What to call the rat: a list of names for boys and girls

Use your fantasy! Fantasy, by the way, good name for a rat-girls.Accordingly, the names they need to pick up a pair, consonant and interesting.

If you have a pair, the names you can pick up in tune

How to call a rat a girl and her friend?

Cynthia and Sansa, Dean and dime, Chin and Chastuha, rosette and Sprig, milk and Fanta, the Tyche and the Fly, Chanel and Farsi, Ochre and Odette, Umka and Bar fest and the SDC, ASE and Ala Thelma and Louise, Halley and berry, the Mouse and Mary, Fly and Mouse, Lulu and Luz, Spool and mula, baby and Doll.

Name for a rat girls it is desirable to select not offensive, although the rat still, but still female – lady.

Don't be afraid of the consonance of names. The rat has a very delicate musical ear, and each of the lovely ladies will determine to whom of them you use.

In addition to botany, computer games, musical groups and geography, the names for rats girls can be chosen from the Pantheon of pagan gods, the ladies, of course: Diana, Hera, Athena, Cybele, Ceres, Vesta, Minerva, Juno.

You can pick up in pairs the names of the Greek – Roman goddesses:

Artemis and Diana, Aphrodite, Minerva, Hecate Trivia, Hemera – of the Dies, the Gay Terra, Dido – Elissa, Alifia the Lucina, vixen – Purina, Muse, the stone, etc.

How to call rat boy and his neighbor?

Feint and Pound, nutmeg and Buttermilk, Tepa and Tisha, the captain and the Huntsman, Edward and Alvin, Sherlock, and fast, Schweppes and Screw in a Bag and fry, Ratatouille and a Donut, Speight and Bogart, Chip and Dale, white and black, James bond, Elvis Presley, Sherlock and Watson, Lestat and Armand, Aragorn and Bilbo, Sinbad — Buzurg – a lot of options!

The option of the Greco-Roman gods will help to make the best choice of the male name for the male:
Apollo Phoebus, Ares – Mars, Borey – Akvilon, Hephaestus – Vulcan, Dionysus – Bacchus, Saturn – Chronos, Poseidon – Neptune, Thanatos – Mors, Lucifer – Phosphorus, Hades – Pluto.

Giving chrysikou name, how would you define him as a person. No matter, he will perceive his nickname or have to call it a tapping or a whistle, for you it would no longer be one of many, as your warm wad. And that thing is you gave personality. Magic! By the way, good name for a female...

Often the names for rats boys and girls are determined by the color of their coats:

Zlata, Squirrel, Loew, night, Hashish, Peony, ice, Ray, Mabel, ruby, sapphire, sycamore, Tyson, Onyx, Opal, Neon, Jasper, Duncan, foxy, gray, Blackie, brown (brownie), etc.

The name for the Sphinx

The Sphinx will fit names with mythical-mysterious touch

How to choose a good name for a rat, which coat are you? If this is a Sphinx rat?

It is the only real breed of rats! – Other decorative rat different species, and this rat is the result of the work of American geneticists, by fixing mutations deprived this animal of the coat. Sometimes there are sphinxes, covered with a thin, barely visible fuzz.
You can name the breeds of cats Sphynx: the dons, Luntik, Canada, Peter, Peterbald, moon.

Can be mythical-mysterious: Anubis, Walpurga, Evangeline, Marquis, grace, Olympus, lucky, Ozzie, Pompey, Moreau, Sanseviera, Smalt.

Can cool: Fluff, Surprise or Panocha, Handsome, Honduras, Gollum, Baldy, Butterscotch, globe.

And if you want to call a rat a little unusual, give him the famous dog's name!

For example:

Mukhtar, Watch, Baron, Ball, BIM, Trezor – for boys and
Blizzard, Happy, Storm, Gerda, palm, Naida, Fun or Badass for girls.

Select the name and accustom to the nickname is the first stage of habituation of the rat to the owner. Now you can safely proceed to the domestication of rats and training.

What to call the rat: a list of names for boys and girls
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