Frequently asked questions on diseases of fancy rats

Our cute pet rat cute Pets periodically are subjected to different rat disease, the clinical picture which causes alarm and panic among inexperienced crisologo.

To diagnose the disease, identify the cause and treat your furry friend needs a veterinarian, the owner can give first aid a beloved pet and immediately deliver the animal to the clinic.Fidgety individuals set shots with the best assistant.

What if the rat choked

To understand that the rat can choke on the behaviour of the domestic rodent: an animal tries to swallow, there is profuse salivation, sometimes with foam, pet motionless, hiding, puts his head down, there may be convulsions. In such a situation, it is urgent to rescue pet rats absent gag reflex, and a rodent can choke.

The owner should work hard in the withers dexamethasone 0.1 ml, and then cotton swab it is necessary to clean the oral cavity from food debris, then a few times to shake the animal gently while firmly holding the rat upside down. These manipulations should help the rat spit or swallow stuck food, after an attack is not recommended during the day to feed an animal coarse dry food. In the near future, it is desirable to show little friend specialist, healthy animals should not eat food, maybe homemade rat treatment is required.

What if a rat fell from a height

Decorative rats often fall from a height due to the negligence of the owners, such cases are fraught with bruises, broken bones, internal bleeding, strokes. If your rat has fallen from a height, it is desirable for her to work hard in the withers prednisolone 0.1 ml and wipout of insulin syringe without a needle children's analgesic Nurofen syrup 0.5 ml. After injection is necessary to examine the animal to verify the integrity of the bones and skin, no bleeding. Household pet it is desirable to create a darkened quiet atmosphere add to the diet vitamins for rats, within a few days the animal should recover from the shock.

In the presence of fractures, bleeding, loss of coordination needed furry rodent immediately taken to a veterinary clinic, the animal will need x-rays to determine the nature of the damage.

What if the rat broke her foot

Rats sometimes breaking the fragile bones of the limbs. At the turn of the foot of the animal is blue, swollen, it can be turned unnaturally to one side or hanging, there is an increase in local temperature.

Fractures of the limbs in rats grow relatively easily, the pet should be relocated in a small cell with no floors to reduce mobility.

Prior to visiting a specialist rodent can be injected meloxicam 0.02 ml of an insulin syringe, and smear the injured limb 2 times a day anti-inflammatory Traumeel gel. To splint and appointment is recommended to bring an animal to the veterinary clinic. Within 2-3 weeks the swelling subsides and fracture to safely heal.

What if the rat blood in the urine

If pet rat writes with blood, it indicates the abnormalities of the genitourinary system as a result of hypothermia or diseases of the urinary tract. Rodents are prone to cystitis, kidney failure, macclenny disease, polyps and tumors of the kidneys and bladder.

Animal need examination by a specialist, x-ray examination of stones in the bladder and a laboratory test of urine that should be collected in sterile syringe and within three hours deliver to the veterinary clinic. The rodent, depending on the diagnosis assigned to the surgical intervention for extraction of stones, course antibacterial, diuretic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

What to do if you rat often hiccups

Decorative rat hiccups on the background of hypothermia, overeating, overstimulation, helminthic infestation. If the animal is occasionally hiccups, no worries, you must reconsider the diet and conditions of detention furry rodent, no harm will conduct preventive deworming.

In the case of frequent hiccough with the accession of grunting, whistles, wheezing, heavy breathing, one can suspect the development of pneumonia in a pet. The hiccup in this case is accompanied by attacks of breathlessness in the rat, a small animal it is urgent to take a veterinary clinic. Pneumonia have fancy rats develops rapidly and can cause death of the pet animal for treatment of the disease is prescribed a course of anti-bacterial, hormonal, anti-inflammatory and vitamin preparations.

What if peeling off or blackens the tail of a rat

Peel the tail and the appearance of the dark scaly flakes indicate a lack of cleanliness or old age pet. Too dense scales at backlog can injure the skin, causing the formation of wounds. In this situation, you can wet the rat's tail with soapy water and brush baby tooth brush with soft bristles.

If the rodent is blue the tip of the tail, the possible reasons can be too dry air in the room, excessive cold or minor injury of the tail. A much more serious situation, when a rat's tail that shows the development of necrotic processes. Treatment in this case can be carried out a conservative treatment with antibiotic drugs and anti-inflammatory ointments or surgical, which involves the amputation of the tail.

How is the amputation of the tail in rats

The amputation of the tail decorative rats spend veterinary specialists when there are serious indications for surgery: cancer, necrosis, gangrene, injuries to the tail.

The operation is performed in the clinic with the use of General anesthesia, hemostatic harnesses and suturing. Postoperative treatment of the wound may be performed by the owner of a rodent in the home. A week after the amputation specialist assesses the degree of wound healing and relieves joints.

Do vaccinated rats

Domestic rats are not vaccinated.

Pet rodents need time to heal, pathology rats differ in rapid flow, and often fatal. Love your Pets, treat them on time rat sores. Care for the animals and feed them delicious, in such circumstances, your little furry friends will long delight You with their amusing games and sincere love.

Frequently asked questions on diseases of fancy rats
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