Lulling home rats

Decorative rat – little loyal friend, fluffy ball of happiness and the favorite of each family member.In such cases, that your darling did not suffer, it is advisable to decide on a responsible and humane step is euthanasia a household rat.

In some cases, needs to be put down decorative rat

To euthanize the animal in any case is unacceptable, this is not a humane step, and a brutal murder. Euthanasia should be conducted by a specialist in veterinary pathology incompatible with life or brings intolerable suffering to the rodent.

Specialist appoints euthanasia home rats in the following cases:

  • pathology with a poor prognosis, with no chance of a cure: a cancer with numerous metastases in the internal organs, severe cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • severe trauma to the spine and head, mechanical damage of internal organs in which the animal is not able to exist;
  • neurological disorder, manifested by aggression to owners;
  • severe pain and metabolic disorders on the background of old age home rats;
  • autoimmune and congenital diseases are not treatable.

How is euthanasia a household rat

In the veterinary clinic or at home euthanasia is done by a specialist in two stages.

First, the doctor applies anesthesia and light anesthesia, these drugs disabled pain sensitivity of the animal. Home rodent, do not feel the pain when the heart or breathing, and painless flee for my life during sleep.

The next stage, the specialist introduces a drug that causes respiratory failure or heart. At the end of the procedure the conscientious veterinarian necessarily through 5 minutes after the last injection should state the fact of clinical death of a rodent and to specify the host, the body remains in the animal hospital for cremation, or the owner himself will do his burial.

Needless to decorative euthanize a rat at home

It is better to euthanize a rat at home. The procedure of euthanasia at home has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • no need to bring a sick animal additional stress of transport to a veterinary clinic;
  • before the procedure the pet is in a familiar environment with native;
  • veterinary service are ready to come in convenient for the pet owner time;
  • the cost of euthanasia in the clinic and home settings exactly the same and is 1 000.

How does home euthanasia the rats in the clinic

In the conditions of veterinary clinics specialist clarifies the diagnosis, which is the indication for the procedure of euthanasia. After signing the owner consent to euthanasia and an agreement for the provision of medical services, the doctor applies a decorative rat anesthesia on the background of the painkillers. At the request of the owner, the veterinary clinic may undertake the cremation of the body of a rodent.

The owner of decorative rats need to understand that a pet euthanasia is a humane deliverance beloved furry friend from incredibly severe pain and suffering, the existence of which turns to the animal in a never-ending flour.

Lulling home rats
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