Homemade toys and fun for fancy rats

Active and playful rats should be given a lot of time and attention or the pet may get bored and even depressed.On the rope at equal intervals tie a knot and attach it to the shelf;

  • delight the little animal hanging from the ceiling of the cell "garland tasty", which is made from strung on a long string of treats;
    • will not give the rats to play with the thumb or a bell on a long chain that is fastened to the shelf or the bars of the cage;
    • the hanging bridge to the rodent it is possible to make out a bamboo Mat for making sushi rolls and;

    Important: rats are any objects and toys try "to the tooth", so the accessories should not be varnished or contain chemicals.

    Interesting ideas for homemade toys for rodents you will find in the article "Toys for hamster with your hands".

    How to equip rats zone games

    Allow tailed dogs to roam freely throughout the apartment it is not advisable as rats often spoil furniture and chewing on wires. But keeping animals in a cage all the time is also impossible, because animals need to move and run. Therefore, the best option is the redevelopment of a Playground in which rats will be able to frolic in plenty.

    Green lawn

    Its own Park with grassy thickets will become a home for rats a great gift, and they will be happy to spend all my free time. For its production will need a large wooden or plastic tray with a low side, earth and seeds for planting (oats or wheat).

    • prepared a box half filled with clean earth which shall not contain chemicals and fertilizers;
    • in soil planted seeds and watered them for weeks;
    • when the seeds germinate, the lawn for rats is ready and you can run it in animals.

    In this Park the animals are a delight to play, setting up each other hunt in the thickets of grass and digging in the ground in search of edible roots.


    Alternative earthen lawn can be a tray with fine-grained sand, which scatters toys for rats, for example, balls, small wooden figures, or caps from plastic bottles. To be interested in animals a makeshift sandpit it also can put a favorite treat animals.

    Rat hay

    Digging in a box filled with hay, also takes rodents a lot of joy and will be for small Pets ' favorite pastime.

    Make a barn for rats is extremely simple: for this purpose you will need a large cardboard box, hay and favorite treats animals.

    1. In the box cut a few holes at different levels, so that animals could easily squeeze them;
    2. Box completely fill a clean, dry hay;
    3. In the hayloft "hide" pieces of apples, carrots or slices of oatmeal cookies;
    4. A box top duct tape, then offer the Pets to explore their new design.

    Rats will excitedly look for the ins and outs of the box and dig in the hay, looking for treats.

    Important: fillers for playgrounds should be purchased in specialized stores. Earth from the garden, river sand and hay harvested for cattle, not suitable for this purpose.

    Water attraction for Pets

    In the summer heat for fancy rats can be a fun entertainment, inviting them to splash in the pool with the peas. As the pool will fit a wide metal basin, deep bowl or plastic tray with a convex bottom. Selected capacity fill with warm water and throw the frozen peas (or corn, if the rats love them).

    Catching grains of water will be for rodents not only fun, but also helps keep you cool on a hot day. And in order to do this activity more fun, you can lean on external edges of a makeshift pool ladders, by which animals will be raised to the water.

    Video: water fun for rats in the heat

    Rat football

    Watching the fuss tailed Pets, owners often notice how the rats are driven across the cell pellets from the feed or raisins using them as balls. So why not to arrange their Pets football championship, giving them the opportunity to feel like real football players? Especially this game will be relevant, if the cell contained several rats. Animals are accepted with enthusiasm to Tinker with a ball, rolling it around the cage, and trying each other's to take away.

    As a soccer ball for rats can be used:

    • balls for ping-pong;
    • walnuts or hazelnuts;
    • balls of foil or paper;
    • small round skeins of thread, wrapped in duct tape.

    Mazes for rats

    One of the most favorite activities of the rats is research and study everything new and unusual. Therefore, the best gift for tailed Pets, than a maze or a tunnel, with obstacles and hidden inside the treats you can imagine. This accessory can be purchased at the pet store, and you can make your own from scrap materials.

    The maze of plastic bottles

    1. You need to take a few bottles, preferably of different size;
    2. The neck and lower part of the bottles is cut with a sharp knife so the edges were smooth.
    3. Cut edges it is better to wrap the tape or duct tape to rat about them not hurt;
    4. Each bottle make a hole, given the size of the animal;
    5. Bottle connect with each other in the form of the letter T, to make a convoluted maze.

    The more bottles used, the longer and more interesting work the maze.

    Video: how to make a maze for rats from plastic bottles

    A maze of cardboard boxes

    The box is also perfect for creating a rat maze. In boxes of different sizes penetrate the inputs and outputs and stack them on top of each other. To make this construction more stable, fasten the boxes together with double sided sticky tape.

    Important: the tailed pet will be more interesting and exciting to explore the maze if the owner will put treats rodent.

    Tunnel of sewer pipes

    If after repair there was a plastic pipe, along with tees and elbows, you can easily turn them into a maze for rats.

    For this purpose, the pipe band at different angles to make a multi-way tunnel.

    Intellectual entertainment for rats

    Cheer the rat can not only active, but also to offer it to solve the puzzle.

    For this purpose, use a matchbox or a plastic container from the "kinder surprise".

    In the box or container placed treats to pet, close and handed him the rodent.

    To observe how the animal tries to find a way to access the contents of the gift and get to the treats will bring genuine pleasure to the owner.

    Video: how to make a toy for rats with his hands

    Cooperative play with a rat

    Even providing a small pet with a variety of toys, do not forget that a rodent will never refuse to play with her beloved owner. To make a toy for playing together with Pets is easy – just bind the rustling of a wrapper from a candy to a string and give the rat an opportunity for her to run. Most of the rats chasing wrapper, like the kittens and the owners even take photos of their Pets during this fun game.

    To play with animals and his own hand closer to the rat's fingers and pushing them back. The creature will watch the movements of the fingers of the owner and after some time you will be throwing them after him, squealing with delight.

    Any toy for rats, made by hand or purchased at the store will help the pet to have fun and have fun, but can not completely replace communication with the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to pay a small rodent sufficient attention and attention, because only then the animal will feel satisfied and happy.

    Homemade toys and fun for fancy rats
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