Who are the Guinea pigs and what they look like

Often a small child asks to have a pet to this request it is better to say Yes.These cute, sociable animals that can emit a variety of sounds, sure to appeal to children. Besides, pigs are unpretentious and a little child will quite cope with simple care for the animal.

Information about Guinea pig

Children who have not yet encountered with these animals, don't always know what is Guinea pig. The unusual name of the animal they are taken literally, and this can lead to tragic consequences. So before you get a pet, it is important to explain to the child how the Guinea pig looks like, what it features, how to take care of it. It is best to give a detailed description of the Guinea pigs for the children and once to explain the appearance of the mysterious name of the animalthat the child did not try to settle the pet in the aquarium water.


Guinea pigs originate from South America, their main habitat is the territory of Chile and Peru. There animals live in forests, rocky areas and wastelands, moving in small flocks of 15 individuals. After the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus of an unusual new animal was introduced into Europe and then spread around the world. Small rodents were first multiplied like rabbits for the sake of tasty meat, which is valued as a delicacy. But pretty soon the animals became very popular as Pets.

Wild Guinea pig in the photo looks a lot easier your home kinsman

Although these rodents are called Guinea pigs, to the water they are wary and do not like to swim. Such a strange name the animals was because they were brought "from the sea". In fact, these animals live only on land, and if they are in the water, then get scared and can drown. From pigs rodents also have little in common in appearance. The reason for this name probably became the strange sounds that these animals use for communication, expression of emotions. When the animal is fed, is in a good mood, he can hear the satisfied pohryukivanie, when frightened or hungry, high-pitched squeal.

Relatives of Guinea pigs

The wild Guinea pig is a small nimble animal with a long lean body covered with thick, fluffy fur. Call it kawia or kui. Modern decorative Pets appearance very different from their free relatives. Wild pig has a solid color, which helps it blend in with rocks, sandy ground and grass. This disguise makes it inconspicuous to predatory animals and the people who still hunt animals for tender meat.

In the photo the closest relative of the Guinea pig — the capybara

To distant relatives of Guinea pigs are hares, rabbits, squirrels and even beavers. Larger kinsfolk is the capybara is an animal very similar to the much larger pig, you can see at the zoo. The capybara, unlike their decorative cousins, loves water, and nature dwells only in the vicinity of the reservoirs.

A Guinea pig, description for children

Guinea pigs look very cute — these animals are cute, little face and sturdy little body are covered with downy hair. The baby Guinea pigs so small that can fit on the palm of your hand, it can be easily confused with the hamster. But the animals grow very quickly, they need just six months to reach impressive sizes. Adult Guinea pigs are slightly smaller ornamental rabbits and weigh about a kilogram.

The head of the animal are large, with dark sparkling eyes, at the sides are fairly large ears, bare of fur — some breeds they are lowered down, covering the ear canal. The pet's body is elongated, rounded and dense, often with a pronounced belly, the tail does not happen. The torso rests on small short legs with long dense claws.

On the front legs of four fingers on the back of three. In spite of the frivolous appearance, the foot in rodents is strong, so Pets run fast and even capable enough to jump high.

Looks so on the photo Abyssinian Guinea pig

Appearance Guinea pigs are very bright, thanks to the coat. You can often see the beautiful red, brown or white and black animals. Common colors — colorful, consisting of black, brown and red colors. Very beautiful and solid — completely black or white. White Pets are red eyes, animals with this coloration are called albinos.

Some cats have a straight coat, which is pleasant to stroke, called short-haired. Other fur is longer and funny bristling in different directions, because of this they are called a rosette. If the coat is long and straight is a long haired rodents, for which you need to very carefully take care of. Rare that you see a fully naked animals — they resemble in appearance a small Hippo. Such pigs are very unusual, they need to be especially careful. Deprived of their coat, they can easily get sick.

The photo of Peruvian Guinea pig long wavy hair


Systematics of these rodents is quite complicated. Although the Guinea pig belongs to the family svincovyj, it is irrelevant to the present biological family of pigs. The fact that described and classified these animals after their accidental and not entirely accurate the name is firmly entrenched in everyday life. Therefore, despite the unusual name, the squad of Guinea pigs is rodents.

Guinea pig Rex with curly hair

Classification ornamental Pets has a lot of breeds that differ in appearance of the coat:

  • satin — a shiny short coat.
  • Rex — curly dense coat, curly whiskers;
  • female — hard hair growing in different directions;
  • crested smooth coat on the body and plug crest on the head;
  • crested socket round is on the forehead;
  • Abyssinian — a double outlet on the coat, the total number of rosettes above;
  • Angora — long, up to 15 cm of the hair, which parted in the middle;
  • Peruvian — long, silky wool on the rump for two outlet guides the growth of hair for the head;
  • sheltie — long coat and mane, parting absent;
  • coronet long sleek strands, growing from the head is located on the outlet;
  • Alpaca is a long haired curly, rosettes in shape;
  • Teddy — wavy, very thick short fur, tightly covering the body;
  • Texel — a long(up to 18cm), tight, curly hair lying on the body beautiful curls;
  • Ridgeback — smooth coat along the back is short, smooth ridge;
  • skinny — a complete lack of hair;
  • kui — the same large size birds(up to 4 kg).
In adult Guinea pigs skinny in the photo, there is almost no wool

All long-haired rodents are bred artificially, and smooth are the direct descendants of the wild cavy. In addition to the type of wool, Pets often klassificeret type color:

  • agouti — coat is clearly divided into zones of different colors;
  • piebald — white combined with black and red;
  • tortoiseshell — clear separation between the spots of different colors;
  • Chala — on the fur appears uniform gray;
  • self — solid color.
Guinea pig Texel in the photo look like miniature sheep

Work on breeding of new breeds made the animals much more vivid in appearance than their ancestors-kavii.

Decorative rodents received not only a spectacular appearance, but also more friendly and calm nature.

Video: exhibition cavies

Who are the Guinea pigs and what they look like
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