How can you play with a rat

Decorative rat – an unusually curious and agile rodent.Pet rat loves to be naughty and have fun with people, this pet receives the necessary motor load, exploring new territory and enjoying the attention of beloved master, and You a lot of pleasure from communicating with an intelligent and affectionate animal.

Important!!! Pet rat needs a daily walk and play outside the cage for at least two hours a day under the supervision of the owner.

How to play with the rats

Active games and walks must be safe for your home rodent, it is necessary:

  • to prevent access by the animal during the games, to open Windows, doors, ventilation, slits, wires, houseplants, garbage, other Pets;
  • cover furniture with contrasting cloth so as not to lose active rodent;
  • not to raise the decorative rat high and not to step on it to exclude fractures of the thin bones of an animal;
  • not to pull the animal's tail while playing in order to avoid aggressive reactions.

Decorative rats are very fond of the warmth of human hands and playing with his master, quickly accustomed to humans and begin to trust him infinitely.

What you can play with your rat at home

Decorative cage rats should be equipped with various shelves, ladders, wheels, wooden toys, the animal was able to frolic and play. Especially pet rodents, they love the tunnels and hammocksin which to Potter about all day, and sleep.

Can be put in a cage with a plastic ball on a table tennis, a rat for a long time will love to chase it around the cage.

Outside the cage to entertain the rat in various active games:


Decorative rats love to hunt for rustling a candy wrapper or a ball attached to rope or thick thread. Move the rope around the pet, it will be fun to ride and attack on the wrapper.


You can arrange a session of wrestling your pet, the enemy will become your brush. Move your fingers across the floor, imitating a living creature. Animal definitely interested and will take part in the match.


You can build tunnels out of plastic bottles, towers and shelters from cardboard boxes with holes for passages of the animal.

Hide and seek

Rats love to hide and a long time to go through thrown on the floor or sofa towel or blanket, periodically sticking out from under his curious face. You can also put the animal in his bosom, the rat would be happy to climb under a jacket or Bathrobe.


You can bury treats or a favorite food under rags or hide in a box, a pet will be hard to find him.


Rats are very intelligent animals and quickly learn to perform a variety of simple tricks: jump through a Hoop or between the chairs, bring small items to spin in the Hoop. These games bring together the owner and the pet, don't forget to encourage rodent treats during training.


Some rats love to swim, you can fill any basin for 5 cm of warm water and build the island from the inverted container. After water procedures it is necessary to wipe dry the fur of the pet, rodents are prone to colds.

How to play with the pups

Small rats are very suspicious and fearful, not worth it immediately after purchase to try to play with the rodent, you will only scare him. Let the kid get comfortable in the unfamiliar environment, kindly, softly communicate with him and offer treats from the hand. When the rat is a little used, wear it in hands around the room, allow them to run on the sofa, play with your stuff. So the animal will remember your smell and voice, will consider them family.

Little rat loves to crawl in the bosom of the host, in the sleeves of jackets or coat. Kid feels the familiar scent, he was comfortable from the heat of the human body, and not scary in a new environment. Pet will stick his nose out of the neckline or sleeves, it is desirable in these moments, gently talk to the baby and stroke it.

The first study room like a small rodent will be cautious. Put him on the Islands, lay on the floor of the house or your belongings, in which the animal can hide and rest.

The baby will quickly get used to new home and would be happy to play with You.

How to tickle a rat

It turns out that decorative rats, like humans, ticklish, due to similar brain structure. Our pet rodents react to touching the sides, feet and stomach is very touching: it's funny intermittently squeak like laughing, waving their legs start to jump. Different individuals point of tickling may differ, some individuals do not react to touch.

Rats are very responsive, smart and loyal creatures. Remember, You are her best toy. Love your Pets, caress it, and often play with little friends.

Video: how to train a rat

How can you play with a rat
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