Cage for rats with his hands

In pet stores offer a wide selection of cages for rats.With self-manufacturing one can find a suitable design, to make sure that the pet will live in a comfortable and safe environment. Correctly chosen materials will help to save money and get a durable, comfortable cell at low cost.

On the first stage of the cells necessary to determine the model of the cell

Drawings and dimensions

Before undertaking the manufacture of cages for pet, it is necessary to choose a suitable project, to make calculations, draw up the drawing. The Internet is easy to find a variety of models cells, structures which could provide a basis for the work. Rats well jump, climb the walls of the wire, so makeshift cells usually are multi-storey. The amount and type of construction depend directly on the number of tailed residents.

For one or two animals minimum size of dwelling shall be 60x40 cm at base, 60-100 cm in height. If you plan the contents of the boys, you can make a wider, low cage. Males are calm and sociable, they seldom rise above 2-3-th floor of the cage, preferring to climb on the shoulder of the owner. Rat -girl is timid, more mobile, less willing to contact with people, but I love to get high, so for them, the more comfortable will be high cage of 4-5 floors.

Dimensional drawing vertical cell with the floors

Independent production also gives the opportunity to think carefully about the internal arrangement of dwelling rat.

Designated areas for ladders, houses, gamachu, benches will help to ensure the animal is comfortable conditions and moving quickly between floors. Pre-select places where they will be placed door — this will facilitate cleaning will help to catch a pet and will allow you to access a sick animal.

As a drip tray you can purchase a plastic container in the store

Materials and tools

Often as a material for a homemade cells choose wood. Planks, plywood or chipboard are cheap, easy to handle, safe for animals, durable enough. Cage for rats with his hands, quickly made from old furniture — Cabinet or shelf. But for the maintenance of rat-tree, still not the best choice. These animals are very active eats walls and partitions, and because of the peculiarities in the structure of the material perfectly absorbs odors.

Therefore, the best option would be a cage of metal bars or mesh. Galvanized or coated with a durable enamel metal resistant to corrosion, and are also continually exposed rat teeth. To assemble the parts of the cage will need a soldering iron, you can also connect them with a flexible aluminum wire. To work you will also need tools:

  • a tape measure, ruler, markers;
  • pliers, wire cutters;
  • metal shears;
  • hammer;
  • file.

An important part of the design is the tray — it needs to be waterproof and give a good cleaning with detergents. You can pick up ready-made plastic tray of the right size or make it yourself out of PVC sheets. For sealing joints will need silicone glue. All the necessary materials and tools can be purchased at the hardware store. To perform work with a metal mesh and a wire is also better to buy thick gloves.

The size of the metal mesh should be chosen so that the rat could not climb

How to make a cage for rats with his hands

After making the drawing, you must prepare the work area. To make the frame in two ways — bending the metal mesh or cutting out parts for further bonding. To perform the work necessary on a solid surface which is protected from damage and scratches:

  1. When deciding how to bend the mesh, drawing is performed in a single sweep. After moving all of the dimensions of the detail is cut with shears, from marked fold line.
  2. For smooth bending rigid mesh to put her on the edge of the concrete slab or stone pad, top to pin the Board and perform successive blows with a hammer along the edge at the marked fold lines.
  3. To assemble the cell from individual parts, they cut the snips in accordance with the drawing. All sharp edges processed with a file so that the pet could get hurt.
  4. Between the side walls and roof are connected by pieces of flexible wire, with a length of 4-5 cm is better to cut the right amount. The wire is first folded in half, connecting the two parts, then wrapped the ends tightly around the United rods. Hard tips are pressed with the help of pliers and also processed with a file.

    By means of a flexible wire connected to the side walls and roof

  5. In the walls the designs are cut square holes on the site of the future doors. Holes better to do on each floor and on the roof.
  6. Shelves and doors are cut from separate pieces of mesh. They are attached to the walls by means of a flexible wire. Between floors you can install metal stairs, but rats are excellent at climbing walls, so you can do without additional elements.
  7. Doors are pre-made clasps — you can bend a piece of wire or metal plate, or use paper clips.
As the lock on the door, you can use the clip

If the cell is large in size, it is better to strengthen the frame of a metal profile corner. In the walls of the profile drilled holes for fixing mesh to the screws or by using wire. This frame more durable and stable, can withstand the weight of large cells.

Sump only runs once ready frame cells, it is necessary to re-measure to eliminate the error. Need a sheet thickness of 4-5 mm, it cut the base a little more than the base of the frame and the bumper height of 10-15 cm are the Sides glued to the base and reinforce the corners, coat all the joints with silicone.

How to make a cage for rats with their hands out metal rack

Cage for rats with his hands
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