All about the care and maintenance decorative pet rats

It is human nature to take care of four-legged or winged companions, communication with them brings only positive emotions, teaches children kindness and responsibility, and lonely people gives precious understanding and unselfish friendship.Care pet rat is minimal, and the level of intelligence and attachment to human not inferior to the common dogs and cats.

Why the need for a pet rat

The content of rats at home does not require much special care or expensive food. Homemade rat well-trained and waiting and cheerfully greeted the owner as cheerful little puppies, playing and fins to the hands of the owner, as a gentle cat, I love and trust the man as the most faithful dogs.

Clever rodents secrete favorites among family members, funny building funny faces and wiggling small ears, some individuals even laugh when tickled. In their little hearts to live a reverent love to their owners, before the emotional manifestation, which can not resist even the most unsentimental people.

How did the rats

The progenitors of cute affectionate hand rats are considered normal wild gray rat, a reminder of which causes disgust and fear of most of the human population.

Wild rats appeared many millions of years ago in China and India, and in the 16th century with the development of Maritime trade ubiquitous rodents entered on the trading ships to Europe and, rapidly multiplying, filled all the city.

In the 19th century in England, the volunteers began to catch gray rodents to participate in fights against dogs. It was during this period began breeding manual breeding white rats, albinos were shown at exhibitions and circus performances, kept at home, as strange beasts.

On the obtained specimens of laboratory rats, people began to conduct numerous experiments. Some rodents escaped the fate of experimental animals, settled in the homes of scientists who love animals for their keen mind and boundless affection for the man. In private conditions, from laboratory animals and wild rodents was conducted in the development of new species and breeds of fancy rats, which today meet the breeders and clubs of crisologo.

Why should you get a rat as a pet

Decorative rat as a pet is ideal. Most people are squeamish related to wild rats, when meeting with a nice hand rodent change their attitude to the animal, and the tricks that are easily mastered furry rodent, surprise and delight children and adults.

To care for a rat in the home is quite simple, the animal need to provide a comfortable cage with filler, water and simple food. Anyone who thinks pet rats as dirty infectious rodents, mistaken in his opinion. Decorative rats are very clean Pets in the apartment, which contains a furry pet with timely cleaning of his home, there is no smell. Even in his cage rodent allocates one corner for bathroom breaks, if one gets there the bowl of food the rat before feeding be sure to drag her teeth in a clean place.

But the most important advantage of this furry rodent is its high need to communicate. Each decorative rat is an individual with his character and habits, the animal quickly remembers the voice and smell of a man responds to a nickname, with simple training brings small items.

Funny cheerful baby rat is ready for hours on end to play with children and adults, what causes joy and laughter to all members of the family and individual in the age of love stretch out near a gentle human hands, closing his eyes from pleasure and fun to cheep when stroking of the back, ears and abdomen. Smart rodent has a keen sense of the human condition and is able to remove stress from the beloved master. The content of rats in the home gives their owners touching moments of affection and trust of unconditional love these little loyal friends.

Varieties of fancy rats

At home can contain any rat breed varieties depending on the preferences of the owner. Each breed fancy rats are interesting and worthy of care and maintenance at home.


This is the most common type, which became the ancestor of other breeds of domestic rats. Characteristically dense elongated body, short smooth coat, broad ears and a long tail covered with sparse hair.


Cute large rodent with large rounded protruding ears, giving the face of the rat kind. The dog's name was derived from the nickname of the eponymous disney circus Dumbo the elephant with huge ears funny.


One of the most popular varieties. Pets Pets of this breed differ from their counterparts slightly wavy hair, through which the furry rodent similar to a child's plush toy.


The body of the animal breed Sphynx completely hairless with the exception of occasional hairs on the head and limbs, skin of rodents folded, pale pink color, which gives a certain vulnerability and tenderness of this sort. This variety is a great option for people who are allergic to animal dander.


Rat, this breed is popular in European countries, the fur of this species is dense, long, lustrous and satin that adds a certain charm Pets.


A characteristic feature of the breed is clear from the name this species, rodents have a pear-shaped body without a tail, that does not prevent her to be nice sociable pet.

Physiological features of the home rats

The average lifespan of the furry rodents about two years, but with proper care and maintenance of rats live to be 4 years. Independently care for rats can even a schoolboy youngest age for which a clever rodent is sure to become a best friend.

In the wild rats are active nocturnal, sleeping off in the daytime before the next hunt. At home clever rodents often adapt to the mode of life of masters and begin to watch and to play in the daytime.

Group and solitary confinement of fancy rats

Contain manual of rodents at home can be alone, with groups or couples. Any kind of content you need to remember that rats are social animals and no less of a person in need of constant communication. Inexperienced crisologo is desirable to have multiple individuals, care of rats when numerous flock includes not only feeding and cleaning the cage, but periodic otkazivanje fighting individuals, treatment of injuries and diseases in a large number of animals.

Most often in pet stores are offering to purchase a couple of rats the same age that they were not bored in the absence of the beloved master. When the content in one cell of young animals of different sexes in a short time the peoples of the offspring or the female may die as a result of early binding.

In nature, rats live in same-sex flocks and they mate only healthy, Mature individuals solely for reproduction. If the owner is not going to breed manual of rodents, it is not necessary to have opposite-sex a couple of fancy rats.

When buying same-sex couples caring for a decorative rats mostly indistinguishable from solitary confinement, but you must be ready to fights between males. The content of several same-sex rats close to their natural existence, the specimens attached to his master and compete for his affection and attention. In the absence of communication with the person animals communicate and play with each other, this way of life makes a pet happy and developed emotionally.

Solitary confinement furry rodent also valid, but to care for decorative rat, chat and play with her more often. The animal should not miss. In the absence of its natural friend's pet rat firmly attached to its owner, the duty of the owner to provide your pet tight for a long period of communication, you need to wear a rodent on my shoulder and bosom, to play with him, walk in the apartment and on the street. If the owner does not have the same amount of time, it is better to have a same-sex couple pups that would love person and fun to be friends with each other.

The choice of cells

Everything you need for a rat is a spacious cage with accessories, delicious nutritious food and a loving owner. Cage for furry pet becomes a family home in which he spends most of his life, so buying a home for little friend should be treated with caution. Decorative cage for rats should meet the following parameters.


Manual rodent be kept in a low narrow cell, the animal the necessary space for the required movement inside the house. It is desirable for the content of one or two Pets to buy a wire cage with dimensions: 60х40х60 cm, 60 cm in length and height and 40 cm in width. In this volume the animal can play freely at the bottom or climb the bars in height. The distance between the bars should be no more than 1.2 cm

The bottom of the cage

Must be solid and slatted floor frequently provokes limb injury in rodents.

Pallet cage

Should be of durable plastic with high sides to avoid pouring out of the filler outside of the house rat, wood structures are undesirable because of their swelling from rat urine.


It is advisable to purchase a collapsible cage with large doors to facilitate cleaning, washing, feeding the hanging hammocks for the animals. The cage should be equipped with shelves for the rest of the Pets.


The bars of cages for rodents enamel, zinc or powder paint, a fundamental difference between them does not exist. You need to pay attention to the absence of chipping, delamination of paint and rust.

The arrangement of the cells to decorative rats

Home rats should be comfortable and cozy for the furry pet and contain necessary accessories for feeding, absorption of smell, games and recreation animals. Simultaneously with cage must be purchased at the pet store.

Filler to absorb physiological odors

The most expensive, but spread from crisologo option – corn filler. Wood fillers and sawdust is not recommended to use these species can cause allergic reactions in Pets. Inexpensive and popular filler — white napkins or toilet paper, requiring frequent cleaning. The use of Newspapers and magazines in these purposes is prohibited. Rodents can be poisoned ink.

Bowls for food

For dry food, there are the hanging bowls, which are securely fastened to the bars of the cage, treats and liquid food, it is desirable to give stable ceramic bowls.


In the cage must be hung from nipple drinker, convenient and safe to use.


Rodents love to rest and hide in your own houseon the bottom which you can lay a soft cloth. Durable plastic house can set at the bottom of the cage or hung.


A favorite place for rest and sleep is soft hammock, which is suspended to the ceiling of the cage or between floors. Pet it doesn't matter purchased this accessory in the store or made yourself from a warm, cozy fabrics. You should regularly change and wash hammocks.


Rats are very clean, the animal chooses in the cell corner, where it goes to the toilet. Can be equipped with special litter or container with high sides.

Accessories for climbing and toys

If the dimensions of the cells allow, you can hang ropes, ladders, tunnels, bridges, toys, edible accessories.

Feeding fancy rats

Fluffy rodents are rather unpretentious in food, although each individual has their own tastes and treats. Feed your pet you need right from a very tender age to avoid the development of digestive disease and obesity. The diet of a pet rat should include the following products:


Dry powdered cereals or porridge made from boiled buckwheat, corn, rice, barley and wheat – based diet.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds of flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts, herbs and the seedlings of oats, wheat, millet as vitamin supplements.

Dairy products

kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk sources of calcium and bacteria for the intestines of animals.

Protein and meat

Boiled eggs, meat, chicken, fish, liver, kidneys, heart is a source of protein.


Vegetables, fruits, berries – vitamins and fiber, to promote intestinal peristalsis.

Clean drinking water and treats

As treats for furry pet, you can use pieces of Apple, carrots or watermelon, puffed rice or corn, strawberries and grapes.

In any case it is impossible to give Pets:

  • chocolate;
  • alcohol;
  • skewers;
  • stir-fried spicy meat;
  • sweet;
  • raw beans, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, green bananas.

How to play and train decorative rat

About fine mind and high intelligence domestic rats can talk endlessly much. Funny animals physically active and requires daily communication with owner and long paddock. Loving rodent willingly goes on contact and is happy emotional communion with the beloved master. To take the time of walking of the animal is useful to take energetic fun games, providing regular physical activity and spiritual closeness of man and little friend.

Homemade rat love to chase a candy wrapper on the rope to fight the hands of the owner, to climb in the sleeves and bosom of the owners, to get things out of boxes, swarm thrown in the towel. Any game should be fun for the pet and the person, accompanied by a laugh, gentle encouragement, kisses and strokes intelligent animal. The more and closer the host communicates with a smart rodent, the faster the pet is accustomed to and starting to trust the person.

Decorative rat very easily at home master simple tricks. Through regular training and rewards to teach a cute pet to bring small items to jump to different objects, jump over a Hoop, crawl along the rope and the Hoop and other tricks. When training it is very important the patience of the owner and the animal's trust. After each trick should be encouraged able rodent treats and kind words, to scream and beat the animal in any case impossible.

Caring for a rat

To care for the favorite of the whole family is absolutely not difficult, it is necessary to take care of the health of the rodent and clean the rat's home, timely feeding and a daily filling of drinking bottles. Owner-crisologo need to know a few rules for the care and maintenance of domestic rats:

  • the cage with the pet must be in a dry warm place, you should avoid direct sunlight and draughts;
  • daily cleaning the cage involves the washing of feeders and waterers, removing food debris, replace the exhaust filler;
  • twice a week is necessary to disinfect the cage and tray with disinfectant solutions;
  • if you want to hold bathing furry pet in warm water with the use of special shampoos;
  • periodic trimming of rat claws with nail scissors or clippers.

Breeding fancy rats

Breeding fancy rats at home is a very responsible and serious step. The owner needs to take care of a pregnant or nursing female and her litter, the problem on distribution of the offspring also falls on the shoulders of the owner of a rodent. These efforts are more than compensated socializing with touching and helpless rats.

For mating you must select a pair of healthy well-fed animals: a female preferably to knit for the first time at the age of 5-8 months, the age limit for males is not covered. Before mating it is necessary to sustain the animals on the weekly vitamin a diet for a healthy and active rat offspring. The result of successful mating is the occurrence of pregnancy in females, which lasts for 21-23 days.

A pregnant rat is relaxed, selective eating, in the third week the body of females acquiring pear shape with a rounded convex abdomen. Before birth it is necessary to isolate the male to clean all the floors, stairs, and toys from the cage to put a pregnant rat nesting house and give pieces of napkins for the arrangement of the nest.

The family pet rats often occur at night and last for 2-3 hours, the light comes on average 9-12 completely hairless blind and deaf pups. Feed giving birth to a female you need high quality feed with increased protein and calcium for production of the required amount of milk. Newborns grow very fast, on the 4th day, the kids begin to hear, to the 12th from small animals open eyes, and from the 14th day, they have to communicate with people, fun, naughty and mischievous flock running around the apartment.

Decorative rat – a worthy contender for the role of a pet. Not every cat is so gentle and affectionate to its master, and by devotion, and affection this little rodent is not inferior to any dog. Any person who at least once in their life kept hand a rat, forever imbued with love for this touching and true animals.

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All about the care and maintenance decorative pet rats
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