Pregnancy in rats: timing, detection and duration

Decorative rats have become very popular Pets.Can also occur unplanned pregnancy have fancy rats when careless together sex animals, often through the fault of the seller, incorrectly determined the sex of the Pets or sold the rat in "interesting position".

Caring for a pregnant rat and problems selling rat offspring borne by the owners of rodents. It is necessary to consider the possibility of pathological childbirth in females, and the likelihood that not all pet stores are willing to buy pups of your rodent, and most rats will buy the owners of snakes and birds of prey feeding their Pets. Must be very attentive to the process of pregnancy and childbirth your decorative rats.

How to understand that a rat is pregnant

Inexperienced lovers of rodents is not always possible until delivery to determine that the rat was pregnant. There are enough bright signs of pregnancy females to learn about the early replenishment and properly prepare for the upcoming birth.

The change in behavior of the animal

Pet rat may be less mobile, more emotionally relaxed or too aggressive, closer to the moment of birth, the animal begins to chase away the male from the nest, trying to hide from the owner, refuses to play, reluctantly yields to touch yourself, pet, sometimes sleeping only on your side. The behavior of some individuals does not change, the female remains cheerful and playful until the birth.

The lack of estrus is the most reliable sign of pregnancy

Estrus fancy rats occurs every 5 days and lasts about 12 hours, much the animal arches her back, tilts his head, lifts the tail and shaking its ears, vagina, rodent open and slightly vlazhnovatoy.

Weight gain

The female began to get better closer to the 3rd week of pregnancy, some females belly becomes very big. If the rat gives you to touch the abdomen, after 2 weeks you can feel several hard fruits the size of a small bean, just before birth it is clear there is an active movement of the abdomen.

The construction of the nest

Just before birth the pregnant rat began to build a nest for their young, for that she can chew off pieces of cloth from the hammock, the sofa upholstery, curtains, papers. During this period, the female can be very aggressive towards other dogs and owners.

The sorting out of food and refusal to eat

During pregnancy a female is trying to eat high-calorie food to bear numerous offspring sometimes do not pay attention to previously favorite treats, the day before birth, the rat might even refuse to eat.

Aggression before birth

At the end of pregnancy, the female vigorously defends the nest from the male, which can eat newborn pups. At this time you cannot touch the animal, to consider the nesting house, change the litter. The reaction of females will be very aggressive, it protects their babies and are able to bite the owner.

Carefully observe your pet rat, during pregnancy, try not to disturb the animal, stress can cause miscarriage and death as fetuses and pregnant females.

Looks like a pregnant rat

Pregnancy in domestic rats is characterized by a visible change in body composition of the animal. The animal is gaining weight, there is a noticeable increase in the volume of the abdomen and ribs closer to the 3rd week of pregnancy. The body of a rat acquires a pear shape: a small face with a pointed nose, and a big expanding belly. Rounded bulging belly is easy enough to notice when the animal stands on his hind legs.

How long is pregnancy in rats

Pet rat can easily get pregnant at the age of 1.5 months, and the male is capable of mating since 5 weeks, and he can impregnate any female: and your sister and mom. When the content of rodents for breeding males is deposited in a separate cage at the age of 35 days. The best age to pervorodyaschih female – 6-8 months, pairing to physiological maturity females is not recommended.

Period of pregnancy in rats is about 3 weeks, the duration of this period depends on the number of fetuses in the abdomen of females.

With a smaller litter, the female is pregnant for about 19-20 days multiple pregnancy rats can last 25-26 days.

Within days after birth the female can become pregnant again, that can have a detrimental impact on her health, when the content of animals for breeding it is recommended to give the female 2-3 months for recovery.

Often an animal eats of newborn rats to raise the first cubs, when malnutrition can die both of droppings.

How much rat is carrying pups

On average, offspring in rats ranges from 8 to 15 pups, sometimes the number of pups per litter with up to 22 (!) individuals. Quite rare and maloprodaja pregnancy in which the female gives birth to only 2-3 of the rat.

How many nipples a rat

The female rodent has 12 nipples, so often litter consists of 12 pups. Good nutrition feeds the animal calmly to 22 pups. The female divides the infants into two groups and alternates between feeding the young.

How to care for a pregnant rat

During pregnancy the expectant mother will need special care and proper feeding to get her strong enough to give birth and nurse their noisy offspring. The owner should create a comfortable environment for females "in the family way":

  • the pregnant rat is better to transplant from the male or other females in a spacious cage, it is desirable to remove all platforms, stairs, and toys from a new home;
  • place in a new home surround rodent nesting house with the expectation that a pet can give birth to 22 pups;
  • litter better to make soft hay or straw;
  • for the arrangement of the nest put in the cage pieces of napkins or paper towels, a cloth with long threads to use it is undesirable that they are not confused and broke legs newborn rats;
  • pet must be provided with a high-calorie diet and adequate amount of clean drinking water;
  • frequently change the litter, move the cage to another place, to touch the animal to explore the nesting house and make sharp sounds near pregnant females is not recommended. Stress can cause a miscarriage or eating a newborn female rat pups.

What to feed a pregnant rat

The pregnant female is in an important period of gestation of the offspring should be provided with high-calorie diet with an increased content of protein, vitamins and minerals. With unimportant feeding the animal is eating their newborn pups.

In the first two weeks of pregnancy the expectant mothers ' diet should contain meat, poultry and fish, apples, chicken cartilage, bones, twigs of willow, it is desirable to reduce eating broccoli, liver and wheat germ and oats. Not recommended to eat: onions, garlic, bell peppers and tomatoes.

In the last week of pregnancy should increase the caloric intake to prepare the body of a pregnant rat to the upcoming birth and bringing up cubs. In this period is to feed a rodent with cheese, meat, poultry and fish, apples, nettle, cartilage of chicken bones, baby food from jars, you can enter into the diet of cow's milk, the use of yolks of eggs and cucumbers, it is desirable to restrict. Excluded from use are: onions, cesoc, fresh and dried grapes.

Under good feeding and good levels of pregnancy in fancy rats is actually fairly easy, but to exclude the possibility of pathological course of this process, your pet is not worth it. In case of purulent or bloody discharge from the vagina of a pregnant female urgency to deliver the animal to a veterinary clinic. Depending on the General condition of the female and its fruit specialist will decide on the continuation of the pregnancy or an emergency cesarean section to save the life of females.

Pregnancy in fancy rats is a very serious time of life, a loving owner this time must provide the female a tasty and healthy food, living conditions and greater concern. In most cases pregnancy ends Pets the long-awaited successful birth and a wonderful addition to the family.

Pregnancy in rats: timing, detection and duration
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In fact... the ideal age for first birth 4-6 months later the female will be narrowed pelvic canal and the birth can go badly...