Breeding pet rats

Often people, not knowing how to multiply rats, often give birth to clever rodents heterosexual couples to animals was not bored in the absence of the owner.To exclude such cases it is necessary to know the physiology of these animals and how to reduce rats.

The proliferation of rats in the home – a very important step that the owner should be ready to the care of pregnant females and her cubs, and the problem of the distribution of kids in the age of one month.

When rats mate

In nature, rats breed in the spring and summer, although these rodents, there is no particular breeding season. Breeding domestic rats occurs all year round, but the lack of feeding, the weakening of the health of animals, very high or low temperature of the air affect the process of conception of offspring.

Puberty tiny males occurs as early as 5 weeks, and a young female is able to conceive is 6 weeks. This early mating rats is unacceptable and could weaken the health of a female, pathological pregnancy, childbirth and the death of the female.

For breeding rats it is advisable to select healthy females aged 5 months, late binding is also highly undesirable. At 6-8 months of age in females occurs tight intergrowth of the bones of the pelvis, the result of childbirth in these rats was possible only with the use of surgical technique of cesarean section. If for breeding use powernotes a female, she needs to rest a couple of months after birth for recovery. Menopause in female animals occurs at the age of 18 months.

Males are fertile until late old age.

How to choose and prepare rats for mating

Breeding fancy rats is based on competent selection of pairs and prepare to mate. To produce healthy pups take a healthy plump Mature individuals from spring and summer litters with a smooth coat and bright color from healthy dairy female animals. If the animal refuses to feed, has tousled hair and changes in the composition and amount of feces, it does not allow the process of reproduction to full recovery. A female can be the same age as male or slightly older females by age males not in use.

Males and females must be well fed and active, obesity or exhaustion of the offspring can be viable. Overly-fed rodents prior to mating often prescribe free exercise and weekly diet with a high content of greens, vitamin and mineral additives, reducing the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the diet.

The females prepare very carefully, good nutrition ensures a healthy pregnancy, successful childbirth , and getting active viable brood. In the diet of female animals injected eggs, seedlings of oats and wheat, boiled chicken and fish, boiled chicken wings. Reduce eating rodent strawberries, liver and bell pepper.

How to mate rats

Before breeding rats, it is necessary to study the physiology of females of these rodents. Mature females observed in the processes of estrus and hunting, signaling to the male about the readiness of females to mate.

Estrus and sexual hunting

Estrus in rats happens once in 4-5 days and lasts 12-20 hours, during this period females happen to ovulate and the production of mucous secret for optimal promotion of sperm, and successful attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus. In the period of sexual rest to the vulva of the female is closed and dry, in heat vagina looks grey, humid and ajar. On the beginning of the period of sexual arousal in a female you can guess and the characteristic behavior of the pet, the so-called "mating dance". She actively shakes his ears, spinning in place, pulls his hind legs, while stroking tilts his head and arches her back.

At the end of the estrus comes the hunting period of the readiness of females to perform sex acts. At this time rats actively interested in each other, sniff and lick the fur of each other, often screwing between cooperative games and food. In the period of sexual rest, the girl may be aggressive to the boy, chasing him around the cage and snapping his teeth at his attempts to communicate, to run away from him.

Mating rats

While watching the mating behavior of the pair actively feeding green and dry forages, monitor the completeness of the drinkers. For pairing the boy starts taking to the girl for 10 days – a period equal to two chutes from the females, although sometimes the pregnancy is enough for one sexual intercourse. When the content in the cell several females, is unacceptable podsazhivanie males in it, it will cover all the females. In this case, the female can be on during the mating period to send the cage to the male. If the female behaves very aggressively towards the male, then the male field only hooked on heat.

Mating rats is most often in the evening and at night, but intercourse during a hunt can happen at any time. The sexual act lasts for a few seconds, the male jumps on the female, bites her shoulder with his teeth and the process of intercourse. Sexual acts during the hunt in females is repeated several times to insure a successful conception.

The result of successful mating is the occurrence of pregnancy in females, a reliable sign of the onset of which is the absence of the next estrus in female rats home. In the period of 2 weeks palpable solid, rounded fruit in the abdomen in the female. At the end of the third week the body of a rodent takes pear-shaped. Until the end of pregnancy you can contain individuals of different sexes in the same cage. Before birth it is necessary to isolate males separately in order to avoid causing harm to offspring and the coverage just given birth to rats. Not recommended and the contents of one cell of the multiple pregnant females.

With the right approach breeding rats leads to production of the beloved females charming, intelligent progeny, the care and communication that will delight all family members.

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Breeding pet rats
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