Why do you need harnesses and leashes for rats

Decorative rats are very inquisitive, always eager to explore new places, but to release a pet on the street or at home will be solved, not every owner.Therefore, the ability to control the movement of the animal will make the process of walking is much quieter. The harness also acts as insurance against falling if you wear the pet on the hand or shoulder during the walk.

But not every pet will allow you to wear a harness — many animals cannot get used to the innovation. The structure of the shoulder joints, as well as a fairly small front paws, pet rat if you want easy flips of all models of harnesses. Some animals, on the contrary immediately accept the new order, walking calmly on a leash. Most often it is boys who are less mobility and usually more balanced than a rat-girls.

To teach your pet to walk on a leash, will have to be patient. Wear a harness when the animal is relaxed and happy to communicate with you, and if he shows signs of discontent and stress — immediately release him. Don't forget to promote a delicacy every time button strap, gradually decorative rat will get used and will begin to experience the positive emotions of the walk on a leash.

The main varieties

To buy a collar for rats it is not recommended to use it uncomfortable and dangerous. If the collar is loose fasten — the animal will turn, and if tightening the strap is a high risk of accidentally strangle your pet. Harnesses are much safer because the load is evenly distributed on the body of the animal. There are two kinds of harnesses.

Of straps

Simple design that is easy to adjust the size of the rat. Straps wrap the neck and torso of the animal under the legs and along the belly and on the back are connecting the straps. Such harnesses can be made of different materials braided cords, leather. As locks are used as a buckle and latch.


Usually has the shape of a vest that fastens under the chest of the animal. On the lower part of the back of the product is sewn a ring for attaching a leash. These harnesses are made of flexible nylon are usually very comfortable and is securely fixed to the animal, reducing his chances to release the clutches and run away. The fabric of such models is breathable and easy to clean, there are both lightweight and insulated options.

Leash for rats you can often buy the kit with the harness. If you buy it separately, you can use any lightweight material. It is also better to choose a mount with a metal or plastic bracket small size.

TIP: Very comfortable, modern leashes for rats in the form of roulette — they give the animal more opportunities for downhill and research, and a thin string, fishing line will save him from having to pull a fairly heavy leash. Only required to carefully monitor the pet, so he gnawed the fishing line while walking.

How to make a leash for rats with his hands

No need to buy expensive model is made of nylon — harness for rats with your own hands is very simple, not requiring a lot of time and effort. A pipe harness is also a good opportunity to see if pet to walk on a leash.

As a material it is possible to use a strip of thick fabric or thick fabric cord. In order to make product from leather (artificial or natural), you will need special tools. To make the clasp, buy in-store sewing accessories pieces of Velcro, buckles, metal, or plastic locks. You can also use small buttons or buttons, but to wear a harness on the animal will be more difficult.

A simple harness for rats is done in several stages:

  1. With pet removed measurements — using centimeters or a soft cord, you need to measure the circumference of the neck(a) and the torso behind the front legs(b) and the distance between these two marks(in).
  2. For withdrawn standards, made two cut — don't forget to take into account the length of locks or additional inches for the Velcro, the size of the finished parts in closed condition as long as to coincide with the removal of the standards of the "a" and "b".
  3. The parts are joined together by strips of equal length-measure "b".
  4. Locks can be placed on the abdomen of rats, but more frequent location is on the back. It will be much easier to put your product on the animal. For details, located under the legs, firmly bonded metal ring or loop for attaching a leash.

TIP: the quality of locks you can use the carbines from mobile phones — they are quite reliable and small in size that the animal was not hard.

Video how to make a harness for rats with his hands

Why do you need harnesses and leashes for rats
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The author of the article knows nothing about decorative rats. They cannot be kept on leashes and harnesses! Do not enter people astray.