Accessories for rats: a drinking bottle, wheel, carrying, and clothes

The shelves of pet stores offer various products for rodents, ranging from the necessary attributes, such as cages, feeders and waterers to the subjects, which are designed to make the content of your pet comfortable and cozy, for example, houses, hammocks and even clothing.Are all these items also build, design, and extent and which of them to chose depends on personal preference of the owner.


Ceramic or glass bowls

Beautiful to look at, but impractical. The water in such drinking bowls should be changed several times a day, because drinking can get leftover food, grain filling or feces of rodents, whereby the fluid becomes a perfect environment for bacterial growth. In addition, in the time of trouble rodents often overturn the bowl of water, and the owner has to make an unscheduled cleaning of the cells to replace wet litter. These waterers can be used for milk or yogurt, removing them immediately after the animal drinks.

Nipple drinker

Very convenient, is a plastic or glass container with a spout located at the bottom, in which water is pumped. This accessory set from the outside of the cage so that the spout is caught between the sections and the animal can drink clean water whenever you want.



Ball waterers

No less popular among the owners of rodents and ball feeder for the rats, whose operation is arranged on the same lines, and nipple drinkers. The only difference between these items is that in place of the spout ballpoint drinkers is a metal tube with a movable ball inside. Water droplets dripping from the tube when the animal moves ball language.


Important: change the water in the troughs should not be less than two or three times a week, and the capacity to be rinsed once every seven days with warm water without using household chemicals.

To learn how to make a bowl with your hands recommended reading the article "How to make a drinking bowl for your hamster".

Wheel for rats

Being agile and active animals, rats are always in motion, exploring the surrounding objects and things. And many owners in addition to the ladders and labyrinths placed in their cage and running wheel. And run the rats in a wheel and whether this accessory tailed Pets?

Unlike chinchillas and hamsters, rats rarely use the Jogging wheel on purpose and prefer it to sleep or even ignore this item. But even in that case, if the animal is not averse to run in the wheel, it should be remembered that the accessories designed for hamsters, rats are not appropriate and may even harm the pet. Running wheel for rats should be.

Spacious enough

Wheel to choose such size that the animal it fits, and the back of the rodent curved while running.


Running wheel for rats should be a solid design with no partitions and partitions that can be stuck on the foot or tail of the animal, which could lead to damage and even fracture.


For tailed rodents it is better to choose an accessory made of wood or metal, not plastic. Plastic wheels are very light and fragile and rat running it can hit the wall and get injured.

Walking the ball for rats

In specialized shops offering everything for the rats, the seller often recommends that owners of tailed Pets buy walking ball. The sellers claim that this accessory animal will be able to walk freely around the apartment, without damaging surrounding objects.

But, most rats do not show any desire to run in a ball, and some rodents are even experiencing panic while trying to put them in the accessory.

The fact is that unlike other rodents, rats are curious, you need to not only move, but to get acquainted with their surroundings, to sniff different things and even try them "to the tooth". And, moving to the ball, the pet will not be able to satisfy their curiosity, owing to which the animals quickly lose interest.

Do not forget that decorative rats are afraid of closed spaces. If you lock the animal in a tight ball, the creature decides that he is trapped, and will try any way to get out of there. So absolutely can not force to place tailed pet in a ball, in the hope that he will get accustomed to this method of movement, as this will cause the animal severe fright and cause stress.

If the owner did decide to purchase this accessory for your small pet, it should be remembered that the ball for rats should have small openings for access of air to the animal suffocated.

If you want to make your pet's life more fun, use the tips and recommendations from our material about homemade toys and entertainment.

Device for rats

Sometimes there is the need to transport the pet, for example, the animal need to take to the vet, to visit with him for a show or just to bring to the country. For such cases it is advisable to purchase a special carrier to make the trip of the animal as comfortable as possible.

Carrying for rats are a container made of opaque plastic with hinged lid. On the sides of the container or on the cover have longitudinal vents to supply oxygen. Some carrying equipped with a feeder to a rodent could way to eat.

Choosing a pet carrier for the rats, remember:

  • this accessory should be roomy and spacious, especially if it is planned to transport several Pets;
  • preference is desirable to give carry with side slits for ventilation, as they have better air circulation and will not have to worry that the rat suffocates;
  • the container must be made of durable and solid plastic material to the animal is not able to chew a hole in it and run;
  • the freight for rats is always a stress and animal fear often begins to defecate, so the bottom of the carrying it is not necessary to cover with cloth or paper to pet sat on a wet Mat;
  • conveying rodent in the cold season, a bag needs to be put in a fabric bag, as rats can easily catch a cold;

Important: to be used for transportation of the animal is not a cardboard box. In this homemade carry the animal not only can gnaw through the gap, but also suffocate from lack of oxygen.

Clothing for rats

Some of the famous designers of the times presented their collection of fashionable clothes for cats and dogs. And the American designer of clothes for animals Ada News decided to surprise the public and created a unique collection of outfits for rodents. Clothing for rats aroused great interest among the lovers of these animals and many owners were willing to shell out a considerable sum for a suit or dress for your beloved pet.

In the collection of Ada News were presented:

  • lush and colorful skirts for the tailed female fashionistas the way;
  • luxury evening dresses, embroidered with feathers and Swarovski crystals;
  • tuxedos and tuxedos for the men;
  • colorful vests with harnesses and leashes;
  • warm suits for rats, designed for walking in cold season;
  • wedding outfits for the marriage ceremony.

Clothing for household pests is gaining popularity, but the enterprising American is confident that its innovation will get unprecedented success, and soon most of the owners will be happy to dress their little darlings in a variety of outfits.

Products for rats will help to diversify the life of a rodent and make his home cozy and comfortable. But before you offer the animal a new toy or accessory for exercise, you must make sure that these things are safe and harmless to the animal.

Accessories for rats: a drinking bottle, wheel, carrying, and clothes
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