxes and rodents with mixed cover. Colors can be solid or mixed. From grey and brown to orange and blue.

Hairless Sphynx — one of the varieties of rats

Rats breed Dumbo ears "sit" on top and below, like the elephants. As a result, the mutation came to light rats in which the tail is absent.

Smell do rats

Natural animal smell is not too strong, basic flavors give a excrement. It is considered that the stink Mature males, but it is not. Although males mark their territory, leaving odorous marks, some females can easily "beat". It all depends on the nature of your pet. There are many boys that choose a certain angle for the administration of natural needs and disorderly girls "recording" hammocks and the bars of the cage. The flavors in the cell of fancy rats depend on: the size of the room, "density of population", quality of litter, and most importantly, the frequency of cleaning.

Rats themselves do not smell nearly

To clean the home cage rats need at least 1 time a week. Daily wipe the shelves, change the water and wash the bowl out from under the wet food. "Signed" filler is better to remove immediately or to do it at least 1 time a day.

Important! Rats can not fill the pine litter!

Hammocks used as a toilet, it is necessary to wash 2-3 times a week.

If some family members do not like the pet, they will always smell animal

Finally get rid of the smell in the room almost impossible, but it is so light that the owners of animals often goes unnoticed. The sharp flavors you can launder household or baby soap, soda, shampoo for rodents. The soap solution should rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Important! Rats are sensitive to pungent odours.

Bite if rats

Bite, but very rarely. There are a number of cases where the rat may bite:

  • fear;
  • pain;
  • error. Animal trying to tooth, so the finger push through the lattice, can be taken as food;
  • puberty in males. With 5 months, the males can bite, trying to dominate;
  • pregnancy females. Pregnant and nursing female can bite, protecting offspring.
Rat bite rather than the bite

In almost all cases, blame the owner. Slightly biting from animals – a form of communication. Pet is trying to attract the attention of beloved owner.

Important! Physical punishment for biting – the biggest mistake: a rat can lose the credibility of the person.

In the case of domination, you can either flip the "bugger" on the back and hold it in this position, or to sprinkle it with water. It is usually enough to rid himself of the pet, or to terminate the game with him.

How to whittle down the teeth of a rat

Young healthy rats grind teeth independently on solid food and unsalted mineral stone. If you give a rodent a lot of soft food, he can ignore dry food. Mineral stones not everybody likes animals. Some people like chalk, and someone ignores these things. The "capricious" have to pick up hard objects to taste:

  • walnuts, hazelnuts or pine;
  • twigs of fruit trees;
  • special sticks from the pet store;
  • cooked chicken bones;
  • savoury dry biscuits.
Incisors grow all my life

You can give the rat for grinding teeth sink cuttlefish or dry dog food.
If the incisors have grown in, and the rat is hungry, urgent run to the doctor. He cut teeth, and the animal will be healthy. This operation can be done independently, but the first time trust the vet.

Why is the rat chewing on the cage

By its nature, the rat is supposed to chew on everything in its path. Cage is no exception. Many Pets do this at night, preventing sleep. Experience shows that the animal is more fun than trying to grind off the cutters. Rats chewing through the cage of boredom if animal one in it.

Most often these things nervous animals, but perfectly healthy individuals will not deny myself this pleasure. To teach your rat to chew on the cage is almost impossible, but something can be attempted:

  • put in a cage mineral stone, a twig, a piece of wood or biscuit before bedtime;
  • close the favorite place of "pogruzhenie" mineral stone and hang it between the bars of the branch;
  • move the cage to other objects with the animals that the animal was not bored.

To get several same-sex rats, then they are busy with their own relationships and perhaps will not touch the rods.

Why rats contain pairs

Rats are social animals. In the wild they live in flocks. Unlike single-hamsters, a rat needs to communicate with their own kind. Is it possible to keep a rat alone in the cage? Yes, but it needs close communication with the owner, otherwise it will miss.

Rats are pack animals

Fighting like a rat

To understand rats fighting or playing, you for consequences. If it came to blood and torn out hair – this is a fight, emotional screams and felting opponents on the floor – rather, the establishment of the hierarchy. In the rat pack is always the main and subordinate dominance behaviour may be expressed in the form of bites. A real fight rats can be among the males, if in a cage little space. Disassembly starts with 4-5 months until all roles will not be distributed. If hormones effect fatal, animals can be seated or neutered.

Fight or play

Is it possible to put a rat to an adult rat

Rat to 2 months to unseat both with males and with females, but there are nuances. Males are likely to be well accepted by the baby, but the problems begin in adulthood. Adult males should be a hierarchy of relations, and young rats are no exception. In the case of ladies, the difficulty will be when shares of a rat to a grown rat. "Girls" do not like strangers, even if they are kids. Will have to wait until the children are impregnated with the smell of old. When adoptees "will receive an official registration" from the ladies, then all will be calm.

If you need to settle baby to a lonely rat, it is better to have two

When old rats will go to the other world, the owner will be alone an animal. But if the old man does not take young, the two will be more fun in the next cell.

The order of intrusion of rats is this: if the kid needs to be put to elders, then pre-rinse the cage so that there was no smell of adults, and Vice versa, the Mature rat, getting into the territory of kids will behave modestly in foreign flavors. It is best to keep the rats on neutral territory.

How to walk a rat

From the range rats on the street should be abandoned: too dangerous: the animal can "catch" the infection on the ground or in the grass. Any noise can cause panic and the animal will run away. There is a category of Pets that calm feeling in his bosom. Such rodents can be out in the warm, without dropping them on the ground. However, it is best to carry Pets in carry.

The rat can walk only on the shoulder

Home leisure necessary to fence the paddock in a room with no wires and dangerous objects. You can release animals on the sofa or table, but make sure that they didn't fall.

The rats eat each other

Fed rodent does not eat with other dogs, cannibalism is not peculiar to rats. However, in the confined space of a pack of hungry animals eating each other.

At home it happens that the female eats the babies, but here we are talking about the stillborn or non-viable babies. It's not in hunger, and in the "cleaning" of a dead baby will start to decompose.

Home how to catch a rat

Sometimes clever rodents out of the cells and disappear. If this happens, not to panic. Should be to isolate the expected dislocation of the animal and begin the search. A rat climbing out of the cage, does not seek to go far, and hide in a familiar place. If she's warholesque to start a search from the top shelf and Vice versa worldly rat looking for a gap in the lower tier. Returns whether the decorative rat escaped? Sometimes hand beast out on the call of the master, but not much to count on.

A rat can hide in any crack

Important! To move things we have to be careful not to hurt the lurking animal.

You can use Pets but under strict control. Cat quickly finds the fugitive or specify its location. As an extreme option – use the "Ivanovka". You can leave the door of the cell open and put it in a liquid bait, such as yoghurt. Starving the beast will get out the smell, but to steal the treat will not. A rat ran from, complicate locks. Animals able to lift the door, and sometimes cope with a carabiner.

Like the rats being petted

Manual the animals gladly accept affection from owners, especially if they are not trying to lift them by the tail. To take up rat should have two hands: often, she climbs into the outstretched palm. To the rat liked, you have to stroke her head, scratch behind the ear and on the cheeks. The wild animal nice gentle touch to the shoulder and stroking the back in a direction "from the head". Some animals are trusted to the host scratching the abdomen, but not all. You can watch the social intercourse of rodentsto understand what they like.

Rats love affection

Can I carry rats on the plane

It is theoretically possible, but it is a troublesome thing:

  1. Find out whether you can take the rat by the rules of the airport.
  2. Find out whether carries rat your carrier.
  3. For 3 days take bespravno on rodent.
  4. Before registering, go through the vet control at the airport.

Don't forget the laws of another country, let there animal. It can be carried only in the cabin, Luggage compartment, it will not stand. Don't miss the rat through the scanner, it will hurt her. Do not open the rat carrier on the plane. It can only feed through the bars.

The rats reluctantly allowed on the plane

Problems are solved easier if you can negotiate with the crew.

Can rats jump

Yes, I can. A rat can jump 30-40 cm in height in a relaxed state. Emergency rodent are able to "fly" up to 80 cm was delivered a record jump of more than 2m.

Why a rat eats your feces

Usually this sin rats, maternal feces eating. The female produces a special substance to help children move on to adult food. Eating poop, the child receives the necessary bacteria to digest new food.

Sometimes a rat is eating its droppings, that's okay too, grow up – stop. If the process was delayed, you can take fecal tests on the content of the protozoa.

Why rat piss on your hands

Favorite, not so much wrote, as marks of the owner, and that's fine. Like dogs, rodents should "stake out" their territory, including the owner and his things. The label is different from writing the volume of urine: to indicate the ownership of enough drops.


Rats often labeled hands

Rat "says" people, if they are impregnated with the sharp smell: perfume or detergents. To teach your rat to aim virtually impossible. Young males can be castrated, but this is also not a 100% guarantee.

Frequently asked questions about the care and maintenance of decorative rats
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