In rats lose their hair: the molt or baldness?

Often owners of pet rodents notice their Pets increased hair loss.For this reason, molting in rats can even occur in winter if the room is warm enough. In most cases, if there is irritation on the skin, hair falls out evenly, to pet's health threatens nothing. Anxiety takes only a cleaning of fine hairs, which are visible on clothing and upholstery.


Infection blasedale, skin mites can also cause abrupt loss of hair. If you notice that the rat sheds and itches, it is better to wash it with special anti-parasitic shampoo. In the case when the hair loss continues, you need to go to the vet.


Decorative rat can lose its hair due to allergic reactions of the skin. It can cause a variety of factors — wrong filler, the printing ink on Newspapers instead of litter, treat junk food. Allergy is often accompanied by additional symptoms are itching and irritation of the skin visible scratching. Watch the pet, change of conditions — you must try to identify the allergen and eliminate it.

Improper diet, vitamin deficiency

The condition of the coat first reflects the paucity of the diet of the animal of necessary microelements and vitamins. Often the situation can improve the simple complex vitamins. Feed from the pet store are usually balanced, but you can often observe a situation when pet rat didn't eat the portion completely, choosing only the tastiest morsels. In this case, it is advisable to limit treats and transfer the animal to a good kibble. Vitamin supplements will also help if the animal suffered stress, nervous anxiety can also trigger a moult.

IMPORTANT: please Remember that constantly give vitamin supplements — the excess minerals are not less harmful than shortage. Therefore, after the end of the course you just need to keep your pet received the full diet, including vegetables and fruits.


If the rat falls, the hair pieces, there is the appearance of a large bald spots, sores, and other changes of the skin (seal, scales), then the reason is probably in the development of the disease. Decorative rodents may suffer from different types of dermatitis, ringworm, fungi. Hair loss can also start due to diseases of internal organs, metabolic disorders.

What to do if hair loss is accompanied by additional symptoms and deterioration of health of an animal? Advised to go to the vet to treat the animal yourself is not worth it. Only a trained doctor can properly diagnose, appoint a complex treatment and to calculate drug dosages.

In rats lose their hair: the molt or baldness?
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