Signs and treatment of stroke in rats

Rats are particularly prone to develop various diseases when you get close to the turn in two years.The consequences can be very severe, up to lethal outcome.

Stroke symptoms in rats

When blood circulation tissue damage of the brain can be both minor and severe. Depends on the severity of symptoms. Usually the signs of a stroke occur quite dramatically in the behavior of the animal is observed a number of changes:

  • depression or aggression, anxiety;
  • eyesight on the eyeballs visible blood;
  • deterioration of coordination of movements, disorientation in space;
  • irregular, heavy or rapid breathing;
  • reduces muscle spasms, numb hind paws.

Sometimes pet rat after impact, can't walk, falls down and collapses on its side. Usually the subsequent development of the disease causes paralysis of half or whole body, then the animal falls into a coma and dies.

Despite the fact that the pet after the attack looks very bad, it is still possible to help if you without delay to go to the doctor.

IMPORTANT: the Symptoms of some conditions, and neurological diseases coincide with signs of a stroke (severe dehydration, head trauma, infection of encephalitis). Examination by a veterinarian will help to identify the real cause of the condition of the animal.

Causes of stroke

To the disease leads to a number of reasons — usually it's a genetic tendency, age-related changes(most rats do not live more than two years). The visible impact of already existing diseases of vessels, heart and kidneys. Improper diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle also puts the animal at risk. The cause may be the development of the tumorwhich causes compression of the blood vessels of the brain.

Doctors distinguish two kinds of violations of cerebral circulation:

  • ischemic — develops due to obstruction of the vessels, hypoxia and necrosis of brain cells;
  • hemorrhagic — a consequence of hemorrhage into the brain tissue, in this case, the blood exerts pressure on the cells leading to their death.

In order to prescribe the right treatment, you need to know what type of stroke experienced decorative rat. This can be done only through examination at the office of the veterinarian.


Medication prescribed by a doctor will help to normalize all processes in the organism of rats and survive the impact with minimal consequences. At home, you will need to carry out medical procedures and perform the following steps:

  1. If the animal moves independently, to ensure easy access to bowls, a drinking bowl.
    Remove all shelves, stairs to the rat fell.
  2. Make sure that the litter was soft, otherwise the feeble pet will be hard to move around.
  3. If the animal is paralyzed, it is necessary to regularly turn over, to avoid irritation, sores on the skin.
  4. To ensure that the rat does not have got dehydrated.
  5. Daily to do light massage to prevent muscle atrophy.
  6. To define and maintain a comfortable temperature in the cell to immobilized animal is not got overheating or overcooling.
  7. To monitor the cleanliness of the bedding, the hygiene of the animal, to avoid infections.

Remember that to treat a rat stroke can only under the doctor's supervision. If you start a course of medicines in the early stages of the disease and to provide the animal proper care is a high probability that he will successfully recover from shock and return to normal life.

Signs and treatment of stroke in rats
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