Interesting facts about Guinea pig

Each rodent has many amusing habits and habits.Initially, animals were the source of meat food, reminiscent of lean tender pork products. Also, rodents were used for sacrificing to the bloodthirsty and carnivorous gods.

The name "marine" has nothing to do with her living in water. The animal was brought to Europe in the 16th century, and initially it was called "overseas" because it was imported from over the far seas and oceans. Over the years, the prefix "in" has disappeared, and the pig turned into the "sea".

Interesting fact that the capybara is a relative of Guinea pigs

In Europe the creatures came after the discovery of America. The animal seemed a gimmick, so was expensive, a whole Guinea. In Britain Pets were called "ginipig".

Like many modern animals, Guinea pigs had ancestors. The last size was more like Buffalo and reached a mass of 70 kg.

Representatives of the tribe "of mochiko" refers to the animals as personifications of the gods. They worshipped and brought sacrifices in the form of fruit and created works of art in which animals were Central elements.


Stands out 3 main varieties of these animals:

  • Peruvian silky and straight coat;
  • Abyssinian with a dense skin, formed in the socket;
  • English with short and smooth hair.

The only commonality of Guinea pigs with cute farm pig is the ability to whine. The first is to rodents, the second to artiodactyl.

A very interesting fact about these animals is associated with their reproduction: a pregnant female for some reason can "freeze" their offspring, and delay the birth for months, and even years.

Peruvian Guinea pig has long hair

The babies of these animals – the only medium of rodents who are born immediately with open eyes and covered with soft fur.

In order to avoid vitamin deficiency, rodents needs to get in a proper amount of vitamin K and V. However, it is only during the second passage through the digestive system. For this animals were forced to eat their excrement.

IMPORTANT! Too clean, the owners are not recommended to buy a dwelling rodent with a special tray or to clean the cage daily. A similar desire for purity leads to a deficiency of vitamins in rodents.

Although the menu of animals is extremely diverse and consists of grain, grasses, fruits and vegetables, be aware that many products can harm the animal, so pick a diet it is necessary with extreme caution.

In humans and rodents differ considerably in the number of pairs of chromosomes. If a human has only 46, chromosomes in Guinea pigs 64, or 32 pairs.

In Abyssinian Guinea pigs fur is growing in rosettes

This rodent species has the ability to distinguish colors, the length of their hair reaches 50 cm and a fall from even minor heights can be deadly.

With antibiotic treatment, it must be remembered that penicillin group for animals is deadly poisonous.

The life expectancy of a pet depends on the quality of care. With decent content, they can live 7 years. Record-survivor has pleased their owners for 15 years.

Owners should know what diseases are most susceptible to the Pets, and try to protect them from abnormalities. For rodents threat:

  • scurvy;
  • diarrhea;
  • abscesses;
  • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.

Given the fact that the peculiarities of the dental system provokes a rise in the cutters life, it is necessary to provide the animal the presence of a fixture for grinding.

The English Guinea pig a hair smooth

The peculiar structure of the digestive tract does not allow to build for Guinea pigs eating schedule: they have to eat tiny portions, but constantly.

The speed of growing pigs stunningly fast – in a month they reach a Mature age.

Behavior and habits

Despite the specific name, to water Guinea pigs are extremely negative, it may even harm the pet.

Daily schedule differs significantly from human. Rodents sleep about 10 minutes a few times a day, cooled while they are awake. The main peak of activity occurs at twilight.

Interesting fact that if a Guinea pig to keep one, it will look for the tribesmen

Guinea pigs are social animals, so they should be kept in groups. They were talking with the whistling, and if the animal is living separately, then the owners have to put up with constant search for relatives.

In addition to the whistle, which individuals are attracted to relatives, rodents are able to publish:

  • purr;
  • rumbling;
  • yelp;
  • and even chirping.

This kind of rodents named one of the best Pets: they are sociable, quick to notice the name, it is highly manual. Despite the powerful dentition and long claws, they never cause injury to the owners and are great as Pets for children.


Interesting fact that Guinea pigs run fast

Among Guinea pigs there are also Champions:

  • in 2012, the Scottish Guinea pig named Truffles jumped by 48 cm and has firmly established a record for the long jump;
  • Pucel, Guinea pig from Switzerland, has overcome a height of 20 cm, jumping up.
  • the Englishman Flash got the title of most high-speed Guinea pig, at a cost of less than 9 seconds for a distance of 10 m.

Despite the well-fed body, speed, Guinea pigs can be quite high. All the interesting facts from history and behavioral habits of these funny animals will allow to properly adjust the care of them, to ensure them a pleasant and comfortable living and year after year to enjoy their affection and sociability.

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Interesting facts about Guinea pig
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