Accustom the rat to walk in the tray

Many owners wonder how to teach your rat to the toilet.Decorative rat different intellectual abilities, respond well to training, so they are fairly easy to teach to go in the tray.

The methods of teaching

Rats clean animals, therefore, are usually able to choose a permanent place for urinating (most often it is the corner of the cell). The owner only have to put a special plastic or ceramic container that you can buy at the pet store. Toilet for rats it is also possible to do yourself — just take a small container with sides made of plastic or other washable material. Not to scare the rat strange smell in a new toilet, add a bit of used litter. First, the need to observe the animal, encouraging each use of the tray by appointment with the Goodies.

Open tray

Tray closed type

It so happens that the animal goes to the toilet each time in a new place. Even in this case, to accustom the rat to the tray is possible, if you have patience:

  1. Before installing the toilet is removed from the cell filler — you can replace it with cloth or paper).
  2. Space of the cage is thoroughly washed and disinfected to remove the smell.
  3. In the container of the toilet is filled with a mixture of new and used filler.
  4. Launch the animal in the cage, immediately directing to the tray — if the rat will use the toilet, give her a treat.

The following days will have to follow the animal, put it on the tray and not to forget to encourage. Because of its cleverness even adults rats pretty quickly learn new rules. To facilitate the process of habituation can also use special sprays to toilet training.


An important factor is also filling the tray. If the training went successfully, you can use the same material that serves as the primary bedding in the cage — for example, sawdust. You can also use a specially designed mineral, cellulose or corn. These fillers are available in the form of granules that quickly absorb liquid and eliminate the appearance of a sharp odor. To accustom the rat to the tray and use a special filler will make the care of the animal quick and simple.

Accustom the rat to walk in the tray
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