The choice of filler for a household rat

Ensure cleanliness in the cell – problem for all owners of rodents.Small particles and dust cause inflammation of the mucous membrane, sneezing and General malaise.

Filler sawdust


Wood chips of deciduous trees is the best option among wood fillers. It is not dusty, does not cause allergies, not traumatic for the rodent.

The wood filler sliver

However, older and heavier individuals, predisposed to the foot to me, feel uncomfortable.

Pressed wood pellets

They have a high hygroscopicity is a big plus. But when wet they turn into dust, irritating the mucous membranes of the animal. Stepping on dry granules, pet is injured.

Wood granular filler

Vegetable fillers

These include: hay, cotton, flax and corn fillers, hemp mulch and grass pellets.


Dry grass absorbs water poorly, traumatic for the eyes of the animal. The dust on it causes inflammation of the lining of the eyes and nose. The parasite's eggs in the hay can become a problem to the health of the pet.

Filler hay

Cotton filler

It not traumatic, hygroscopic, non-toxic, although sometimes causes the Allergy.

Cotton filler

Flax pellets and fire

This filler is hygroscopic and holds scent inside, though wet pellets turn into dust and dust, and in solid form traumatic.

The fire caught the sharp blades that can cause injury rodent. Increased dustiness provokes rhinitis. But here the role played by firm-manufacturer.

Filler linseed pellets

What filler is best for young pups

Corn litter for rats is crushed by the shafts of corn. It is:

  • the fine fraction;
  • the coarse fraction;
  • granulated.

If krysova thought than you can replace sawdust, a variant of corn filler fine fraction will be optimal.


Corn filling: fine fraction and granular

Filler coarse fraction produces less dust than small. It does not injure the skin of Pets, so fits best.

Herbal granules

They are hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, but like all the pellets turn to mush when wet. It helps the foot to me and cause respiratory diseases.

Filler herbal pellets for rats

Hemp fire

It is non toxic and safe, has no negative impact on the mucosa of rodents. The disadvantage is the inaccessibility in our country. Replace the fire can be garden mulch.

Filler hemp fire

Paper fillers

Here there are:

  • Newspapers and magazines;
  • office paper;
  • cellulose;
  • paper towels (napkins).


Printed in rat cells contraindicated the printing ink is harmful to the animals.

Office paper

Plain paper for office has low hygroscopicity and does not retain odor. The edges of the sheets will hurt the paws of animals. But torn in long strips of office paper rats for nest building.


Cellulosic granules do not rattle, does not injure animals, hygroscopic. But they are hard to cover exactly the entire surface of the floor. Cellulose filler is recommended to use additionally with the other, pouring the second layer.

Pulp filler

Paper litter for rats (napkins, towels)

The disadvantages of napkins and towels are fragility, low hygroscopicity, not the ability to hold scent. Because of this, the cage should be two to three times a day to clean.
But hypoallergenic wipes are great for nursing females and young pups.

Inorganic fillers

These include disposable diapers and silica gel (mineral) fillers.

Disposable diapers

Them firmly fixed on the shelves and floor of the cell, then there will be clean and dry. You cannot use litter for rats in cages, where the animals love to chew on litter: small material particles clog the respiratory tract of animals.

Disposable diapers

Silica gel and mineral fillers

They are used in cells with fallstrom minimum height of 5 cm injected into the esophagus of the silica gel leads to the death of the animal.

Silica gel filler

Comparative table fillers for rats

The type of filler Pros Cons The price per litre ( € )
Wood chips Harmless, doesn't hurt feet Low hygroscopicity 5
Sawdust Not injure, not poisonous Allergy, inflammation 2-7
Wood chips of deciduous trees No dust, not traumatic Low hygroscopicity 2
Wood pellets Absorbs moisture Injure paws, wet, turning to mush 28
Hay Not poisonous, hypoallergenic Poorly absorbs moisture, does not retain odor, traumatic 2-4
Cotton Not traumatic, it absorbs moisture Sometimes cause allergies 4
Flax pellets Hygroscopic, keep smell When wet turn into dust, in a dry — traumatic prices vary
Flax fire Hypoallergenic Dustiness, traumatic prices vary
Corn Hypoallergenic, hygroscopic Granules travmatichny 25-50
Herbal granules Hypoallergenic Traumatic, wet, turns to mush 30
Hemp fire Safe Hard to find in our country 9
Paper napkins Hypoallergenic, safe Do not absorb water and quickly become useless 40
Pulp Hygroscopic, harmless, Bars smell bad, does not lie exactly 48
Disposable diapers Hypoallergenic When razgryzaniya possible from entering the respiratory tract (1 piece) 12
Silica gel Hygroscopic Poisonous, very dangerous 52
The choice of filler for a household rat
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