Pneumonia in pet rats

Pneumonia in rats is a disease that affects the lungs of the animal.The pathology usually affects young and weakened animals. The distribution of the microbial agent in the body causing heart attacks and abscesses of internal organs.


The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. This means that she can Bang her from another patient's relative. This is a very contagious disease. A pregnant female infects calves immediately after birth.


The disease has acute and chronic.

Sharp, runs 3-4 days and ends with the death of a pet. And there are clinical signs of:

  • weakness and inactivity;
  • feed refusal;
  • cough;
  • vzjeroshenij coat;
  • frequent and difficulty breathing;
  • purulent discharge from the eyes and serous nose.

Chronic disease affects up to 75% of individuals. She appears weak with bronchitis and pneumonia, which then subside, then appear again. For this form characterized by the fact that recovery occurs only after 12-15 days.


In acute and fulminant forms of the disease – adverse. Chronic – unknown as it is accompanied by additional infections. And pneumonia provokes a number of complications: damage to auditory organs, keratitis, runny nose. The situation is compounded by the fact that it can occur without obvious symptoms. But with the correct diagnosis and competent treatment, the disease is curable.


Sick animals with the acute form are not treated. Immediately put to death. Fancy rats, which were in contact with them, are placed in another cage for quarantine and observed for 20 days. The place where there was a sick animal shall be disinfected.

Struggle with chronic disease, aimed at the destruction of the infection with injections of antibiotics. And symptomatic treatment aimed at improving the patient's condition.


Prevention of pneumonia, reduced to a few rules:

  • the cleanliness of cells;
  • reducing stress;
  • improved nutrition of the animal;
  • good ventilation of the room;
  • careful observation of the health of domestic rats;
  • refusal to use dusty litter;
  • avoidance of dense content Pets.

Prevention of respiratory diseases and their timely treatment ensures a long and happy life pet.

Pneumonia in pet rats
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