Porphyrin in rats (blood from the nose and the eye): symptoms and treatment

Care and custody of a pet rat many fans of these clever rodents becomes a favorite and enjoyable thing.Most often dried brown liquid is not blood, but porphyrin, the appearance of which is caused by stressful situations or by the presence in the body of decorative rats serious pathologies.

What is the porphyrin in rats

Porphyrin – this is the secret of garderobes (hadrianople) glands, whose main function is regular lubrication of the nictitating membranes to protect the eyes decorative rats from direct exposure to bright light or adverse conditions of the external environment, that is the secret ensures that the blinking of the eyes home rodent. Empirically revealed an increase in the production of porphyrin in laboratory rats in response to the increasing intensity of the bright lighting.

Externally, the secret of hadrianople gland looks like liquid brown-red substance, much like the blood of a rodent. The chemical structure of a porphyrin is a carbon-nitrogen organic compound included in the composition of most living cells of plants and animals. Liquid generated secret is stored in garderobas gland that domestic rats are located in the inner corner of the eye orbit. Porphyrin envelops the rat's eye and into the nose via the nasolacrimal canals of the animal, with increased secretion of pet stain red the secret of the hair around the eyes and nose when washing.

Production of porphyrin is a protective physiological process, the intensity of secretion of which depends on the age of a pet: in calves up to year, there is increased production of secretions, in rats older than two years gland secretes a reduced amount of liquid.

Disease manual of rodents in which there is increase in the production of the secret garderobas gland, called porphyrin in rats. If the animal looks healthy, eats well and actively playing, there is a single a small increase of the secretion, the treatment of porphyrin in rats is not required. A large number of brown-red discharge, resembling a bloody runny nose or tears, and severe lethargy, apathy, refusal to eat and other accompanying symptoms indicate serious disorders in the body of a pet and require immediate visit to the veterinary specialist.

In some cases, increases the secretion of porphyrin from fancy rats

Increased production of the secret gagarinova cancer in rat's organism happens for four main reasons:

  • Stress. Stressful situations for home rodent may be a normal fear from loud noises, unfamiliar room, bathing, transfer, introduction of new Pets, annoying attention of the owners or other animals, sudden awakening from noise;
  • Pain. Production of secretion is increased by the background of the pinched nerve as a result of bumps, bruises, bites, falls from a height and other injuries;
  • Disease. Development of the secret gagarinova cancer increases with the presence of pneumonia, Mycoplasma, diphtheria, salmonellosis;
  • Violation of feeding and maintenance: use in the diet of rats decorative sweets, raw potatoes, beans and cabbage, green bananas, fried spicy meat, lack of water, the location of the cells near sources of bright light and electromagnetic radiation.

The clinical picture of the porphyrin have pet rats

Owner manual rodent must be alert and show pet veterinary specialist when it detects an animal the following symptoms:

  • nose in the blood;
  • eyes in the blood;
  • lethargy, apathy, inactivity, refusal of food;
  • a hunched back, unnatural the supine posture;
  • wool dull, disheveled, in some places there are patches of baldness;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • contaminated genitals;
  • violation of coordination of movements;
  • progressive emaciation.

The owner must remember that excessive production of porphyrin tells about the hidden pathologies in the body, which can be cured only when timely treatment at a veterinary clinic and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

Treatment of porphyrin have fancy rats

Unpleasant to diagnose the disease and treat the furry rodent needs a specialist in veterinary clinics after the examination and laboratory tests of blood, urine and feces to determine the cause of the pathology.

To cure the porphyrin in rats only by the comprehensive approach to the improvement of conditions of feeding and maintenance, elimination of stressful situations and the use of symptomatic therapy. The detection of serious infectious or inflammatory diseases, injuries of the mucous membranes of the animal is prescribed a course of anti-bacterial, vitamin, immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The cage of the rodent needs to be put in a quiet, warm place away from sources of bright light, and electromagnetic radiation to regularly clean the rat's home and to carefully monitor the size of the drinker. Active games and learning new tricks in the period of the disease it is better to postpone until complete recovery of the pet.

Animal should be fed nutritional food, adding fresh herbs, do not use the banned diet for rats ingredients. While eliminating the cause and improving the feeding and observed successful recovery of your pet.

Prevention of porphyrin in domestic rats

In order to avoid occurrence of the disease in manual rodent host is necessary to observe preventive measures:

  • the cage should be located away from sources of noise, bright lights and electromagnetic radiation;
  • pet you need to feed a balanced diet , using vitamin supplements;
  • desirable time to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases in rodents.

How to distinguish between the porphyrin of the blood

In the event of the home rats clots of dried blood in the eyes or nose of an animal to distinguish between the porphyrin of the blood at home using a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. This should be carefully removed with a cotton pad red discharge with the muzzle of the pet and drip on cotton wool a drop of hydrogen peroxide. The porphyrin does not dissolve under the influence of chemical solution. If the liquid foams and changes colors, it speaks of bloody discharge in your pet if damaged mucous membranes or inflammatory processes.

In a situation when the test showed the presence of blood in excretions and pet red fur around the nose, you need to find out why the rat is bleeding from the nose. A similar condition can result from:

  • mechanical microtrauma of the nasal mucosa;
  • dryness of the mucous membrane with a sharp increase or decrease of air in the room;
  • hypovitaminosis when there is insufficient vitamin C and K in a rodent diet;
  • overheating of the animal;
  • a sharp pressure drop;
  • violation hormonal metabolism.

The blood from the noses of rats can be very serious symptom of edema or abscess of the lung and also cardiovascular failure. If the blood is profusely flowing from the nasal passages, the animal sneezes much bloody secretions, choking, fall to the side, missing teeth needs urgent serum activities. The animal in such cases may die suddenly prior to the delivery of veterinary care.

If your home rodent blood in your eye and test with a solution of hydrogen peroxide confirmed the presence of blood in eye discharge, you must show the animal to the specialist. The rat blood from the eyes may indicate various pathological conditions, such as:

  • trauma to the cornea;
  • high blood pressure, at high flow – increased intraocular pressure;
  • the tumor in the brain or intraocular tumor;
  • acute conjunctivitis;
  • glaucoma.

Severe bleeding from the nose and the eyes requires immediate referral to a specialist in order to avoid loss of decorative rats from loss of blood.

Porphyrin in rats (blood from the nose and the eye): symptoms and treatment
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