Home birth in rats

Decorative rats have become popular Pets in many families, adults and children firmly attached to these intelligent animals.Sexual maturity in males occurs at around 5 weeks and females can become pregnant 1.5 months. Early or late binding has a negative impact on the health of females that manifests pathological course of pregnancy and childbirth, and the deaths of the cubs. If the rat realizes that she can't nurse pups, she eats the entire brood. The first time it is recommended to cover a female aged 6 to 8 months.

The rat gives birth to from 1 to 22 pups, often brings a female 9-12 kids. For pet rodents typical litter of 12 newborn babies in the number of nipples on the mother. If you are born offspring of 15-20 pups, a female quietly under the condition of power supply in turn feeds their babies. The number of pups in a litter at one and the same individual differs, a female can bring 10-12 and 1-2 calves.

How give birth to rats

Just before birth the female completely refuses to eat, tries to be alone to fix her nest. It is recommended to protect the animal from stress that can cause abnormal childbirth and the death of a pet together with offspring. The cage preferably put in a warm dry dark place and the distance between the rods should be minimal. Be careful, that pet was a full drinking bowl. When rats are born, the female loses a lot of liquid, in the absence of water, the animal eats its newborn cubs.

The first signs of the onset of labor

Birth rats often occur at night and last for 1-2 hours. The first symptoms of the onset of labor is the discharge tube in the form of bleeding from the vagina of the female. During pregnancy tube acted as a natural barrier and protect the uterus and the fruits of the pet from ingress of pathogenic organisms from outside.

How is the birth process

Then you start the fight, to pushing out babies from the uterus to the outside. During this period, the body females are maximally lengthened and the sides from both parties involved. Contractions are very painful, it is not necessary at this time to disturb the rodent so as not to trigger a spasm of the uterus and death of the pet.

When the cubs are ready to leave, the female sits down and helps babies to be born using their paws and teeth. Every newborn baby rat is born in a bag filled with liquid, the female it breaks teeth, remove the baby, cuts the umbilical cord and licking the pup, cleaning and obsesiva it.

Licking rat skin of a newborn stimulates the lungs of a small animal, it needs to beep and move, which indicates his health. If the baby shows no signs of life, the female can eat him.

Most often, rat gives birth safely, but to exclude the possibility of pathological course of delivery still not worth it.

A symptom of the problem labor may be the duration of this physiological process for more than 2 hours or the occurrence of bleeding.

The owner in such situations must come to the aid of labouring rat:

  • if the female is exhausted, and the first kid is not born, then the baby could get stuck in the birth canal. It is desirable to feed the rat with half a teaspoon of honey to restore lost energy and soft circular motions to massage the stomach, trying to deploy a rat and sending it to the output;
  • if the vulva appeared the tail or the head of the newborn, and the rat can't push it yourself, you can wrap the baby with a soft towel to slowly and gently pull from the birth canal. After the birth of their first baby, others open without any problems;
  • if your efforts do not help the female, in the case of protracted delivery more than 3 hours, open the bleeding it is necessary to conduct an emergency cesarean section to save the pet and pups. With the veterinarian is advisable to agree in advance or to find the addresses of the clinics that will accept your pet at any time in case of complicated deliveries.

After childbirth

After birth, the rat eats the placenta and umbilical cord, and engaged the kids. When you have verified that the birth is over, gently put it in the cage a bowl of weak tea, diluted half with cream. This drink will restore the lost fluid and energy after childbirth and prostimulirujte the production of sufficient milk for feeding calves. Long bowl in the cage don't leave a rat without giving her kids.

What if a rat gave birth to pups

If your pet rat has given birth to the pups, You need to create comfortable and safe conditions for the growth of the newborn:

  • do not attempt to consider just born small rats, the female stress can eat the offspring;
  • don't hurt after giving birth a female, she may bite You to protect their children;
  • get out of the cage all the floors, hammocks, toys, stairs should be only tray filled with pieces of paper and waterers with a trough;
  • give the rat the pieces of tissue paper or toilet paper unscented litter for a newborn;
  • it is not necessary to clean the cage and bathe a female, later you can remove dirty napkins, not touching the socket;
  • do not leave the cage open, the rat will take the kids to a secluded place where You won't be able to find;
  • bore a rat to feed high quality feed with increased protein and calcium to produce the amount of milk;
  • keep the drinker from nursing mothers was always clean water.

The behavior of rats after birth

Rats, most often, a good mom, a caring attitude to every newborn baby laid down by nature, but some individuals sometimes lack the maternal instinct. Sometimes, pervorodnyi can ruin the first offspring, but the next birth they become diligent mothers.

After a difficult birth on the background of stress and hormones in rats may not be the milk, or the female does not want to feed their babies. In such cases you need hard to feed the female a predominantly protein food with fruits and vegetables. Sometimes finish feeding the kids baby food with condensed milk, but it is very difficult to do, and the rat can eat the rats with the smell of human hands.

It is desirable to create the rat gave birth a comfortable calm environment, a rodent will calm down and recover after childbirth and can start to take care of kids. If the pet and then refuses to feed and take care of newborns, it is desirable to find a foster mother, it could be a lactating female rat or the house mouse.

What to feed birth to a rat

Diet gave birth to females needs to be nutritious with high protein content, to prevent osteoporosis, you can give the animal the calcium gluconate in tablets. In the absence of proper feeding rat may eat the newborns. For recuperation after childbirth and stimulate milk production it is recommended to feed rodents the following products:

  • concentrated soy milk;
  • quality cat food;
  • kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese without preservatives and dyes;
  • milk cereals and dry cereals;
  • boiled chicken wings and the neck;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • children's fruit, vegetable and meat purees from the jars.

Protect your darling from the scrutiny of curious family members and create a comfortable environment, in a short time the kids and the rat will get stronger, and You will be able to enjoy fellowship with touching rats.

Home birth in rats
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