The death rat — signs and causes

Unfortunately the lifespan of rats is very short

Rats during the period of his life become loyal friends to their loving owners.All pathology in rats differ in rapid flow due to increased metabolism, so in the absence of proper treatment, often there is the death of intelligent rodents. Causes of death fancy rats at home can be:

  • respiratory diseases infectious and non-infectious nature leading to the development of pneumonia;
  • cancer occurring in 90% of the female rats at the age of 2 years;
  • injury when falling from a great height or careless attitude of the owner;
  • infectious diseases;
  • violation of the conditions of detention;
  • stroke;
  • old age.

At the age of 2 years most household pests are observed pathology of locomotor apparatus, of respiratory system and neoplasms, animals become weak, sometimes unable to eat independently and to move around.

Some rats, especially males, can lead an active life until death and to die of old age in my sleep without pain.

But if the animal suffers pain, to carry out humane euthanasia.

How to understand that the rat dies of old age

At home under good conditions of care and maintenance of decorative rats live about 2-3 years. To determine the signs of aging furry pet can change the behavior of a beloved friend:

  • gerbil rapidly loses weight, begins to noticeably stand out the spine and ribs;
  • wool is becoming rare, fragile and tousled;
  • eyes dull, apathetic, can be blindness;
  • often secretion of porphyrin, sneezing, heavy breathing;
  • coordination disorder;
  • the rat stops playing with toys, less moves, prefers to lie in a hammock or cabin with a warm cloth;
  • hard animal moves around the cage, can't climb to the upper floors, often refuse the back of the limb;
  • the rat stops to wash;
  • rodent eat less, try to eat only soft food.

Care decorative rat

Elderly rat really needs your attention

A loving owner, it is morally difficult to accept the idea of the imminent demise a devoted animal lover, many owners don't know what to do if a rat dies of old age. To calculate the time of death or extend the life of your home rodent is impossible, immediately before the death of the animal may experience heavy breathing or seizures, sometimes the pet just dies in his sleep. Elderly Pets are very much in need of increased care and attention of beloved owner, so you need as often as possible and hard to take care of an aging animal. The owner of an elderly pet, you must:

  • to remove all the floors of the cells as low as possible to place the hammock, house, feeder and drinking bottle;
  • when you need to plant a helpless rodent in a warm hammock;
  • after each feeding you need to wet swab to wipe the nose, mouth and eyes of the pet, once a day to wash the privates with a chlorhexidine solution and the ears with a cotton swab soaked in saline solution;
  • due age problems with teeth feed elderly pet, it is recommended that semi-solid and soft food: cereals, dried bread, cereal, baby food, yogurts;
  • if the animal can not drink from nipple waterers, can be clipped in the cage a Cup of water, to treat rodent juicy fruits and berries;
  • must be in the diet is necessary to introduce vitamins for rats;
  • slatted floors and rough filler in older Pets are not used as bedding, it is recommended to lay on the bottom of the cage, soft tissue, napkin, toilet paper;
  • often it is desirable to communicate with the rat, to stroke the animal to keep on his knees, the aged rats than ever in need of human affection and attention.

What if the dead rat

Bury the animal on a special cemetery for Pets

In many cities rodents are buried in special cemeteries for Pets, to use for this purpose, the land of parks and gardens is strictly prohibited. At the burial of the body of the animal in the ground is the poisoning of water, soil and the spread of infectious diseases.

In the summer you can put the pet's body in a makeshift coffin and bury it in the woods away from the city. In winter you can bury the animal in this way does not succeed, because the remains need to dig a hole depth of half to two meters to avoid digging up the corpse of predators. The ideal disposal at any time of the year is the cremation of the body of decorative rats in the veterinary clinic providing the owner of the video confirming the procedure.

Unfortunately, the cure of old age still not there, so you must mentally prepare all family members to the fact demise of the little darling and to know where to bury a pet. It is very important to explain to the young masters why the dead rat and to assure children that the pet lived a happy carefree life. In the heart of every master smart loyal friend will live forever.

The death rat — signs and causes
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