What to do if a rat bites a decorative

Decorative rat — a peaceful creature unwilling to aggression.Spanking, flicks on the nose and other corporal punishment is unacceptable. The rat will perceive them as a threat. The connection between his actions and the retaliatory actions of the owner she didn't understand.

Why rat bite

Stay with the person does not correct the genetic characteristics of the species. Rodents in their natural habitat are widely used biting for communication.

A rat can hurt unknowingly, showing sympathy for her usual way.

Human skin is not protected by hair and sensitive, and a natural peaceful habits of the animal are painful. To understand why, you need to consider the physical and emotional state of the animal, the nature and circumstances.

The values of the bites:

  • expression of interest — light tingling teeth;
  • desire to cuddle — wykonywanie like grooming companion;
  • an attempt to show who's the boss — aggressive grooming in a natural environment of rats used, to indicate its dominant position;
  • attract attention — a sudden single noticeable bite, the pet went himself;
  • invitation to the game — after being bitten, the animal runs away, looks back, back again;
  • warning — sharp bite in response to your actions may hurt tailed;
  • sign of fear — the animal is alarmed, rushing or trying to hide, inconsistent breathing.

If the nature of your pet has changed, it became more biting, to avoid hand — the cause may be physiological processes. Not to develop a habit, a difficult period it is better to wait and not to provoke the animal.

Puberty in rats occurs at 5-7 months. The body changes, hormonal changes. At this age males start to defend their place in the team and territory. Biting, hissing, the snorting, the tendency to asceticism in this period is a natural stage of growing up.

Females changing behavior often seen during pregnancy and care of offspring. The instincts of the mother are exacerbated, increased sensitivity. Careless movement can cause the pet pain or cause anxiety, even if the same actions did not bother him. Females protect offspring from the slightest threat, so can strongly bite the hand if it is too close to the pups.

How to wean a rat biting

Decorative rat can grow biting if her childhood was treated rudely, or ignored completely. To avoid the consolidation of negative patterns, crisologo need to act consciously and sensitively.

Prevention of aggression:

  • the first days in the new house rodent must spend alone — he needs time to adjust;
  • treats and fingers cannot slip through the bars of the cage, this is the door;
  • it is advisable to devote time daily to play with the animals;
  • increased noise level can cause anxiety for the pet, the house should be build away from the sound sources;
  • the rat is forbidden to train causing her pain.

Unreasonable attempts to bite from domesticated rodent necessary to firmly suppress. If the rat overworked and have not calculated force enough to drive her away. The animal will quickly realize that such behavior has no owner to contact.

Experienced kresowaty actively use a spray bottle to correct the behavior of the pet. When you try to bite should immediately sprinkle with a bully water.

Between rats indicate his supremacy, turning the opponent on his back and holding in that position. The method can be applied for training, but with caution. The animal will escape, bite and if to lose him — he will consider himself master of the situation and the territory.

What to do if a pet rat has bitten to the blood

Long and slender teeth of a rodent leaving a deep wound, which quickly tightened the edges. Because of this, the blood does not have time to wash the germs trapped inside. This increases the likelihood of inflammation and complications.

If bitten by a pet rat, a hospital visit is not necessary. To prevent unpleasant consequences from a wound to squeeze blood. Then carefully treated with hydrogen peroxide, or other antiseptic. The victim should focus on their health within two to three days.

Symptoms that have to visit a doctor:

  • strong inflammation of the wound;
  • muscle pain, or headaches;
  • fever.

Bite home rats faces dangerous diseases when the pet is vaccinated and is contained in the relevant conditions. Without calling the doctor and hospital visits can be dispensed with, if the anxiety symptoms the victim is not seen.

What to do if a rat bites a decorative
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