How to bathe a rat in decorative home

Rats are cleanliness and themselves closely monitoring their own health.It can survive afloat for up to 72 hours. In their natural habitat Pasyuk able to dive and hunt under water.

For hygienic purposes Pasyuk not use water. They prefer dry cleaning methods using sand, grooming and teeth. These rodents tend not to frolic in the water without practical intentions.

Among the ornamental species are such that swimming is a pleasure. Accustomed to water the animals quietly bathing. Many Pets, on the contrary, resist and seek to escape.

Is it possible to bathe pet rats

Disputes can wash the rat meeting on the discussion forums. There is a popular misconception that for rodent bathing is contraindicated and dangerous. Water treatments can harm the animal only if you hold them too often, or not to take precautions.

Wash pet rats required:

  • if the pet is dirty that it can not be eaten;
  • after a long stay in a dirty cell;
  • when the rodent untidy and not caring for himself;
  • when elimination of parasites;
  • 2-3 days before the exhibition.

In other cases, the animal can do without, namely the pelvis. Rodents can easily cope with domestic pollution themselves.

You need to remember:

  • do rodents have a predisposition to respiratory diseases;
  • unseasoned wool, cold water, drafts can contribute to the common cold;
  • getting water in the ears is the cause of otitis media;
  • frequent use of detergents disrupt the natural protection of the skin, leading to dryness, scabies and affects the quality of wool.

To wash a rat in the home is quite troublesome. Not accustomed to water the pet will break free and spin, making it difficult to precautions. So if spicy is not necessary, better to do a simple cleaning methods. Bathing fancy rats more than two times a month is not recommended.

Grooming in rats

Grooming is called a natural form of interaction between animals in the pack. Wykonywanie and licking each other helps the rodents to take care of hair and improves blood circulation.

At home, the rat can be combed with a special comb, or a toothbrush with soft bristles. To pet is not distracted by the tool, and the owner was more comfortable — the handle should be cut.

The soft effect of the bristles like rats. The process is associated with maternal care and attention fellow. Particularly useful procedure brings the rodent who lives alone.

How to wash a rat tail

Even clean animals do not pay enough attention to the condition of his tail. This is especially true for males. The tail is involved in the heat transfer body of the rat, so in hot weather, dirt and dead skin flakes it is advisable to wash off. The same procedure is carried out before the exhibitions. Brush rat tail can water.

You need to prepare:

  • a container of water at room temperature;
  • cotton pads;
  • a toothbrush with soft bristles;
  • baby cream without chemical additives and a sharp odor;
  • safe shampoo;
  • a dry cloth.

Before the procedure, dirt and dead skin flakes to soak. For weak impurities enough water. Otherwise, the capacity will have to add a few drops of shampoo and mix well.

Step-by-step cleaning:

  1. The tail of the wet mortar with a cotton swab. Heavy contamination require treatment to 10 minutes.
  2. Toothbrush without pressing hold from the base to the tip. Aggressive mechanical action is unacceptable as it leads to damage to the skin.
  3. After cleaning with clean water to remove any residual dirt and soap solution.
  4. The tail is wiped dry with a cloth and moisten baby cream.

If the first attempt failed to clear the procedure can be repeated a few days later. To encourage patience pet, after manipulation, it is desirable to buy him a treat.

Video how to wash a rat tail

How to bathe a rat at home

To the first swim went quiet need to provide a comfortable environment for your pet. To hold the event preferably in a familiar environment to the animal. Water is better to dial down the wash to the sound of running water didn't scare the animal. To bathe a rat is faster and more convenient if all the necessary to prepare in advance. To avoid scratches to the owner is to protect the clothing.

Wash needs:

  • 2 containers of warm water;
  • special shampoo;
  • 2 towels.

Instead of sponges, you can take a soft cloth. Without skill it is not necessary to use brushes and sponges to clean up the rat. There is a possibility of accidentally hurting the animal, or cause him pain.

The water depth in the tank should be such that the rodent was comfortable to stand on four legs is approximately 5 cm in the Temperature range of 30-35 degrees. If the hand is not a thermometer, is verified by the elbow. The water should be slightly warm, but not hot.

Correct way to wash a rat so:

  • pet put into one of the trays. Wool moistened with caution taking care that no water gets into the ear canal;
  • special shampoo froth in your hand and with fingertips massage with fur;
  • after transplanted into the second tank and thoroughly wash off the shampoo with clean water.

Under running water wash the rat is acceptable only if it mired in the poisonous substance. After that the pet should show the vet.

Running water, or stream from the container rinse can get into the ear canal of a rodent that contributes to otitis. The ears of rats add up when she dives voluntarily. If water is poured suddenly, the pet does not have time to Orient and take security measures.

Additional attention should be paid to the ears of the rats kind of Dumbo. They are located on the head a little lower than others, so the chance of moisture above.

Video how to wash a rat

How to wash a rat, if she's afraid of water

To accustom the rat to the water can, if purposefully doing this. It is recommended to start with games under the supervision of the owner. In the saucer pour a little water and allow the rodent to freely familiarize themselves with the new environment. Hair can be slightly wet hand. After the pet is treated to a delicacy, to generate positive associations.

Fear of rats may be associated not with water but with the circumstances of bathing. The new environment, the noise of the tap, the loud shouts of the man inspire the rodent alarm.

If the rat is afraid of water may need the help of an assistant. Bathing it is better to choose clothes with long sleeves to avoid scratches.

If the contamination is not significant and apparent need to wash the rat no, you can do the cleaning with a cotton swab. It soaked in warm water and gently treated coat of the pet.

Video how to teach your rat to water

Shampoo for rats

Than to wash the rat — a separate issue. For bathing, you cannot use ordinary shampoos and Soaps. Care products for humans contains chemicals that can cause the rodent diseases and skin problems.

Best to buy a special shampoo for rodents. In a pinch you can use a dishwashing kittens. To give preference to better means with a faint odor, or complete lack of it.

Some kresowaty use a mild baby shampoo for bathing the pet. This can be done only after careful consideration of the whole.

How to bathe a rat in decorative home
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