Treatment of the abscess have pet rats

Decorative rat is prone to skin diseases.With timely treatment of abscess the prognosis is favorable, but in advanced stages of sepsis and possible death of the animal.

IMPORTANT!!! Abscesses must be treated in time!

How is the abscess

Abscess is a focal suppurative inflammation of the tissues. Internal ulcers are localized in various organs and tissues during major infectious diseases: abscesses of the lungs and liver. External abscesses form on the body of the animal as a result of violation of the integrity of the skin (scratches, wounds, bites), penetration of normal microflora in various organs and tissues on the background of inflammatory diseases and low immunity.

IMPORTANT!!! The owner himself can infect pet staphylococci that live on human skin.

For subcutaneous abscesses is typical:

  • education painful swelling filled with pus;
  • thinning of the skin in the center of the abscess, scabs at the site of damaged tissue;
  • deep damage or General infection of the body can be accompanied by refusal to feed, lethargy, inactivity.

In damaged tissue develops inflammation caused by the reproduction of staphylococci and streptococci. Around the inflammatory focus of lymphocytes formed a kind of capsule, which prevents the penetration of pathogenic bacteria in healthy tissue. An abscess begins with a redness of the skin of a rodent, then the affected area is sealed, after the abscess is formed with a soft green or yellow pus inside. Pus is accumulation of dead cells, pathogenic microbes and blood cells. Color, consistency and odor of pus may be completely different and depends on the type of pathogenic organisms.

The development of the ulcer can go different ways:

  • purulent contents destroyed by pyogenic organism within the capsule, the healing;
  • formed swell with pus which comes out in place of thinning of the skin, the wound heals and the abscess goes;
  • convex subcutaneous abscess breaks on the inside, pathogenic microflora with the flow of blood penetrates into healthy organs and tissues, causing inflammation and sepsis;
  • the abscess grows deep into the tissues, which will lead to septic shock and fatal outcome.

Where can be external abscesses

In rats, the abscess can be localized in any part of the body:

  • in the oral cavity around the roots of the teeth the ulcers are very painful, much in the way animal;
  • most often found on the neck, behind the ears, on the sides, the shoulders, the limbs, the abdomen, in the inguinal region in males;
  • the appearance of the abscess behind the eyes may indicate a strong decrease in immunity or the formation of tumors in the head of the animal.
Abscess behind eye

Abscess in the rat on the neck

The localization of the ulcer on the neck of the animal the attempt of opening at home is unacceptable. Abscesses are localized at the location of the major lymph nodes, in violation of the integrity of the capsule the pyogenic pus can penetrate with a current of bodice in the internal organs and tissues, resulting in the rapid development of sepsis and death of the pet.

Abscess in the rat on the neck

A lump in the throat of the animal may indicate the formation of a tumor is benign or malignant nature. The decision on the nature of the treatment, the specialist takes after the puncture of the swelling, visual, cytological and histological examination punctate.

IMPORTANT!!! Cervical, facial, dental, and major abscesses should be treated only in a veterinary clinic!

Treatment of abscess in rats

Treatment of the abscess is a small surgical operation, which consists in opening the abscess with local anesthesia with removal of pus, followed by washing the wound with antiseptic solutions and postoperative treatment with anti-inflammatory ointments, antibiotics, and analgesics. In the surgical treatment of deep and large abscesses is incision of tissues suturing.

Abscess in rats on the head

A small soft tissue abscesses, except for the neck, eye and dental can be treated at home. To open only the ripened abscess to avoid breakout of pus inside the tissues and infect the body of the pet. To accelerate the formation of pus can applying iodine mesh two times a day. A sign of a Mature abscess – bright redness of the skin around the abscess, the center of the ulcer turns white and softens.

The autopsy abscess in the rat at home

Surgical treatment of abscess at home consists of several stages:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Remove animal hair around the abscess with scissors or razor.
  3. In the presence of the peel in place of skin damage re-hydrate it with warm water and remove with a cotton pad.
  4. Then gently push down lightly on the base of the abscess, sending pus to the outlet. Sharply and strongly to press it is impossible to avoid breakthrough of abscess inside the tissues.

    Breakthrough abscess

  5. As the discharge of pus with blood, remove it with a cotton pad. The procedure is repeated until the complete discharge of purulent masses.
  6. Wash the abscess with a syringe. antiseptic solution: Chlorhexidine 1% Betadine at dilution of 1:5 saline solution 9%, from the wound with the cure washed away the remnants of pus and damaged tissue.
  7. Dry the wound with a sterile cloth.
  8. Lay in the wound Tetracycline ointment or nasal spray.
  9. Repeat treatment with antiseptic solutions and laying the ointment once a day until complete healing of the wound.
  10. To avoid contamination of healthy tissue, preferably during the week to put down a course of injections Baytril, Chloramphenicol or Doxycycline, on the recommendation of a specialist.

Postoperative care a rat

The opening of the abscess is performed, after which special care is required for a pet to speed up recovery:

  • chlorhexidine solution 1% to use once a day;
  • to enter into the diet of probiotics to restore microflora on the background of antibacterial medications;
  • a sick pet needs to be isolated from relatives;
  • in the cage put a bottle with warm water, it will be warmer for the rodent;
  • daily to wash the cage and change the litter, the filler is allowed to use only pieces of cloth and napkins;
  • to provide the rodent with a high-calorie food and abundant drink.

To prevent the formation of ulcers should be kept dwelling pet clean, exposing a cage, drinker and feeder for regular disinfection. The remains of roughage, sharp objects you need to constantly remove from the house rats, slatted flooring is recommended to cover with soft bedding to eliminate injuries. At the slightest damage to the skin, it is advisable to treat the wound with antiseptic solutions.

Love your pet rats carefully look after them and feed a variety of food, with large or frequent ulcers refer to a specialist with timely treatment abscess your pet can and should be cured.

In the video you will see how at the vet open the abscess rat and the treatment is performed incision.

Treatment of the abscess have pet rats
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