How to choose and equip the home cage for rats

The first question that arises in the decision to have a decorative rat — where to place a new pet.Trellised walls will also be additional protection, if the apartment are other animals — a dog or a cat. Another important factor is the relief provided in the no cage room will inevitably suffer from pollution.

Features of cages for domestic rats

When choosing it is important to remember that no rodents are not suitable containers with smooth walls, glass or plastic, as in a terrarium. In such devices, the air stagnates and becomes too wet and the litter is always damp, which leads to rapid reproduction of bacteria. The contents in such a cage may weaken the animal and cause the development of diseases.

For fancy rats, the only suitable cells with latticed walls, freely passing air.

The distance between the bars should not exceed 0.7-1 cm for small rats, and 1.2-1.5 cm for adults. Otherwise the rat can damage yourself by trying to push the nose into the crack.

Metal rods shall be protected from corrosion, often used enamel paint or galvanized. Check the coverage before you buy — properly applied paint will not flake off. The pointed ends of the rods should be firmly welded and processed so that the animal is not caught and not hurt. Preferable to be collapsible and foldable structure — a cage is easier to transport, and if necessary storing, it does not take much space.

The pallet is better to choose quite high, less than 10cm. Then the filler will not scatter at the active games animals.

Wooden or metal trays to choose not recommended — they are affected by moisture and will last a long time. Metal rusts, wood smells, and successfully eats rats.

Best pallet of durable plastic that is easy to clean. When choosing pay attention to quality — no harsh chemical odor, stains, chips and cracks.

What should be the size of the cells

The dimensions of the device depend on several factors, the most significant of which is the number of animals. If you are going to settle only one or two animals will have enough pallet dimensions 60x40 cm If several animals need a large cage.

Also important, the sex of animals — for content boys it is recommended to select a horizontal model with a wide pallet, but for girls it is better to take the cage higher, as they are easier and more flexible, and love to climb. It will be enough cells with a height of 60cm with multiple tiers.

To calculate what size should be a cage for rats, you can use a formula. Multiply between the values of length, width and height in inches, then divide by 100000 to get the number of adults who can live in a cage.

Cage "IMAC RAT 80 DOUBLE WOOD" for two rats (the price of 22000 RUB.)

Cage "IMAC RAT 100 DOUBLE" for two rats (price 27000 RUB.)

The choice of size of course depends on the specific conditions in the apartment. If you are not able to supply a large cage, you should think about to postpone the purchase of the animal.

A small cage will quickly become small for the growing pup, and with a shortage of space, it will begin to suffer from sedentary lifestyles and associated diseases. A small cell may also adversely affect the nature of the beast, making him restless and aggressive.

How much is cage for rats

In many ways, the choice of cells for rats depends on the amount you are willing to spend. Modern pet industry offers a huge number of options — from simple models to impressive designs with a full set of interior equipment. The cost depends on the size of the cells and the quality of the materials of manufacture.

Cheap cells such models are suitable if you unassuming to design, you want to avoid high costs and be able to independently collect all the necessary for your pet. Cheap devices are usually non-separable, have simple appearance, the minimum number of shelves and stairs that do not include a drinking bottle and a toy. Despite this, it is possible to choose a large and comfortable cage where the animal will feel good. Device simple shapes are also easier to remove. If you want to place a few cells in the room, easily put on top of each other.

Cage "triol C1" vertical bars (the cost was 2750 RUB.)

Cage "inter zoo Teddy G45 Luke" with horizontal bars (cost 3000 rubles.)

Dear host cell range of such devices is very wide. You will find cages of various shapes and designs, made in different styles, decorated with bright colored plastic shelves full of interesting toys and useful accessories. Usually to collect accessories for such cells is not necessary — all is already included. This can be a good choice if you are a new owner and still don't know exactly how to create a comfortable environment for the animal. These cells will also be a wonderful and spectacular gift.

Cage is "FERPLAST FURAT" (the cost was 10000 RUB.)

Cage is "Ferplast JENNY" (the cost was 14000 RUB.)

How to build a cage for rats

The conditions in which the animal is having a big impact on his character, behaviour and health. Therefore, the arrangement of cages for rats — the most important task which must be approached with responsibility. The first thing you need to take care of the filler — good clean wood chips, extruded corn filler paper (do not use newspaper because of the ink).

List the that should be in a cage rat in a mandatory order:

  1. Drinking — it is better to choose a ball with a metal spout. This model fastens with a back side wall, and the spout conveniently slides in through the bars.
  2. Bowl for food — rats love to flip, drag and chew on their bowls, so they will fit over a heavy ceramic or pendant metal.
  3. Hammock — in the cage should be equipped sleeper, soft suspension gamachu is very popular with rats.
  4. House — a place where animals can hide if you want quiet or scared. Most rats prefer to sleep outside the house, but it's better to put them — so they will feel more secure.
  5. Toilet — most often plastic or ceramic receptacle which is conveniently located in the corner of the pallet.

Also required to install the shelves at different levels — the distance between them should be at least 15-20 cm, then the adult rat will be able to stand on his hind legs or jump without the risk of injury. On each floor fixed mesh or plastic plate, which is often a favorite place for lying down and observe what is happening in the room.

A properly equipped home cage for rats

Toys and equipment in the cage

Rats are very active, mobile animals, therefore, should have the opportunity to climb and jump. The whole cage for them is an additional simulatorthat allows you to compensate for the lack of movement. They are willing to climb walls, jump on the shelves, get out on the roof and down the outside of the wall. It is best if the rods on the walls will be placed horizontal for easy climbing.

The presence of ladders is not necessary — animals perfectly climb walls or jump from shelf to shelf.

Some owners even themselves take steps to increase the space. But a lot of rats love the stairs, using them not only for climbing but also as a vantage point.

Hanging ladder

If your pet is very young, elderly, or Vice versa, the ladder facilitates his movement in the cage, and also insures against a fall.

If you decide to equip the cage for the rats yourself, you must do for the pet plenty of toys. This is especially true of animals that are kept alone. The lack of communication should be compensated not only daily games with the owner, but also a variety of fascinating research. Then the pet will be always busy, will be able to avoid sadness and boredom. To install the cage will fit:

  • wooden, plastic pieces of pipe — they can serve as transitions or house;
  • the metallic springs that can be hung between floors instead of stairs;
  • cords of thick rope with a large knot at the end;
  • swing — wood or rope;
  • wooden toys for gryzenia — in the hole you can put a treat wrapped in paper.

Kids don't need the rat cage to run around him to stop her too long tail.

Popular walking balls are also not suitable for these animals — rats too curious, love to explore, sniff. To compensate the lack of movement it is better to walk your pet under the supervision or harness.

Proper care cage

Habitat home rats need to be kept clean — so you will avoid unpleasant smell and risk of diseases in animal. Recommended daily to do a little cleaning — to clean the toilet, change the part of sawdust, which has been contaminated, clean the bowl, pour fresh water into the drinking bowl.

Not less than once a week should be a General cleaning of the cells to completely replace the litter, wash the tray and shelves, clean the equipment and toys.

For wet cleaning is better not to use funds with a pungent odor and also to keep the washing substances are completely washed off from the surface.

Video: review of the cages for rats

How to choose and equip the home cage for rats
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