Haircut rat claws

The need for the procedure of nail trimming clear in relation to domestic cats and dogs.So the claws are a vital tool for animals, helping them to make the range of complex actions. But each owner is familiar with painful thin scratches that you can obtain when you try to wash a rat or just letting it climb on his shoulder. Grown sharp nails make communication with a pet rather unpleasant.

Nail clipping is also necessary to maintain the health of the animal. The claws of rats grow continuously, under natural conditions Stacijas at movement on various hard surfaces. In the home this natural method is not feasible, so they can grow back, even twist, causing injury to the animal. A common problem is the curvature of the fingers due to the fact that the animal cannot correctly put foot. Also because of his acute tips exotic cat often scratching its skin to the blood or cause injury to other inhabitants of the cell.

IMPORTANT: No less significant a problem can be a daily walk animal long claws easily cling to the fibers of any soft surface (carpet or blanket). This often leads to the fact that the animal breaks the claw while running, getting painful, dangerous injury.

How to cut the claws of the rat

For this procedure, you need to buy at the store nail clipper or special cutters. If the animal trusts you, spend cut simply even in the absence of experience. Whenever possible, you should ask for help in the home, it will be much easier if a second person hold the animal. Then follow these steps:

  • rat claws are not retracted and are located at the ends of the fingers, so they are easy to capture in Curling kohereza;
  • do not hurt the adjacent fingers, spread them slightly pushing down on the foot;
  • you should trim the very tip, where does not reach a blood vessel (usually easy to see because most of the rats claws transparent);
  • if you cut a large enough piece, it is better to use nail file and gently bring to a desired length;
  • if the animal jerked and you failed complied with the cut, you need to stop the bleeding with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

IMPORTANT: For cutting also suitable nail scissors, which we used to trim the nails. Claw rats are very thin on the end, so it's very easy to cut with sharp blades. But if the scissors are blunt, very high risk to hurt the animal or cause pain.

Therefore it is better to use coteries — this tool allows you to perform the incision immediately and very accurately, and the animal will not feel anything.

Haircut rat claws
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