What to do if the rat is breathing hard

Pet rat, most rats gadflies became a close friend and favorite of the whole family.Sometimes there is the sudden death of a pet. When deterioration often resort to euthanasia of a pet to ease the pain.

Respiratory disease is one of the most common pathologies in fancy rats. The reason that pet rat grunts when breathing, may be a trivial draught or severe pathological processes in lung tissue. Inflammatory lung disease (pneumonia) is growing rapidly against the background of cold, Mycoplasma, abscesses and tumors in the lungs and is becoming a common cause of deaths of Pets. The progression of pathological processes in the lungs are indicative of characteristic symptoms:

  • a rat often grunts sneezes and nose;
  • found a dried red-brown mucus on the nose and eyes of the animal – porphyrin;
  • rat breathes heavily and opens his mouth when breathing, there are rales, bubbling, varying intensity and humidity cough;
  • in severe cases, the rat panting sides, appear the whistle;
  • the animal is typical gorbit the back, moves very little and often sleeping;
  • rodent refuses to eat, there is lethargy, apathy, vzjeroshenij wool, "sad" look, mucous discharge from eyes and nose.

The prognosis of pneumonia depending on the causes careful or conditionally favorable. Treat the pet involves the use of antibiotics, hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators and vitamins, in advanced cases, the animal may die.

What if the rat is breathing heavily, gasps, or grunts

The treatment of cardiovascular or respiratory disease must appoint a veterinary specialist, but when there is a disturbance of breathing and the appearance of unusual sounds during inspiration and expiration the owner can provide animal first aid.

Heart attack

If the rat is breathing heavily, gasping, wheezing and there is a blue discoloration of the tip of the tail and fingers, blanching of the tail and ears, or convulsions and chaotic movements of limbs – it's a heart attack!

It is urgent to drop a pet into language one drop of kordiamin or 2-3 pills, give a sniff every aromatic oil and immediately deliver the animal to a specialist or call a doctor at home.


If you rat frequently and panting sides, sneezes, and coughs, wheezing and whistling when breathing, gorbit back, refuses to eat, and in the eyes and nose are found red secretion – maybe it's pneumonia.

Need the animal to ensure the access of air, can be taken in warm days to carry the animal outside in the shade or on the balcony. It is desirable to examine the oral cavity of a rodent, and delete, upon detection of mouth mucus, foam and debris. Can be poured into a saucer or onto a cotton pad with 10% camphor oil and allow to smell the rat. For the relief of asthma animal needed an injection of aminophylline, dexamethasone and furosemide in the same syringe or oxygen chamber, but such actions must be carried out by specialist veterinary or medical education.


Keep your smart and funny fancy rats, do not allow drafts, pet obesity and the progression of various infectious diseases. Remember, if your rat is wheezing, panting or gasping, the pet needs urgent provision of medical care. With timely treatment to a specialist and proper treatment to save her beloved friend and extend its life.

What to do if the rat is breathing hard
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