Why Guinea pig gnawing cage

The contents unpretentious Guinea pigs usually do not cause considerable inconvenience.It's a strange experience not only very noisy, but it is alarming, it may seem a symptom of the disease. It is important to understand the reasons of such behavior of the animal, then to teach a Guinea pig to chew on the cage is not very difficult.

Possible causes

First you need to determine what the pet has acquired this unusual habit. There are several factors because of which the Guinea pigs chewing on the cage.

The shortage of space

For the proper maintenance of these rodents in the home is required cell size from 100х80см, and it is better to use an enclosure larger. Overcrowding of cells can negatively affect the psyche of the animal. Psychosis and nervous tension expresses pet, biting and jerking the rods.


If the animal is no shelter or house, a comfortable place to sleep, it will also constantly tense, so try to convey your emotions to master.


If the pig is being held in isolation in a cage with no toys, she will be bored and demand attention. A loud whistle and the noisy gnawing of the bars typically causes a person to come, so the animals quickly learn to call the owners in this way.


Pigs are highly social, so the lack of relatives may cause them to have depression and tension. In this case, the rodent squeaks and bites the bars, expressing their emotions from a lack of communication.

Pigs are social animals, they need attention

Hunger or micronutrient deficiency

Usually in a complete feed store contains all necessary substances, but sometimes the animal may result in a lack of certain vitamins and elements. Hunger also causes him to try to attract the attention of the owner.

Grinds teeth

Usually eating solid feed helps to sharpen the teeth of the Guinea pig, but sometimes it may not be enough. If the cell is missing a mineral stone for Guinea pigs, twigs, wood items, pet can switch on the bars.

IMPORTANT: biting metal cage not only causes anxiety, but can damage the health of the animal. Paint particles which fall off from the rods, can injure the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus to cause inflammation and poisoning. Mumps can also break or shear off part of the tooth — then require mandatory cutting teeth at the vet.

Because the rodent may chew on the cage bars it is better to buy an unpainted cage

What to do for weaning

Though the gnawing of the bars is quickly becoming a real bad habit of the pet, stopping with training or punishment will not work here. To force the pig to abandon this activity, you will need to eliminate all possible causes, to try to improve the conditions of detention of the animal.

The first step is to increase the space for the maintenance of the pet, if the area of his abode below the norm. In addition to cells of larger size can be equipped for animal place for daily walks in the apartment. Wall space on the floor or on the couch, put an old blanket, put the cover your pet with curiosity to explore new space and to compensate for the lack of movement.

It is also important to make the cage comfortable for piggies equip cozy house, hang the hammock, put the toys.

Toys for Guinea pigs

If the pet is being held in isolation because you don't want reproduction, you can think about sharing a same-sex roommate. Try to pay more attention to the pig each day to play with her in the evenings, to keep on hand, this will help to compensate for the lack of social contacts.

Check the diet of your pet — if he gets enough grain, hay, add as necessary fresh vegetables and other succulent feed. To avoid deficiency, you can buy in pet stores vitamin b complex granules or tablets. Usually they are made in the form of treats, so the pigs are happy to eat pellets.

IMPORTANT: If all conditions are met, and the pig is still chewing the bars of the cage, it might be a genuine habit. In this case, it is recommended to lubricate the rods with a menthol smell for the first time will scare the rodent. But this method will not work if the qualitative change in the conditions did not happen, then the sharp smell will only increase the stress level.

Than grind down the teeth

One of the main problems, as shown by the interest in the rods — too long teeth that prevent the animal to eat. A Guinea pigs teeth grow throughout life, gradually Stacijas about solids feed and hay. If this process is disturbed and the incisors grow too long, you will need to trim the teeth by a veterinarian. Such a procedure would be stressful for the pet, so before surgery it is better not to bring.

Mineral stones

It's possible to whittle down the teeth of a Guinea pig at home. It is enough to ensure that the access has always been a solid hay and grass pellets, to place in the home of a few wooden animal toys or twigs of the shrub. In the cage also have to be mineral stone pigs. Besides the function of teeth grinding this stone makes up for the lack of microelements, improves digestive processes.

In pet stores you can find a lot of types, including options with the addition of meat and bone meal and vitamins, but simple saline stone-Mel. For convenience, it is supplied with a wire for fastening to the bars of the cage.

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Why Guinea pig gnawing cage
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